Korea CF Power Rankings for January 2015 Provide Popularity Snapshot of the Year So Far

I thought the three long haired ladies would remain 1-2-3 for the foreseeable future but already one very well-loved variety superstar has wedged himself between them to start of 2015. The rankings are out for the month of January 2015 for the Korea domestic CF power list, providing a snapshot of the start of the year that looks mighty like how last year looked. Once again this is a ranking of celebrity domestic CFs in Korea, aggregating factors like quantity of CFs, price paid, the CF influence, etc., and is compiled by the Korean advertising association.

Jeon Ji Hyun retains her top dog ranking followed close behind by retired-from-competition figure skating queen Kim Yuna. Suzy lost her third place placement to a surging from below variety MC Yoo Jae Seok while Lee Seung Gi and Kim Soo Hyun switched spots with each other likely due to Seung Gi promoting his movie while Soo Hyun didn’t have any acting projects on deck. Hyun Bin stays nice and solid right behind with Ryu Seung Ryong, Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Tae Hee rounding out the top ten. I’m more curious to see if any name from much lower in the tens or twenties ranking breaks into the top ten this year in 2015 due to an acting breakout in a drama or movie.


Korea CF Power Rankings for January 2015 Provide Popularity Snapshot of the Year So Far — 34 Comments

  1. Wow I am happy Kim woo bin made it in top ten even he hadn’t have a main role in drama yet. I really hope to see him in Hong sisters’ jejudo island Gatsby.

    • congratulation to him.. hopefully after his first lead in hong sister drama, he will achieve more success. but i think he is on this list due to his 2 released movies which one of them he is the lead actor

    • thank you for being the first on commenting and mentioning uri woobin, hehe.. i like it so much 🙂

      i hope, he can get his ‘first’ role from a popular writer-nim.. and the drama is a hit! you can do it, woobinah..

  2. my forever goddess jun ji hyun and kim yuna are slaying even for 2015. waiting jjh film assasination this july i think..

  3. i don’t understand why kim tae hee always in the top ten cf star list? does it mean if you are graduated from top university like seoul national university, you will be forever been put at high pedestal? i kind of feeling weird about this because she is just a graduate from fashion design course at seoul university. maybe south korea standard is different from my country. here only medical student, engineering student and law are considered top.

    • She is lovely and must be loved by the Koreans surely for more than her univerÅ›ity and education credentials. All those in the list are not there for their educational qualifications……it’s the total package , I believe.

      • yes she is lovely and all. but korean netizen seems to put her in very high pedestal.. even she is dating rain right now, rain got all the blacklash where she still been praised

    • Even to graduate from fashion design in Seoul Uni, you have to put your life in line. It’s extremely hard to get into this university no matter what degree you want to take. Only 3% of the entire students who pass the final exam get into it so she must be very smart. As for her being forever in the top 10 of the CF top stars, it’s a mix between being a graduate from the #1 university in SK + being considered by most Koreans as the most beautiful celebrity.

      • i got it know.. maybe because i think student from other course such as fashion design course can easily get all A.

    • I don’t understand it either. She’s a crappy actress and whatever achievement she has in her academic life shouldn’t bear any impact to her main profession which is acting. Does she even create any memorable designs so far? Also, the idea that someone’s alma mater reflects the level of their cognitive intelligence needs to be discarded as soon as possible. I’ve heard some of the dumbest comments from Harvard graduate Natalie Portman (she equates eating meat with rape and said recession is an exiting time) and UCLA, Columbia alumnus James Franco (who is a total wacko and a horrible writer). That being said, I think her success as a CF model comes from the crucial IT factor – her face – and her educational background is just icing on the cake. Tablo is a hugely successful musician with a Stanford credential to begin with, but he will never become a CF model like, let say, recluse actor Won Bin

    • She’s THE standard of Korean beauty. She also went to a university most can only dream about and in a society that places so much importance on education, that’s something big. She’s not the best actress, but she’s a well respected person. It’s not like the top 10 is full of the best actors in Korea to begin with. I don’t see why she’s singled out.

      • because i can see why other actors or actresses on this list beside suzy. but suzy for sure good for mediaplay.

    • I don’t think educational qualification plays any role in her being in the top 10. Its more because koreans seems to love her face, same with suzy. And thus those two are always there,as THE CF STARS.(which i also don’t find fair, but that’s how it is).

  4. Jeon ji hyun still slaying good for her its been a yr since ywcfts ended and she manage to stay on top she is really the queen of all queens in korea. Hope she make another drama again.

  5. The 2nd, 3rd and 8th places are very well-deserved. Yoo Jae Suk is an incredible hardworker who seems to operate in an alternative universe where he has more than 24 hours a day. Queen Yuna sacrificed her whole childhood and youth life to bring Korea the international accolades in ice skating; therefore, she’d better collect a good fortune from these cf deals for the rest of her life. I’m surprised to find Ryu Seung Ryong here instead of Choi Min Sik, but maybe he has amassed popularity since the effect of Miracle in cell no.7 and now it’s added up thanks to Roaring currents.

  6. Yay.. Ryu seung ryong-sshi. Wow..Kim woo bin seems to be the only one benefited hugely from heirs i guess. He is retaining a spot in top 10 ever since that drama ended. Lucky fellow. And this list doesn’t seem to change much as far as i observed. Its just these stars interchanging no.s. But as you have mentioned, i too look forward for ppl below in the ranking to climb the ladder.

  7. I guess this list is for only local commercials or otherwise I thought differently for a moment but then realized it was only local CF list. which shows these who has most K-CFs..

  8. This list isn`t a good representation of popularity. No doubt all these stars are popular but it doesn`t mean stars not listed here are less popular. For example IU is more popular than Suzy in Korea but shes not on this list.Also Lee Jong Suk is more of a trend right now than Kim Woo Bin ,still not on the list.

    I think that Forbes list was actually better representation than this one.

    • The forbes was based on projects which tipped the scale unjustly because many of these not included didn’t do any projects in 2014.

      Lee Jong Suk trend? he has small amount of K-cfs and only 2 int’ CF. his non-existing at this point let alone be compared to KWB. get lost ljs fans

    • you didn’t catch the difference between how this list and forbes list created, right? please, reread both articles. and never ever compare KWB to LJS. The least i wanna it’s ugly fanwars between two good friends immature fans.

    • His still the CF king because this is only korean CFs and not overall and he has about 7-8 Korean Endorsement deals and about 21-22 Chinese endorsement deals.. So yeah his pretty much still the CF king but not domistically since you have always these 3 queens.

      But overall Domistically+internationally his the undisputed CF king

      • I can’t keep track. So LMH has more than KSH? Interesting. I did heard from a friend who went to China to work for a month and he said that his coworkers kept telling him that “this guy’s” face is everywhere, and he’s not even Chinese, he’s korean!

        I think they all had no idea who it actually was though.

      • Of course lmh is the overall cf king. He is an international cf star with endorsement deals in countries like china, taiwan, phillipines, thailand and even usa. This list counts domestic cfs only. So no surprise he isn’t listed in the top 10.

  9. stop comparing LJS and KWB I’m sure they don’t even give a damn they are best bro for real. If KWB is succesful in the field of cfs so be it.

  10. Excuse me. I think CF King is still KSH with a total of 35+ commercials inside and outside S.korea. This ranking is based on number of CFs inside South Korea. I dont mean to have a fight with LMH fans or LJS fans. i love them too. but we got to give it the guy who’s really the CF king who beats his own Record as a cf king for 2-3 consecutuve years i guess.i think 35+ commercials in a year is no joke…just sayin…

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