Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung Confirmed for SBS Drama Sensory Couple

The tables are finally set for the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Sensory Couple, aka The Girl Who Sees Smells, and the question is whether the audience will take a seat at the table. Just as Hyde, Jekyll, Me rounds the corner on episode 12, leaving only 8 episodes remaining before my Hyun Bin is freed from captivity, SBS can breathe a sigh of relief that the follow up dramas has its leads at long last. Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung are officially confirmed for the drama, making it one expected casting with one last minute arrival. Whether it works or not, let’s all keep our fingers-crossed since I don’t want to write off yet another drama before it even airs.

Sensory Couple is adapted from a popular webtoon, much like its predecessor Hyde, Jekyll, Me, and like that production has also elected to change the drama title from the original webtoon title. All the make it more confusing to search around for source material is my take. Sensory Couple tells the healing romance of a girl who develops the supernatural ability to see smells after surviving a serial killer attack a few years ago with a cop who has lost the ability to feel anything after losing his younger sister to the same serial killer. Shin Se Kyung is making a niche for herself as the healer of broken men after Blade Man, while Yoochun is similarly doing his third turn as a drama law enforcement officer.

Directing Sensory Couple is the PD who did Tazza, Pumpkin Flower, and Dream while the screenwriter has more famous works under his belt having written Rooftop Prince, Yawang, Bad Family (one of my faves!), and Successful Story of a Bright Girl. I’ve already opined on Shin Se Kyung’s acting ability (or limitations/lack thereof) so no need to rehash it, whereas Yoochun works for me playing in brighter roles like Rooftop Prince and not at all playing brooding lovelorn romeos like in Missing You. Visually these two would be quite eye-catching together, and acting ability aside, this one really needs massive chemistry between them to work. This pairing doesn’t make me all that excited but with a good story and couple chemistry there’s a possibility it could click for me.


Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung Confirmed for SBS Drama Sensory Couple — 36 Comments

  1. After that drama with Song Seung Heon, I don’t really like SSK, and the drama doesn’t sound that good to me but who knows..

  2. One word…”sad.” SSK just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve long given up hope.

    I guess I could say, at least, I can look forward to seeing YC on screen again.

  3. She was cute in blade man, not the best but cute, bright and most important NOT ANNOYING AS HELL. So I’m kinda fine with her after that drama, disappointed it’s not Kim Ji Won but I am relieved it’s her not someone else… so I can at least check the first episode.

  4. Why SSK always get roles even though there are many actress who’s better than her. I was hoping for Kim Ji-Won because there was a rumour about her cast. She would be perfect. Waiting for her to take a lead role.

    • Well she seemed to get this role bc no one else wanted to take it. Same with Blade Man. I don’t think the industry believes Kim Ji Won had enough star power to lead a drama 🙁 she obviously does have the skills.

  5. I’m glad jiwon didn’t accept the role,, I want her with jongsuk tbh,…this drama is out of my waiting list,,I need woobin and jongsuk asap.

  6. Wow… interesting. can’t wait to see this drama… I really appreciate SSK act in movie Tazza, and with Yoochun as partner, it will daebak. SSK act improve a lot. In Blade Man, she can show cheerful n lovely character. So I want to see her act again. The storyline of this drama already catch my attention… so this is going to be my list.

      • Yeah… the harsh comment makes people judge unfairly somehow and sometime… so for SSK, I prefer to see the drama first, and then give my comment about the act of her. I do so for yoochun.

    • Lol I agree! This doesn’t seem bad at all! …

      Honestly though… I’m only excited for Jejudo Gatsby. So I’m happy she accepted this first, and JG’s script didn’t float her way. Lol I’m terrible… Still worried though that Suzy or Jin Seyeon, or god forbid another idol, will grab it. >___<.

  7. The doom and gloom over her casting is a bit funny since it’s not like Yoochun in the best actor in the world either. It’s not below him to act with her. Neither are so terrible there will be another Blood situation on our hands either. They fit well enough.

    • +1… Sigh I think it’s going to be a few months before I’m interested in another Korean Drama again. I usually only watch SSK’s dramas for the male leads, but I think I’ll pass on this one. Didn’t get past a few eps for three days. SSK is servicible in her acting, at least in her recent projects, but still far from the level that would want me to check out all her dramas. Everything about this production so far just screams mediocrity.

  8. I have watched SSK in The Tree With Deep Roots and then When a Man Loves a Woman (this one we fast forward watched after a few episodes) and she didn’t have chemistry with any of the leading men.

    I just can’t understand why she is cast in anything since she doesn’t have an established fan base (such as say YEH) and she is just not a good actress. It is puzzling.

  9. SSK’s acting has never impressed me at all. She is a actress with little expressions. I hope the drama will be good for Yoochun. There are so many actress around, must it be her?

  10. Oh dear SSK, can give this drama a miss then.
    Can’t believe they couldn’t get a better actress than SSK to partner Yoochun. What a disappointment!

  11. Wow, therecsre still people offering lead roles to actors like shin se kyung?? No words!! The girl can’t act for crying oUT loud!!

  12. i hope park yoochun’s career on tv drama will not be ruined because of this girl called shin se kyung. after all the awards and recognitons yoochun earned park yoochun deserved definitely the best

    • Please. I can tell from the get-go that you are not one his fans.

      It’s ridiculous how some people would actually find the time to comment something like this, even change their usernames multiple times just to “indirectly” make the actual fans look bad. Just how much bottled-up hatred do you have and what did they ever do to you?

      I’ve been seeing a lot of these type of comments lately (not just particularly against Yoochun) and these so-called “fans” coughshaterscoughs are getting creative to spread hate against the artist and his/her fans.

      • I am not kitai, but I agree with his/her comment. I’m definitely not a fan who watches dramas to support her idol, but I watch dramas for the enjoyment of the dramas themselves. If you take away Yoochun’s idol status, I wonder what this comment section would be like. Because if you are talking about acting ability, he has thus far failed to impress.

  13. Can’t say I’m excited about this drama, not much of a fan of both leads, BUT I am intrigued with the plot. I checked out the webtoon from which this drama is loosely based off of, and I really hope they adapt the majority of its contents to this. Between this drama and Angry Mom, I’d probably tune in to the latter.

  14. I was aching for some KJW fix but no matter, I’ll wait for next time. I’ve never seen SSK in anything before, so I have no prejudice. I’m always willing to give chance. Yoochun might be getting a lot of raves from his latest big screen appearance but the I Miss You performance still lingers for me. There is always a big difference in both attention to details and quality between the small screen and big screen so I’m always skeptical with one hit wonders, no matter how good it was, it doesn’t always translate to the small screen. But again, I’m always giving a chance.

    Never hear bellyaching from this guy here, I’m NOT a born hater. Heh.

  15. Yeah SSK is not my cup of tea, I’ve tried to watch her dramas but I always feel no chemistry when her on her male leads. Wish they would’ve casted someone else.

  16. Her acting is so stoic… it’s been difficult to watch her in any role. If I had known she was being considered, I wouldn’t have been as relieved I was when Suzy turned it down.

  17. even with actress like SSK. his drama will do well. he have to much old fangirl in korean to watch his drama for rating. am more worry about his young fangirl. they seem to hate bad actress cast in his drama.

  18. Unlike others , I can not wait for this drama , I want to see chemistry between PYC and SSK , Go launch countdown ^_^

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