C-drama God of War Cleverly Combines First Peek with New Year Wishes

I don’t know whether to be annoyed or impressed with the production of upcoming period C-drama God of War Zhao Zhi Long. The drama released the most teaser-ish of teasers, putting all previous drama teases to shame for showing too much to be really called a teaser. In an impressive feat of clever tie-in, the production sneaked the first official stills of the five drama leads into a lunar new year celebratory banner.

Split into four panels each with a character of New Year Happy Joy, the character is rendered not in a different color than the background red but instead is the first official still of leads Lin Geng Xin, Yoona, Kim Jung Hoon, Godfrey Gao, and Gu Li Ne Zha. I’m pleased with the thought put into it, not to mention the too brief glimpse works wonders in whetting my appetite in wanting to see more. I’m just mildly annoyed I have to scour every character nook and cranny to see as much as I can. 


C-drama God of War Cleverly Combines First Peek with New Year Wishes — 7 Comments

  1. The timing’s weird, Chinese New Year is ages ago. But I’m so excited to finally see Lin Geng Xin in action, I loved him in Bu Bu Jing Xin! Any idea when will this be aired?

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