Kim Soo Hyun Offered Role in You From Another Star Screenwriter’s Upcoming KBS Drama

I’ll believe this casting will happen after I see the signature on the dotted line. Until then, any drama (or movie) casting mentioning Kim Soo Hyun gets taken with a huge grain of salt from me. Even one like this, which sounds like it could happen, as opposed to the random Dr. Frankenstein offer from late last year. K-ent is reporting that Kim Soo Hyun has personally met with the screenwriter of his last mega-hit K-drama You From Another Star and been offered the role for her upcoming KBS drama.

The drama is tentatively titled “Producer” and will be set in the entertainment world. More specifically, it’s set in a entertainment production division and the role offered to Kim Soo Hyun is the male lead who is a PD. Screenwriter Park Ji Eun has been a K-drama writing darling even before YFAS, she wrote the huge weekend hit You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly as well the the surprise hit Queen of Housewives, but YFAS has got to be her crowning glory work on the resume seeing as it was a beyond Korean hit in ways her other dramas never achieved. Kim Soo Hyun seriously considering her next work is believable and if accepted will train all eyes on Producer.

Park Ji Eun has done two dramas apiece for both SBS and MBC, but only one drama with KBS so Producer will even out her record spreading the wealth among the big three. What’s really weird is that the news reports state that Producer is being considered for the Friday night KBS slot, which is not only ratings dead air but there is also a follow up drama already scheduled to follow the currently airing Spy. That would be high school vampire drama Orange Marmalade with Yeo Jin Gu, making me wonder if KBS is opening up another slot for Producer or is looking to schedule it in before or after Orange Marmalade?


Kim Soo Hyun Offered Role in You From Another Star Screenwriter’s Upcoming KBS Drama — 33 Comments

  1. i know he will soon confirm,considering this was the same writer that made him where he is today
    now all i want is a young female lead.i want a young actress that matches with him.the female lead can either be SMA or YEH or PSH.

    • Considering how he has been apries with the considered beauties of kore from suzy, han gain, jeon ji hyun. I feel the next co stars would either be soblng hye kyo, son ye jin, shin min ah or kim Tae hee…
      Personally i hope he is paired with kabg sora or kim go eun…

    • Shim Min Ah, YEH and PSH are very overrated actresses but very loved by blogger and k-netizen. No talent but there are people will make it like they are very talented. Their fans are small kids, they don’t notice it.

      • what ?????
        seriously you are too much and don’t watch or see anything plus their fans aren’t kids .
        please respect the others and I will tell you something it just opinions after all about actresses and the final word will be for writer added to that the actresses you mentioned above they have projects to do so relax honey .

  2. please confirm this..! even the drama synopsis so exciting.. a very fresh idea to tackle viewers. very different from any dramas aired this year which all about multiple personalities disorder and reporters. i will make sure to tune in this one

  3. woobin, soohyun are in talks in the upcoming dramas. I heard minho will be back to small screen as well this year and I do think jongsuk will take another drama at the end of the year.
    Who will be the star this year? it’s so interesting, we will see the fangirls war, lmao

    • lol.. we will get diabetes for so many eyecandies in one time..

      only korean viewers can set who is the winner. it will base on rating of the drama.

      • So I wanna know who is the biggest star in 2014.I’m sure it’s not woo bin nor min ho.
        Soo hyun or Jong suk???
        Both did well.

      • Errmm YFAS vs DS+Pinocchio. If you add the ratings and overall recognition of both dramas LJS did, it wouldn’t reach half of what YFAS alone had. That’s not even considering the gazillion CF deals KSH has been doing non stop. So is there really a question on who the Biggest 2014 star is?!

      • @Xxx
        We are talking about 2015 not 2014 my dear, don’t so bitter…there’s no one here putting down kim soo hyun, just calm down.

      • I think winda means 2015
        2014 the star is surely kim soo hyun while for this year we don’t know yet

    • Yes yes yes….I think it’s all about soohyun vs jongsuk, in korea, they are the most popular, public and media always compare them, I’m so curious, I hope jongsuk will do well again for the next project.

      • Me 2. I can’t decide soo hyun or Jong suk. One thing that I want to say is both of them are far better than Lee Min Ho. Kim woo bin also have potential.

      • @bella
        I do think based on the acting skills, soohyun and jongsuk are better than minho, even woobin overshadow minho in the heirs, lmao

      • What is this entire convo? delulu? Soohyun vs Jongsuk? that must be joke right? bigger then Minho then that must be bigger joke right? do you guys read news or follow things correct?

        Lee Min Ho is bigger then KSH, KWB(his supporting role guy) and LJS combined and add 100 veterans on that.. They have nothing on LMH.

        As far as acting go? do you think he got this far and that large fanbase because he can’t act? people loved him because he comes of believeable while acting that he simply invades there hearts something LJS can’t do because dude is unmarketable and its diffcult to promote him at all.

        KSH is actully way bigger then LJS ever will be? LJS had a successful year is simply myth? where is the fan rise and where is the 20-30 endorsement deals? you know why because dude is not marketable.

        BTW do you guys really know how big LMH is right now because if you knew you wouldn’t have compared him with these 2 newbies KWB and ljs. The best that ever happened to kbw was being LMH’s supporting role and sidekick

      • @linda20: Another delusional and ignorant LMH fan. Always needing to tell us how big LMH is. Why is there a need to defend his popularity if it’s that obvious?!? Have you checked out how GB is doing at the box office yet?!?! Hahaha….. Just grow up.

      • @nugya i think Xxx responding to Allison’s question which clearly asking who is the biggest star in 2014 not 2015.. there is no one who is bitter here

      • @kate

        What delusion? GB 19+ rated movie and plus it became an international hit and opening all over Asia like no other korean movie before it.. Make your own research.

        GB will hit china and the philippines this march..

        Nobody got nothing on LMH. just saying

  4. your comment @Winda.
    imagin that lee min ho and kim soo hyun and lee jong suk drama are competing at the same time slot…

      • with kim soo hyun, i think it would be cool if he took the friday night spot in a new drama. it would be telling if that drama time is just not good or if it’s due to the product that they’re putting in that time slot. misaeng had that fri/sat time slot that’s pretty bad but did amazing…

      • i really want to see bromance in dramaland. cannot we have kim soo hyun, cha tae hyun, ji chang wook n song jong ki in one drama?

  5. I read that KBS is trying to temporarily take over a variety show slot for this drama… this is all so bizarre. I thought she was supposed to do an SBS drama at the end of the year.

  6. KSH is really gorgeous in a dreamy sort of way.

    But still not liking the mushroom style hairstyle. Is this the in thing nowadays? Seem to be seeing it a lot in the recent kdramas.

    Anyway, love this writer. So KSH, please say yes!

  7. I hope it is good script and one at he can carry. His success with You are Another Star had all to do with the great stage presence of Giana….

  8. It will be interesting to see if he dares do a new tv show. Having seen how even a bigger name like Hyun Bin is no ratings guaranty, Kim Soo Hyun is no doubt asking himself if it’s worthwhile tarnishing his YFAS reputation by risking fairly certain failure. Probably much better for him to go for the big screen.

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