Hyde, Jekyll, Me Made Infinitely Better with Epic 50 Shades of Gu Seo Jin Trailer

Whoever was Hyun Bin’s talented Korean fan that made this fake movie trailer deserves upmost respect. *slow clap* Even though I don’t write about Hollywood entertainment here I still consume plenty of US shows and movies, not to mention staying on top of the latest on dit. The week prior was all about Valentine’s Day and the arrival of the movie adaptation of the bestselling BDSM romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey. As an avid bibliophile this is one trilogy that must be read just to understand how terrible some writers can be, not with the subject matter but with the juvenile prose.

I actually heard Fifty Shades became leaps and bounds better when it was translated into other languages, such as Chinese and Korean, because the translators did a better job at the basic task of choosing fitting words that E.L. James wouldn’t recognize if it bit her on the nose. Sorta like Hyde, Jekyll, Me, there is nothing wrong per se with the story and concept but the screenwriter is just so inept at stringing it all together. Which is why this MV making the hot rounds of all the Korean and Chinese Hyde drama forums is seriously DA BOMB. Behold the beauty that is: 50 Shades of Gu Seo Jin. Remember to bring a fan to fan yourself. 

Fifty shades of Gu Seo Jin:


Hyde, Jekyll, Me Made Infinitely Better with Epic 50 Shades of Gu Seo Jin Trailer — 27 Comments

  1. OMG, why are people still calling this chick a writer? Juvenile prose? haha…I wonder if she knows what prose is. I can’t believe you read all three and there’s plenty wrong with the story. How about dangerous, unromantic, and very not sexy. But, then I can believe the same audience that wanted Sealed With A Kiss to have a sequel (why did they make one?) would just love this. Perhaps we’ll see a drama loosely based on it. This fan trailer is awesome,
    I’ve played it twice

  2. Editing, editing, editing! 🙂 I honestly have not read the books so I have no idea just what it is all about. I did see the US hollywood movie trailer somewhere (maybe netflix – not sure). Anyhow, I saw this MV a few days ago and was quite impressed. Me like. But I won’t be watching the movie 50 shades. Is it good? I don’t really have time to follow.

  3. I saw the movie (yep, I can’t believe I paid for that thing!) and other than Grey being super hot, it was terrible in the levels of Twilight. The dialogues are so much Blergh, I can’t even begin to describe. And the ending was so abrupt that when the lights came on, everyone was so confused and ended up laughing. Oh it’s bad alright.

    But this… This is SO awesome! Hyun Bin can never not look hot even if ever he made it his life mission. The guy oozes charisma like no one can!

  4. Tried to read these books many, many times. Made it halfway. Just couldn’t tolerate the narrative – “My inner goddess” – bs. Ugh so annoying.

    Omg this trailer is so hot!!! Aaaah totally seeing seojin in a different light now. Wish there was mooooore~ *winkwink*

  5. Haha, I didn’t even want to read the books until I saw the trailer and how hot Jamie Dornan is. Then I read the books and now I understand why I didn’t want to read it, it’s based off of Twilight fan fiction (which is another series I refuse to read). I mean things like “boy is he hot right now” are just SO cheesy.

  6. Man, those books. The first one was an endless cycle of stuff that happened in the first few chapters. Skimmed through the sequels and unbelievably it was the same. Never thought there would be a worse writer than the one who wrote Twicrap – technical incompetence, bad editing, adolescent dialogue. I may be just as naive as ELJ about BDSM, but even I know what she wrote was a load of crap. If she couldn’t talk to people who practiced, then she should’ve at least read & researched. It’s like she fantasized/dreamed about the whole thing and wrote three books (three books!!) about it. Oh, wait – her idol writer did that already! Also never thought that people would pay to read and watch the movie.

    As to that fanmade HJM trailer, kudos to whoever made it! That was great.

  7. I haven’t read nor watch the movie. All I know is that there are two things associated to this 50 Shades of Grey: 1) Porn 2) Misrepresentation of BDSM.

    With that being said, the parody trailer of Gu Seo Jin is quite hilarious and befitting. But I actually enjoy the Ji Sung’s Hera parody CF more. Hahahah. Gotta love Ji Sung and his inner-girly. 😀

  8. I request that you edit this post.

    “There is nothing wrong per se with the story”
    1) Yes, there is. Fifty Shades of Grey is not a “BDSM romance” of any sort; it details an abusive relationship that has been romanticized and glorified. Please do not mislabel this book. Just the fact that this book is so widely read and promoted as a romantic novel is dangerous in normalizing abusive behavior.

    2) Please edit your post. I hope that you can see why certain parts of your article should be changed.

    • I am not a fact police but the book is listed as a contemporary erotic romance. With BDSM themes.

      So what did Ms Koala do ” wrong” if she applied that label to the book? I mean if the author chooses to write about it, albeit in a limited vocabulary sort of way… whether it’s an abusive romance or not? It’s not this blog’s place to change the labeling. I mean seriously? Is this a book review blog? No it’s not. Is it a social studies class? Or women’s rights class? No it’s not…

      I come here to read about Asian entertainment news/ drama recaps and upcoming movies. Or Chinese book translations.

      Why are you turning this blog into the politically correct labelled blog?

      Wrong forum I’d say.

      • Wow. This isn’t about being politically correct. I’ve already explained why it is damaging for people to believe that book is a BDSM romance. It is not in fact BDSM. It is in fact about domestic abuse. This article has misinformation on the book, so what exactly is your problem with my pointing that out?

        I do not understand how it is not in this blog’s place to correct misinformation. Just because her blog focuses on Asian entertainment, people aren’t allowed to point out misinformation that doesn’t pertain to her blog’s focus? That it is all right on the author’s part to ignore that she is spreading this info?

        You know, it’s absolutely fine that you only want to read about Asian entertainment posts, but it makes no sense to tell me that taking a critical look on a book by seeing beyond the surface level labeling of it by mainstream media doesn’t belong here. This post revolves around the novel and HJM. It’s completely valid to comment on the issues of a book that is directly mentioned for a good portion of the post.

        Not wanting to read critical comments not about Asian Entertainment is up to you; however, my comments don’t cater to your desire of where you think they should be read and placed.

    • I have to agree with ck10z. If the blogger wanted to call it a book about hippos, she could.

      If a reader asked me to edit something on my blog, I would refuse. It’s one thing to be a missionary for a cause, and spread the good word in a persuasive and sensible way.
      Heck! I didn’t know that the BDSM community didn’t think this book represents their lifestyle accurately. I know it’s trash and doesn’t deserve attention from wise people.

      It is another thing altogether, however, to expect someone to put your words in her mouth. It seems like bullying rather than teaching. Why should you control what represents her, and why, for that matter, does it matter that much to you that she does?

      • Yes, she could mislabel it however she wants as she is the only one that gets to dictate what goes on her blog, but in the context of this book, I would caution against it.

        It’s not about putting my words into hers and “bullying” her into what should represent her. My focus was never what the author should think, but who her thoughts could affect.

        This blog has a decent following with the main demographic being females.People are going to read this post and find her post credible. That much you can agree with right?

        The blogger’s mislabeling of the book by writing that it’s a romance novel and by also offering the critique that there is nothing wrong with the story is influential because of the aforementioned reasons. She serves as another form of media that perpetuates the normalizing of domestic abuse through mislabeling it as romance. That she finds no critique of the book other than how it’s put together also leaves the evidences of abuse throughout the novel out of the picture. This is an issue that largely affects women, so why do I care what she puts on this post? I’m aware of the contributions she makes by writing what she did. I’m aware that this could negatively affect her female readers.

        It’s important that people who come across this post are at least aware of the damaging effects of this book. I’m not asking her to give a critical analysis of all that’s wrong with the book rather to not do what the media has already done with this book.

        If that is still not enough, these are a couple of the impacts this book has made:


        I hold her words accountable because I know they hold influence.

  9. OH. MY. GOD! This mv just makes me see the drama in a whole new perspective! I mean, since when Gu Seo Jin can be this HOT? *fan self* Can they just hire whoever made this vid to be their new editor cuz that would be amazeballs! wonder if the koreans actually watch this? On the side note, I haven’t read the books & the movie is banned in my country but if it’s full of crap like all of u said, then I’m not gonna waste my money on that so tq

  10. Fanning myself, I’m so distracted at work
    Now. *gulp*
    I hated the rough wall pushing but now ahem..it’s giving me naughty thoughts.
    Hire this talent!! Fire the previous one those trailers suck

  11. Also I read the book and the writing is seriously bad. But I understood the appeal, it’s bdsm with sugar.
    But literary wise, the writing was atrocious!!

  12. OMG the part where he looked at her from bottom to top & then grab her was nothing but sexy as hell. I remembered watching the same part in the drama & it doesn’t really feel the same as watching it here. I get the PD wanted to make it look intense & maybe giving it the seductive vibe but it never really comes that way in the drama. It was rather weird & not making sense at all. Yokshi! the power of editing!

  13. pretty good but not complain just it better show a hot body in that trailer to match the 50 shades of Grey, cause I watch with low vol and there’s loud music outside
    it feel more like thriller or stalking movie

  14. The only problem with that is that it’s too SHORT! Let’s just replace a whole ep with hot Binnie shots. It will be the highest rated ep yet. Well done!

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