Live-action Attack on Titan Movie Drops First 30 Second Teaser Preview

I thought I would have to warn y’all to put on your big boy pants before watching this, but sadly the first teaser preview for the highly anticipated Attack on Titan live-action movie is mostly underwhelming. The reason can be laid 100% on the choice to go low energy for the much too short tease, at 30 seconds it needed to pop and instead came off moody and emo. Very Eren actually, LOL. I kid, I kid, I actually like leading man Eren, though not as much as his more kickass associates like Mikasa and Levi (who is not in this movie, ugh), but this teaser only set the world building mood without giving any woah baby boom boom pow.

The sneak peek at the Colossal Titan at the end felt way too CGI and devoid of context. With that said, I’m relieved the movie is going all out on the massive world rendering of the AoT universe, with the world overrun by massive human-eating Titans and the humans retreating behind walls. The claustrophobic and apocalyptic mood is there and that’s going to make or break the movie. So many novel to movie adaptations don’t have the scale it takes to make the vast sci-fi or fantasy narrative believable and AoT is all about buying into this bug-eyed crazy story hook, line, and sinker. Check out the short teaser for yourself and let’s hope for the full trailer soon to blow us away.

First teaser trailer for Attack on Titan:


Live-action Attack on Titan Movie Drops First 30 Second Teaser Preview — 24 Comments

  1. I’m still very skeptical as Japan and CG don’t go well together. Also the sets seems off, I know where they filmed and it doesn’t really fit the world that the manga created.

    • IF the audience immerses itself into the “viewing experience” created, it’ll be a win. An alternate take or look may be just the thing AoT fans did not know they wanted in a live-action movie. Folks may exit the theatres saying, “WTF did we just pay to watch? Let’s watch it again be sure.”

      Or not.

  2. It look cool. I can’t wait til it come out.

    I’m sad people are give this live action show so much heat because there no while actors in it. Yeah in the anime the cast was while but who care look at Hollywood did other Asia shows and cast all white actors. I would weather watch this cast over Hollywood version anytime.

  3. I am going to watch it because of Haruma. He is my favorite Japanese actor like Korean Lee Jong suk. These two are so talented, young and got a lot of love from their own countries.

    • LJS is very popular not only Korea but also all over Asia. Today night his fan meeting in my country Taiwan is so successful. Taiwanese girls are falling over him absolutely. But Haruma is popular only in Japan.

      • Well I know what you mean. But don’t compare these two who are completely different. I’m sick and tired of your petty fight over LJS,KSH,and LMH. Don’t bring Haruma here.

      • Like seriously, why the F do fangirls find it necessary to bring in LJS or whoever into every single post in this website when it has absolute NOTHING to do with it. Omg, there has got to be a platform where ya’ll can fangirl and shower oppa love without sounding like you’re just looking for ways to flaunt how ‘popular’ oppa is. This is seriously getting ridiculous.

      • Also… Did you just reply to yourself by changing your name and not your email address? Lol, if that’s the case, that’s mighty desperate right there.

      • I think the OP just mention about how Haruma’s image in Japan is like LJS’s image in Korea
        no need to mention how good LJS is cause I believe many mens know Hiruma than LJs and what is that for?

    • Besides, it would be a hassle subtitling/dubbing over the foreign actors when it’s a Japanese production. I’m also pretty sure they have a limited amount of good Japanese-speaking foreign actors.

    • I’m only looking forward to it because i’m obsessed with Haruma Miura. The guy is amazingly talented but picks the saddest of projects. But this choice in movie seems even more random on his part.
      Anyway, Haruma Miura=<3

  4. I don’t see Japanese anything but is it just me or the person in the ‘Misaka’ poster looks so much like Kim Hyun Joo?!

  5. Kinda bummed noow that I know Levi isn’t in this movie. I really enjoyed the anime though,and I am not an anime fan,so I’m also just excited to see a live action version.Now if they could just get that 2nd season of the anime going.

  6. I don’t quite like or understand on Japan-movie/live action teaser since I think they always made it for knowing the date it airs, not particularly to have hype since many already knew how the story line and the cast and I’ll still watching it.

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