Lee Byung Hun Apologizes at the Airport Upon Returning to Korea with Lee Min Jung

Oh boy, that kid’s face says it all, doesn’t it? Incheon airport was a frenzy yesterday as A-list but scandal prone actor Lee Byung Hun returned to Korea with his pregnant wifey actress Lee Min Jung in tow. The two have spent the last two months in the US likely to lay low as the legal proceedings wrapped in the blackmail case where Lee Byung Hun was extorted by two young aspiring starlets. Now that Lee Min Jung is about two months away from giving birth the couple have returned to Korea for the remainder of her pregnancy.

The media frenzy at the airport was no joke, which leads me to wonder who told the press beforehand they were coming back that day. The expressions say it all, and not just of the random kid in the picture above staring in “da fuq is this?” shock at the proceedings. Lee Min Jung’s “I don’t give a fuck bitch face” is pretty epic while Lee Byung Hun looked like he hadn’t slept or shaven for a few days, either in severe agony or helping the apology tableau look more authentic, take your pick. After whisking the unamused wifey away to the waiting car, Lee Byung Hun returned to directly address the media and gave his first direct apology to the Korean public for his actions in this entire mess.

Lee Byung Hun’s public apology:

“I am sorry for not giving an apology earlier. As the public figure I have made many people uncomfortable and disappointed.Because all problems started from me, I think I should shoulder all the criticisms myself. I know what part of what happened made people disappointed in me because of my foolishness. So much time has passed since then. I apologize to all who have been hurt by me and I am reflecting on what I have done. I will continue to reflect on what I’ve done. I have a huge debt to my family that cannot be repaid over my life time, and have been reproached for this also. I will use this place to apologize to everyone once again. I am sorry.”


Lee Byung Hun Apologizes at the Airport Upon Returning to Korea with Lee Min Jung — 48 Comments

    • She really doesn’t look pregnant. If we commoners are pregnant we can’t hide it behind a trench coat and a medium sized purse. And about the shoes I only say I know women who can’t walk on flats anymore. Possibly she is one of them or she care more for how to look in public than for the safety.

      • She looks pale, thin, and unhappy. I hope she isn’t having a hard time physically, but all of the stress and drama with her feckless, philandering husband must take a mental toll.

    • Same!! My sister is about 7-8 months along, same as LMJ, and she’s huge…. like she has a watermelon in her shirt.

      But LMJ is not showing at all…. and isn’t it dangerous for pregnant women to fly when they’re pregnant and especially that far in their pregnancy??

      • It’s fine to fly so long you are not close to due date/labor and mom and baby are healthy. I flew when i was 8 months pregnant but had to get a letter from my OB doctor.

        Obviously LBH notified the press in advance, but why just apologize publicly now, and not a few months ago? His new movie has a hard time getting released in Korea due to his scandal. Hmm cant help but think the apology is to help his career and new movie.

      • Different woman, show differently. The first baby doesn’t show as much in general. Some people barely are showing – just depends on the body. So I wouldn’t look into that too much.

        I think the recommendation in the US is 32-34 weeks? So there’s still like at 7 months.

    • I only gained 20 lbs during my pregnancy but it was mainly because I developed gestational diabetes due to my age (38) at the time and was on a extremely restricted diet by my doctor. I was at my normal weight a week after giving birth and the GD disappeared. I could not have worn those heels tho… my feet and ankles swelled up like crazy.

  1. Lee Byung Hyeon is faking it! He obviously chose not shave & everything to make it seem like he’s reflecting! If you see their pics from America you can see him all well dressed smiling & clean shaven! He probably didn’t realize how much this affected his popularity.. I sorta wonder if he regrets reporting the 2 girls?

  2. I can’t help but pitying Lee Min Jung for her expressions. Hope she has safe delivery and life gets easier. There’s no happiness whatsoever in her face. Everyone has to make choices but every choices come at a price.

  3. Well… Does he even know the meaning of the word “Sorry”, just makes us wonder if the wifey is staying with him because she got knocked up… I wonder what happened to their wedding rings?

  4. LMJ is very thin for someone who is supposed to eat for 1.5 persons. Look at her face and neck. Her belly is so small too! Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyful and miraculous experience, sadly she seems to be too stressful to enjoy her 1st pregnancy. Whether or not LBH was sincere with his apology, at least he showed some remorse emotions unlike that guy who would marry his knocked up gf if she drops the probation/ penalty for the crime he had committed against her.

  5. Conspiracy theory: What if she’s not pregnant and LBH created the whole ‘pregnancy’ thing to draw pity and forgiveness from the public? She does not look like she is pregnant at all.

  6. I once met a woman who was like 6 months pregnant but her belly was hidden under her jacket, until i saw her take off the jacket i hadn’t even realized she was preggo.. she was a petite women to beging with and had a small stomach..i couldn’t believe she was 6 months, i thought less..
    poor woman LMJ..she seems tired and under lot of stress..a difficult moment in her life while she should be celebrating, i hope she will come out stronger, she has to be the rock for her child’s sake..

  7. Not a happy looking couple. Although I was at first willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, its become clear to me through additional media outlets that he was *messing* around. Cad! Wonder what’s next for them…this week has been full of relationship news – between KHJ vs. Ms. Choi and LBH and LMJ…it’s really dysfunction junction in Kdrama-land…I guess some people are just immune to good advice. Sometimes it’s just best to “move on.” “Birth” fathers don’t always make the “best” fathers and staying in bad relationships for the sake of children isn’t always the answer. I’m not in their shoes so don’t mean to judge just reflecting on what I’ve learned through life and my own past mistakes..

  8. LBH was definitely faking it, throughout the apology and walk through the airport. He is an actor and is doing what he is “best” at acting. LMJ does not look good, the stress, anger, betrayal and feelings of mistrust must be wreaking havoc with her ability to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight. I just feel very badly for her this is a really tough situation to be in whether a woman is pregnant or not.

  9. LMJ actually looks like she’s been losing weight rather than putting it on for her pregnancy. She definitely looked better-fed pre-pregnancy.

  10. wow, is she really pregnant!?
    this is the difference between A gourgeous actress and plain human being!
    jajajajaja wow°
    she looks lovely!

    • When my mother was pregnant with me (I’m born in late November and was almost 2 weeks overdue) she went swimming with my sister in late summer. My proud sister told someone she’d have a sibling soon. The person complimented her imaginative mind. My mom wearing a bathing suit didn’t look pregnant at all.

  11. I actually thought it was normal for Asian woman to not show since most of my Asian friends barely ever showed. Gwen Stephanie and Kim K rocked them 6 inches during pregnancy. On the other hand I laughed when I saw the pics of LBH crying lol I hope he is being sincere

    • He actually cried? What a great actor. He’s another one that I will never pay a movie ticket to watch. I’ll watch him do his whole schtick for free.

  12. I wonder how long LMJ will be able to play wife because you can tell she is miserable. There is almost no way he will completely stop cheating, the guy cab’t seem to help himself. He might stop for awhile but he will slowly start again while being intensely careful and secretive.

    Men like him shouldn’t get married. Just enjoy the perks of being a famous, single guy or have an open, contract type marriage (not unheard of in Hollywood in particular). Or *gasp* maybe they do have an open marriage already! Either way, what a mess.

    • Guys like him don’t do open marriages. You can bet that if LMJ cheated on him, whole hell would be on the loose. Their marriages are ooen only from one end…

  13. They both know how to play reel and real drama at their best… So sorry for the baby … I just don’t know how that baby is going to be after reading all the crazy stuff during he/ she was inside mummy tummy

  14. Seriously, the photographer who capture that kid’s expression deserves an award…

    That kid’s expression is priceless! “seriously bro!…who do you take us for”?

  15. High heel for 8 months preggo? 13 hours journey? WOW, and no bulging stomach. Don’t be surprise later on, we hear adoption baby from the family name Lees.

  16. One can tell when a woman is not happy with her married life. She looks very unhappy and lonely. I hope that she and her baby will come strong throughout this ordeal.

    • I can’t feel pitiful for her. She is an adult and made her choice from day one to date him again, and marry him even when her fans and netizens sort of warned her of what’s to come. Everyone knew at his point that this man won’t change. The class is a douche and a world class liar so doesn’t surprise me that he gets into another scandal. The only pitiful character in this story is the innocent baby.

      • Typo: the guy is a world class liar. Imo,this misery that I see in her face is preventable if LMJ actually listened to her gut instincts.

      • Adults are as capable of making mistakes just as much. Why should fans and netizens’ opinions affect her decision to get married? fans and netizens are strangers.. she obviously had feelings for him.

        Also for those questioning her pregnancy.. are you serious? Kate Middleton was also very thin when she was pregnant. I agree that she doesn’t look well-fed and she lacks the pregnancy glow, but she obviously gained weight on her legs. I think her face is just gaunt from the stress.

  17. The kid’s face is a w e s o m e!!! HAHAHA. Thanks for this Miss K.
    Anyway, I was trying to look for LMJ’s baby bump but… I can’t see it. Don’t hide it gurl~

  18. That kid’s face is everything. I really dislike this guy and I feel bad for his wife. Ladies, pick em good cause you can’t change them, but you can upgrade a good one.

    P.S. She’s pregnant? Cause she looks pale and unwell. I see no baby bump.

  19. Everybody actually needs to chill. Why all the hating on LMJ for being “unhealthy” because she;s not showing a notable baby bump? She’s obviously under an intense amount of stress and all these unkind comments are a reflection of the much larger stressors that are pressing on her. She’s a very petite woman and could easily just not be showing as much. Not every woman shows their pregnancy the same. I was still only about 125 pounds when I was at 9 months because 1. I’ve always just been on the smaller side and 2. I had awful hyperemesis gravidarum that caused me to pretty much throw up everything. I was under intense pressure from a lot of people who accused me of simply throwing up to keep my weight down bc I was selfish and didn’t walk to look big which I can tell you was stressful and just awful. If I could have gained the adequate amount of weight to support my baby healthily I would have. LMJ may not be suffering from the same sickness as me, but I’m just saying everyone needs to cut her a little slack and stop being awful.

  20. Another one to add to the list, Woody Allen, Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen, oh, really, it’s so freaking long it is ridiculous …

    But I still refuse to watch their work when they are beyond my personal line of redemption. LBH is there already.

  21. use to like LBH. that was before all his sex scandal with woman younger then him by 10+ year. this guy career realy hit rock bottom in korean.
    he should really stop sleeping with girl in their 20s. wonder why LMJ
    would even let him plant his seed in her? she should have him wear condom when they have sex all the time.

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