Seolhyun and Lee Jong Hyun Confirmed for Orange Marmalade with Yeo Jin Gu

KBS is making all the waves the last few days as it went on a veritable drama casting spree. First there was Song Joong Ki signed up nice and early as the leading man for the fall Wed-Thurs drama Descendants of the Sun, followed by whiplash inducing back-and-forth to line up potential foursome Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, and IU for Friday night variety time slot new drama Producer. Today comes casting confirmation a lot less buzzy but still nice to know so folks can start anticipating or avoiding the upcoming high school drama Orange Marmalade.

Adapted from a popular webtoon, the drama is scheduled to air on Fridays starting in early May following the currently airing Spy. Set in a world where vampires live openly among humans after the two sides have reached a truce, the vampires drink pigs blood and have their fangs shaved down to control their urges. The vampires face discrimination and contempt from the humans despite living in relative harmony. The leading lady Baek Mari is an ostracized vampire high school student who finds herself catching the interest of the most popular boy in school after she accidentally bites him on a bus after being attracted to the scent of his blood, though no damage is done since she has no fangs and all.

Joining leading man Yeo Jin Gu will be idol-actress Seolhyun of AOA playing the leading lady vampire high school student, as well as her fellow same label mate Lee Jong Hyun of CNBLUE playing a cool and mysterious fellow vampire. This basically sounds like the vampire version of an even earlier KBS Friday night drama Hi! School: Love On, a drama that was mostly watchable (in the beginning) with Kim Sae Ron‘s great acting and a breezy story line. My manga loving side twitches that the mere thought of a potential great drama adaptation but my drama watching side worries that the other two leads other than Yeo Jin Gu will just end up annoying me. Sigh, decisions decisions.


Seolhyun and Lee Jong Hyun Confirmed for Orange Marmalade with Yeo Jin Gu — 9 Comments

  1. I read somewhere, can’t remember which article, that LJH was chosen for this role because he looked like a vampire. No more was said.

  2. I think Lee Jonghyun as a vampire is perfect casting, like I can totally see him as a vampire for the reasons bil mentioned. While his acting is GD was very stiff and lacking, I watch him on another show (more dramatic) where he did a 2 episode cameo and he was so much better, so I’m looking forward to this. I think it has the potential to be fun, breezy and summery LOL

  3. idk about seolhyun acting, but even i know jonghyun act in AGD made me cringe a little, but I think visually he fits the character. tall, white pale skin, not mention his face reminds me the vampire in twilight ;p
    I like the webtoon, so I will watch the drama, if 1-3 episodes cannot give a good impressions, I’ll give up

  4. The premise sounds interesting but since this is co-produced by FNC, no wonder 2 FNC idols are in it. Ye Jin Goo is proven to be a good actor but i am not really interested in AOA Seolhyun. Lately, FNC is pushing her everywhere. I hope it’s at least watchable.

    • LOL. But, but, but… If they’re that bad, we may not wanna see their facial expression, too. I hope we don’t need to blur everyone else except YJG.

  5. i’ll think positively about this casting because i like the webtoon
    Baek Ma Ri is a different role from what Seolhyun have acted before and i think acting with Yeo Jin Gu will help her acting to step up more
    because she needs to keep up with his pacing
    in all honestly she’s not bad in her last drama and seems to be holding her own small part in Gangnam 1970 really well

  6. I’m gonna watch this… this drama give me a nice breeze… I little disappoint with Producer casting… so this drama is like water in my dry land… I’m in. I like Jong Hyun, Jin Geo and start to like Seol Hyun too…

  7. Meh. The leading lady. Is that Seolhyun even know how to act?
    I don’t even like her in variety shows.
    Idk but i always think that some korean PD doesn’t really know how to cast someone :/ it seems only based by popularity or big sponsor, rather than considering the character and talent.
    Can’t they learn something from japanese PD? For example, even tho Yamapi is not good in acting, but he always get the character that suits him. And some idol that doesn’t really know how to act usually cast as high schooler or something which is suited their personality.

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