Athletic Han Groo for Nylon Magazine and Considering Romancing the Scholar Who Walks the Night

It dovetails nicely to do a post on Han Groo‘s recent pictorial for Nylon magazine at the same time news comes out of her potential next acting project. I like her a lot but don’t quite love her (yet), she’s arguably one of the better actresses of her age group but still needs a breakout role. I found Marriage Not Dating good when it was funny and then thoroughly draggy the rest of the way. Didn’t help that I disliked her character and only stuck around for male lead Yeon Woo Jin.

I have a feeling she’ll rocket up my list once she plays a female lead I love, which might be the case soon as she’s considering the offer for MBC’s upcoming fantasy sageuk Scholar Who Walks the Night. Her leading man won’t be Park Hae Jin, who has officially turned down the offer to be the titular vampire scholar, nor will she be reuniting with Yeon Woo Jin who is off doing the weekend drama Divorce Lawyers in Love. She’s be silly not to take this prime time leading lady offer and hopefully parlay it into bigger and better things even if the drama turns out to be Records of a Night Watchman level silly.


Athletic Han Groo for Nylon Magazine and Considering Romancing the Scholar Who Walks the Night — 20 Comments

  1. Glad that I’m not the only one who found Marriage Not Dating all that good. Spent more than half the show screaming, “why can’t someone just tell the truth and end the gig??”.

    • I didn’t like it either….I didn’t like Han Groo in ‘Marriege Not Dating’ and no offense, she may be in athletic clothes, but she just looks skinny, not athletic at all. Maybe better acting and a better role will convince me otherwise.

    • Same with me too. I don’t get why people like it a lot. I tried to watch all episode. Instead I just watch those cuts and skimmed through pictures… Nothing wrong to drool over Jung Jin Woon body.

      tvN drama sometime hit and miss with me and ppl made it like the channel the best ever.

  2. I am glad to see han groo getting some love. She has good comedic timing. And a nice a$$ it seems from these pictures.

  3. I want her in another action project! She was kickass in Girl K and proved that she had both the physique and intensity.
    But it’s about time she would get a leading role.

  4. I love her acting in “Marriage ,not dating”! Unlike others i find she has a good body !I hope she will accept the role in MBC , time for her to shine ^_^

    • Yeap…super talented and she seems to have a healthy body weight, as well. At least she had it in MND and in comparison to other young (and older, smtimes!)ladies in this industry who look more like the “usual suspects” of Eating Disorders!

    • she lost weight in her twenties but when she was debuting in Girl K she looked healthy and athletic.

      anyway her acting talent is what matters here. She puts the roles ahead of her image, unlike so many actresses. And as long as she can manage the sageuk speech she’ll be fine.

  5. I really liked the show even though it did have some draggy parts, and I really felt disappointed with the ending (what else is new) even though we got a wedding. I think she is funny and commits to her characters both emotionally and physically, which I cannot say about many of her peers, who often seem more worried about hurting themselves or their image than really being in a role. I also loved her relationship with her mother-in-law even though the misunderstandings made me crazy, which they were supposed to do, and how they learned from each other–especially the need to feel and be an independent person even when/if in love. I would pick to watch her over many of the actresses that are in shows right now, and I think of what shows and parts could have been made better by someone with her timing and intensity. I also don’t think there are many actresses who could pull off such a spread because so many are bone sticking out skinny and really only look good with lots of clothes on.

  6. I like her since Girl K. FYI, You don’t have to be muscular to be athletic. The girl can dance and knows martial arts. That’s pretty athletic to me. She’s like Ha Ji Won and I like her too.
    Hoping she takes the role, and her career take off.

  7. I was going to watch that drama anyhow unless they cast one of the “ladies who give me hives.” But if Han Groo is in i’m watching regardless of the male lead. (Even so I hope he’s awesome.

  8. She’s has great chemistry with all her male costars. I hope she confirms this and they find a good male lead to match her, no more Ahn Jae Hyuns please.

    She also makes some of the excuses of the ‘ladies who give me hives’ and who are in her similar age group, seem totally unfit in comparison. If she could do that well from the age of 18, their youth/inexperience is no excuse.

  9. I like Han Groo and hope she’ll accept this.
    and now I need Jung So Min to comeback to dramaland ASAP! please drama GOD, I miss her.

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