Lee Jong Seok and Suzy Adorably Entice Viewers to Crave Fried Chicken

I wonder if the casting director was aware of the debunked dating rumors last year, or simply thought these two popular youngsters would be great paired up together? Regardless of the reason, I totally dig the new fried chicken CF featuring Lee Jong Seok and Suzy beaming with youthful cuteness. This is exactly how to package these two together, in short snippets where Suzy can be cute but not be required to act LOL. I don’t follow her every CF move otherwise I’d probably be sick and tired of seeing her in every other ad in Korea, as is she’s still super adorable in the right context.

Lee Jong Seok is coming off a well-received drama Pinocchio, and it appears he wandered from the set of the drama to the set of this CF because he just looks like his Ki Ha Myung/Choi Dal Po character. I’m getting a teensy bit of whiplash wondering if Ha Myung is cheating on his In Ha! I sometimes forget Suzy is as young as she is since it feels like she’s been around forever, not to mention her popularity is really amazing for someone of her age and years in the industry. This ad actually made me crave fried chicken so kudos for the two pretty spokes models for their jobs.

Lee Jong Seok-Suzy Fried Chicken CF:


Lee Jong Seok and Suzy Adorably Entice Viewers to Crave Fried Chicken — 9 Comments

  1. I think after kim soo hyun, media want suzy to be paired with jongsuk, that’s why dating rumour appeared last year, lol….to be honest for now, only soohyun and jongsuk who match her in term of popularity, lmao.
    Because of them, the cf became the talk of the town and the sale of BBQ reached increase a 70% compared to the previous year. The power of this couple is really something.

  2. suzy is only good for one thing. that is acting cute. that why i cant take her acting in drama seriously. she and JSY are the same they both care ore about their look then their acting.

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