Kim Soo Hyun Confirms Producer and Completes Cast with Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, and IU

It’s going to be hard to top Producer as the biggest K-drama production and casting surprise of 2015 so far now that the final main cast member has confirmed. Kim Soo Hyun played coy for an extra week as to whether he was going to accept the Producer offer and in the end smartly said yes. If all the rumored leads ended up accepting then it might be an indicator of how promising this drama looks to those in the know. Kim Soo Hyun joins sunbaes Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin along with singer-actress IU to try and kickstart the flagging K-drama ratings and conquer a new time slot on Friday nights. Kim Soo Hyun plays a rookie PD who went from law school student to entertainment newbie while his love interest is likely IU as a top singer. Overseeing the fictional variety show department is Cha Tae Hyun as a veteran PD while Gong Hyo Jin is his equally veteran colleague who directs music shows.

Producer will air on KBS every Friday night for a total of 11 or 12 episodes only, the entire endeavor a new experiment by the network starting from the production team behind the drama coming from the KBS variety show department rather than the traditional drama production team. It’s described as fast-paced and fun, with the screenwriter behind You From Another Star working on this drama since she finished YFAS last year and wanting to do a story about the inner workings of the Korean variety show production circuit.

She reportedly wrote Producer with Cha Tae Hyun specifically in mind to play the senior PD as she’s a total fangirl for him plus wanted to lure him back to drama land with a great role and story. For the role of the rookie PD, she also approached Kim Soo Hyun directly after working with him so well in YFAS. She’s really got major clout to hand both the leading men of her dreams for this drama, and even luckier that the leading ladies turned out to be can-do-anything Gong Hyo Jin and rising young talent IU. I’m so excited it’s not even funny!


Kim Soo Hyun Confirms Producer and Completes Cast with Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, and IU — 44 Comments

  1. WOAH… the drama to beat for the year!! 🙂 I can’t wait. While I haven’t necessarily loved his acting in the last few roles, I still very much enjoyed the dramas. This is a really good all around cast – between 4 leads and the writer has a huge hit under her belt. So I’d say there is no way to screw this one up. You have a gold mine here KBS, don’t muck it up!!!

    I hope it’s good (and not just cause top stars are in it). I really hope it’s good all the way around.

    • Along with the 11/12 episode format. If this drama achieves >10% viewer ratings, I wonder if other dramas will follow suit.

    • Remember, we have an idol lead in IU, so it will be pretty tame – maybe a cute kiss or something. Fans wouldn’t go for anything more. Maybe GHJ can step up to the plate, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for anything too steamy.

  2. The script must be fantastic for the writer to get such big names to star in a drama that seems more of an experiment. But then again, this is the writer of YFAS, so it’s not that surprising. Either way can’t wait!

  3. It’s hard for me to see IU in this role. Her previous characters were so cheerful and open, literally the opposite of an ice queen.

  4. Aww, the screenwriter is fangirl of Cha Tae Hyun, love her already. Love everything so far about this drama, especially the 4 leads news meaning veteran actors don’t have to be the side line.

    • Yes, I also had that sneaking suspicion from the way she paid homage to ‘My Sassy Girl’ in YFAS-The manager carrying the drunk CSY and the part when CSY screamed at the top of the hill really made me a happy fan. I can’t wait to see if she will do any in this drama!

  5. I read somewhere that KSH-GHJ will romance each other which is ofcourse expected.. Noona or not noona? I don’t GHJ would have sign under the dotted line for this drama if she was not romanzing KSH and the same goes to KSH as well.. KSH would have never taken a IU-Ksh pairing. Its just what I believe deep down and just an opinion nothing else

      • I think he waited for GHJ’s confirmation before confirming his own participation. That makes me believe that his love line will be with GHJ. I’m okay with that but I much prefer him paired up with IU and GHJ with CTH.

    • I surely hope it’s not true. Yeah KSH would definitely have better chemistry with much older experienced actress but it’s getting a bit cliche’ for him to romance older actress. I miss him in Dream High where he played a role closer to his real age. It might be a risky experiment but for once, I want Kim Soo Hyun to have a sweet and innocent love-line with the younger actress IU.

  6. For me, if Gong Hyo Jin signed up, the script she was able to read so far had to be quite good. Most important thing is that the storytelling is good.

  7. Oh, I didn’t realize it’s only 11-12 episodes. Is it only 1 episode a week or 2?

    Although I must say that wouldn’t it be somewhat difficult to tell if the better ratings are from the changed time slot or a combination of good writing and top stars (assuming the writing will be good coming from a hit writer).

  8. WOAH so looking forward to this! Super curious with the lovelines though. I refuse to believe rumors of noona-dongsaeng plots till I see an official one itself. Ah man I cannot wait!!! 😀

  9. You know what would be so cool about the love line? If KSH is first infatuated with IU then became attracted to GHJ as they worked together.

    • Apparently the love lines are going to be one-way in the beginning.

      IU likes Kim Soo Hyun – Kim Soo Hyun likes Gong Hyo Jin – Gong Hyo Jin likes Cha Tae Hyun.

    • But that’s done before though…especially as 2014 was a noona lovefest as tons of older women/younger men pairings took off: Secret Love Affair, Witch’s Romance, I Need Romance 3, High School King of Savvy, and probably more when you count second leads like in Cunning Single Lady. KSH himself has been romancing older women in his last two projects–Jun Ji Hyun and Han Gain. I want him to have a romance with a same-age or younger love interest.

  10. This is like a dorama airing schedule – 1 ep per week. But it’s a good start since I do expect a better-produced outcome with more time for shooting and editing, and more time to rest for the crew.

  11. 12 episode kind of short. it better be a good storyline. dont think KSH will sign if he were to end up with IU. i just cant picture her with him. he need a hot woman with him. not cute woman like IU with him. he not young like in DH were he still look ok with cute girl.

    • I don’t get this kind of thinking. KSH most beloved OTP is still with freaking Suzy of all people. Even today, when he’s not longer “young”. You think he can’t look good with a younger cute girl (who looks remarkably like Suzy…) who he has worked with in the past? Okay.

      Seems more like KSH fans are hoping he romances the more established star more than anything.

      • so what if they want ksh to romance gong hyo jin? as i knew, ksh biggest otp is hyunhyun. kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun not hyunzy. all fandoms are just like that. of course they want the best for their bias. it like how lee seung gi fans protest when he was being paired for un-name actress for kill me heal me until he dropped the drama..

      • @xilem

        It’s totally fine to want him to romance the better actress who has chemistry with everyone, but it’s silly to say he would look bad with IU. He wouldn’t at all. I just don’t want this to become some BS with KSH fans demand he romance Gong Hyo Jin. People are already worried too damn much about the OTPs.

      • hmm I know where you’re coming from with that statement but that might not be accurate. Yeah KSH-JJH might be the phenomenal tandem Korea’s ever have and yup they’re hugely popular especially among those who’ve watched YFAS. But still we can’t deny the fact that KSH-Suzy definitely doesn’t fell short compared to KSH-JJH. I mean it’s been like what? 4 years since their last drama but people are still quoting them as SooSu couple till this day. Being ranked in several pole as a favorite couple more than one time definitely and with their CF contract for 3 consecutive years. I mean that ought to said something. And I think a lot of people from the entertainment circle acknowledge that as well, if not, Suzy won’t be making cameo for KSH in YFAS. it’s not like everyone know what’s the connection between Suzy-KSH line in YFAS if they’ve not watched Dream High but admit it or not people are used to seeing them as a pair from the many CF and event that they’ve done together over the years.

  12. come on man.who he going to couple with? all his drama are with married man.the only one that he dont pair up with married man. is DH. that why suzy fan and KSH fan. keep hoping for these two to end up in real life.
    am sure if he were to pair up with a hot woman that dont have bf/husband. they would want him to pair with her.

    • He has to act in the drama, it’s not about your delusional shipping with x and y, so it doesn’t matter if he has to play with someone married.

  13. I love the casting, just worried that Gong Hyo Jin will just end up having a ‘supporting role’ only.

    With only 11-12 episodes, it understandable due to budget constraints. Posssibly , because of the talent fees.
    It’s nice when you put the actors that you like in one project, It’s just that, including the fillers, mostly, the exposure for each of them is lesser.

  14. just hope the writer dont kill this drama with pairing the talent KSH With the so so IU. they need to pair the two real star togther. that is KSH&GHJ. they would set this drama on fire with thir onscreen.

  15. Why do people keep forgetting Cha Tae Hyun? He’s one of the big star in this casting. It’s rare to see him being casted in a drama coz he usually cater movie only. Don’t shunt him aside. He’s one heck of amazing actor.

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