Lee Min Ho and Suzy are Confirmed Dating Thanks to Dispatch’s Globetrotting Spy Work

Dispatch just earned its readership quota for the entire year with this globe trotting dating news break. Part of me thinks the two lovebirds in question wanted or didn’t care that they would be caught since this whole thing went down so high profile and high risk. Hallyu superstars Lee Min Ho and Suzy have just become the biggest confirmed Korean celebrity mega couple of 2015. Congrats to the pretty lovelies, both of whom I like very much but would have never in a million years thought about shipping in real life. Goes to show what I, or any viewer thinks, is quite irrelevant to how real life plays out.

Min Ho-shhi and Suzy’s respective agencies quickly confirmed their very recent dating relationship after Dispatch sent the Korean search engines into overdrive with the Monday morning report that the two have been dating from Seoul all the way to London. The timeline started about two months ago, with the tabloid trailing Lee Min Ho hanging out with Suzy nearly every day other than when he was out of town for work. Recently she was in London for work while he was in Paris at the same time, so after his Paris gig finished up he flew to London and rendezvoused with her. They checked into the same hotel and spent three days as happy lovebirds sightseeing around the city.

Now that this relationship is confirmed, it marks Lee Min Ho’s second admitted public relationship, the first with then City Hunter costar Park Min Young which lasted only a few months. Suzy has had many rumored dating news, most notably with her Gu Family Book costar Sung Joon, but her agency JYP never confirmed that one or any of the others. I think this relationship has about a less than 5% chance of going all the way to the altar only by virtue of Suzy being sooooo young (she’s 20 years old this year) and Lee Min Ho needs to go serve in the military in the next year or two. With that said, who cares if it works out, they are both young, pretty, insanely popular right now, and I’m happy both have found someone to share some romantic down time with despite their busy schedules. Have fun kiddos and don’t go breaking each other’s hearts too much if it doesn’t work out.


Lee Min Ho and Suzy are Confirmed Dating Thanks to Dispatch’s Globetrotting Spy Work — 119 Comments

  1. Wot?
    I guess they were thinking “Go big, or stay home.”
    Holiest of shit.
    Can’t WAIT to hear what every one says. I love this pairing.

    • i just started browsing the web and the news is freakin’ everywhere. this came out of absolutely nowhere. They really are up there in visuals and fame in Korea and worldwide so the buzz (as expected and deserved) is crazy!
      I wish them all the best. I don’t find the age gap a major issue (they’re both adults and the gap isn’t really that big). Suzy’s one lucky girl, Lee Min Ho’s so dreamy!

    • Emphasis on the ‘stay home’ part. The part people are focusing on is the three days in an hotel together. That has somehow three days of being “shacked” up together. As if hotels don’t have multiple rooms. It was silly for the agencies not to mention or dispute that part immediately, or ask Dispatch to leave that part out.

      Yes, they are grown, but Suzy’s image is about her being the nation’s first love. Unlike IU and her scandal, Suzy can’t exactly turn to her music or acting to bail her out. If JYP couldn’t produce separate room receipts, at least fudge the timeline of their dating to more than one month or be vague and not mention any dates, so netizens don’t go back to past interviews when they denied dating.

      In any case, good luck to both of them. And sadly and unfairly, Suzy should be prepared for hotel jokes, sex jokes on all her articles for the foreseeable future, years later IU is still getting them, and Sulli can’t seem to escape them either.

      • I’m happy that some people might make comments about Lee Min-ho and Suzy stayed together perhaps in the same hotel room for 2 days or whatever. I honestly feel like this relationship might last a few months, if that, since they both have busy schedules. I don’t think that LMH has any plans for marriage, and if she has some kind of reputation, I don;t think his family would like her much…. If, indeed, they are together in the Biblical sense, I hope they use protection…

  2. I’d give them a few months before we can hear any break-up news… I hope they date well and just strike a peace sign to every paparazzi from now on..

  3. OMG!! This is great news. As a LMH fan, I always worried whenever he said that it’s difficult to date because of schedule. So I’m glad about this news and hope it works this time.

  4. They should have sicced Dispatch on Bin Laden,and he’d have been found looong before he was. Also, I don’t know whether to be in awe of Dispatch or disgusted by their cross-continental stalking (a bit of both?).

    That’s all I’ve got.

    • LOL! This dude is not good at dating secretly. Boosha!
      Their relationship is either:
      So it’s gonna be forever
      Or it’s gonna go down in flames
      You can tell me when it’s over

    • Lol And he can’t lie about them just being friends because he’s the one that said a guy and a girl just can’t be friends.

  5. It’s such an unexpected but awesome news. And it does seam like they weren’t trying to hide it overly much. So the either are very carefree at this point, or they have been going out for longer than 2 month. As Mr. Koala said the possibility of this going to the altar is low, but may they enjoy their time together for as long as it lasts.
    also, so fara knetizen comments seem mostly positive.

    • He’s at that age now where here on out it’s the pretty young things that will catch his eye… or so I’ve noticed after growing up with lots of brothers 🙂

    • Well although there’s a 7 year age gap — career wise they aren’t that different. He hit it big in 2009 and she became a star in 2010. She’s a recording artist, has done dramas, and films,(winning awards in all of them), plus loads of CF’s — so they share a lot of similar experiences. Also when you read what he’s said about dating and what she’s said about dating — it’s like they’re on the same page re: what they value most in a partner. I think they are well matched. This may not go the distance, but I hope it lasts a while.

  6. I was like WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTT??????? hahaha, No one, like NO ONE see this one coming! It’s like when Kim Tae Hee and Rain were caught together. Only that Lee Min-Ho and Suzy never worked together, did they? I guess they’ve meet through the friends they have in common.

  7. This news isn’t good for Suzy and Miss A. They are close to make their comeback and netizens already started to say she had sex with LMH because they stayed in the same hotel for 3 days. I don’t care, get it Suzy. But netizens are no joke to say sexual things, and say suzy only looks innocent but isn’t. Glad suzy never pretended to be innocent lol. She always talked about wanting to do sexy concepts and having kissed already lol

    • If netizens think a twenty-year-old celebrity -even an innocent looking Korean one- hasn’t been sexually active yet, they’re so deep into their own delusions they’re beyond help.

      • ikr? So what if they had sex? That’s the most natural thing in the world. As long as it’s consensual, get it!

    • There are witness that Lee Minho is with his mom during his work in Paris and London. So I don’t think they are did that. The news reporter must write this.

  8. Damn, a month and he’s already taken her traveling all over the world, he must really want to impress her. Makes me want to try dating rich men but then again, that is a verrryy competitive market ha.

    Get it LMH and Bae Suzy!

    • I think she was in Europe anyway for a CF shooting, as was he, so they used the coincidence to take some time for a break.

      LOL @ “very competitive market.” Indeed!

  9. I shipped Suzy with Kim Soo Huyn because they have work on many projects together and they looks young , and so on….but I agree with you mrs. koala, it’s irrelevant what the fan/ viewer think or ship. As much as I want to play “now u two should kiss” game, I am happy with the news that these hard working celebrities finding their happiness (whether it temporally or long lasting).
    I hope they are happy for the time being, and don’t let the crazy fan criticism interfere their happiness.

  10. Congrats to both. Eventhough some people already comments about sex things just because they stayed together in one hotel (what the…??? Dirty mind…!!! Even like if they did, it’s not our business). Sometimes I think Dispatch avoiding some of their favorite celebs dating’s scandals even though they knew it already. And sometimes they just like common paparazzi. I just hope this two could have beautiful relationship.

    • I think he and Park Shin Hye will eventually end up together. I’m not even a fan of either of them, but they both seem have the same mature personality type. I think PSH is too smart and career oriented to get into a scandal with LMH, but when their careers slow down, I predict they’ll get married.

  11. I opened my local news website and read the title about LMH and Suzy’s relationship. I thought it’s just their new bombastic article CF. Then I read the word “confirmation”….WOW I must go to koala to read “valid confirmation”
    Years ago I want KSY&Suzy. A month ago I was day dreaming about LJS&Suzy.Today is congratulation day for LMH & Suzy

  12. Kind of surprised.. only because I don’t recall seeing them together in anything before. But obviously that means nothing. I guess they have one thing in common that we know, they are both super popular right now.

    • I feel like they weren’t even trying to hide. Good for Suzy; she always remains unaffected by all her “scandals” that spawn from a misogynistic society. Who bets that Suzy will update her Instagram in the next week going about her daily life as usual LOL.

  13. Yeah this was crazy how it went down…Suzy’s teasers for Miss A’s comeback come out tomorrow…I heard this is to cover the embezzlement scandal of the former President

  14. Yeah, can’t get too excited about this. It’s not good news for her. She must be really upset. Dispatch is seriously wrong for what they did here. miss A is having a comeback in days and her teasers were supposed to be released today as well. Then they flat out said they spent 3 days in a hotel together. The sexual jokes are already everywhere. She’s never going to hear the end of this. She’s only 20 years old too….

    You can definitely tell when Dispatch likes a celeb and when they don’t.

      • It’s too early in her career for this type of scandal. Of course 20 year olds have sex all the time. Most famous Korean 20 year old idols don’t get caught staying with a man in a hotel for 3 days. This isn’t a good scandal at all for her. I also think she’s too young for him, but that’s just imo.

  15. I am really happy for Min Ho & Suzy. He deserves to be happy…her too. I hope people leave them alone – it is their private life and they deserve a personal life. I am so upset that Dispatch followed them from Seoul to London – serious invasion of privacy. Just before people start jumping to conclusions – Min Ho’s family (he’s photographed with his Mom) was with him in London too. So I am not saying nothing happened; just that, his family was there too. Min Ho used to say he loves London because he can disappear there. I guess that is no longer true.

    I do think he wasn’t trying to hide this too much. He wasn’t exactly discreet when he was picking up all over Seoul (LOL). I just hope he is better equipped this time around. I would do what LSG does – refuse to answer personal questions in a charming manner.

    I wish both of them the best of luck. They’re young and deserve to enjoy dating in private.

  16. I’ve always thought the news of him breaking up w/ PMY after only a few months of dating was false, because you know, crazy fangirls who might’ve sent her death threats or tons of hate mail.

    Then there were news of him dating PSH after Heirs.

    I actually like Suzy, so him and LMH? Yes! So many hearts breaking all over the world right now.

  17. Whoa this really is a shocking K-entertainment dating news, not in a gazillion years would I thought of these two as real life couple….

      • I also thought the news looks so fake…like a marketing gimmick or something. Their agencies also seemed too eager to confirm the news. Well, you put 2 stars in a dating scandal and that’s free publicity.

    • There is no way this is staged. JYP is stupid as hell for allowing Dispatch to print what they did. They should have admitted it without the hotel talk. Disaptch always comes to agencies before they release news. They knew it was coming out and should have stopped most of the damage.

      • Yeah, I agree. I think they’re trying to put a good spin on it, but I very much doubt even JYP would think having their “Korea’s Sister” publicly staying in a hotel for 3 days with a man would be good publicity. Hopefully something new will come along and people will lose interest.

  18. WOaH I am so happy right now!!! I didnt ship him with PSH, she suits more with KWB <3.

    I hope this will last very long and up to the altar. Cuz LMH said he is looking for his real love right now.

    I think PSHxLMH shippers will say they both were meeting up with LJS and PSH who were having a photoshoot in London. Anyway, congratz!!

  19. Dispatch should be hired to solve the biggest crimes in the world. They would finish the job in a couple of days. Who needs FBI when you have Dispatch?

  20. actually there is rumored between suzy and kim soo hyun fans that kim soo hyun went all the way to london secretly. maybe someone spot suzy with a guy and mistaken him for kim soo hyun. and it turns out that guy is lee min ho..haha

    • i love to ship park shin hye and kim soo hyun cuz they’re so compatible. They’re both left-handers, from the same university, both very sporty, passionate, fun-loving, have many common interests & the list goes on…

    • Oops! Got so carried away with PSH & KSH in my earlier post that I forgot to include this… Yes, stay happy being in love LMH & Suzy!

  21. This “I think this relationship has about a less than 5% chance of going all the way to the altar ” comforts me somewhat after the hurt :'(

  22. I bet many of LMH fans are now crying a river and what a taste LMH has. Apparently all korean goddess aka CF queens has already been taken.

    • Yeah, crying happily for him. Give some of us more credit. He can date whoever he wants; he deserves to be happy. In fact, most Minoz I know – Korean or not – are happy unless they were seriously shipping him with someone else.

      On the other hand, I feel a bit upset for PMY. The reaction was very different then. I guess most long-time Minoz have been thru this once & are more accepting. Thank God for that!

  23. Poor couple, they have been caught just after 1 month… I think it’s harder to date when everybody knows and want to have an opinion. I think that Kim BUm and Moon Geun Young didn’t last because of that.

    Otherwise, I think that the IU’s scandal was good for her, she wasn’t anymore the little sister of Korea and coul grow up like an artist. I hope it will be the same for Suzy 🙂

  24. The couple relationship is nt staged, it’s real, but the way it was found is scripted. All parties agreed to allow Dispatch to follow them to London.

  25. Wow Dispatch, kudos! It looks like the Couple tried everything to avoid this but Dispatch really sank its teeth to it.

    As for the couple, oddly enough I like this union. I sure hope it lasts.

  26. i just wait for the break-up news for this! hahaha! just like when Lee Min-Ho was dating Park Min-Young, i just waited, and it happened.:)

  27. Awww I feel bad for PMY after seeing so much positive response on this. Loved them in CH and was sad that she got so much backlash then. I guess my fellow minoz have matured over the years lol. Anyway Congratulations to Oppa for stealing nation’s first love 😉

    • So do I. My first thought went to her, she really had a hard time after dating him. Hopefully he sticks up for Suzy more than he did for his previous ex. And here’s hoping they have fun.

      On a more serious note, when is he going to do a drama this year?

    • OMG yes, I truly felt bad for PMY. If you sift thru the noise and anti’s stirring up, or the heartbreak of the shippers & fans who had certain expectations, the general reaction I see is support and congratulations amongst Minoz & the public. There were far less “dramatic” reactions to this news.

      Suzy’s uncle fans are gonna hate Lee Min Ho for a while. Hahaha…

  28. My most heartfelt sorrow and condolences to all LMH fans 😀
    No worry, I give them the most 6 months to announce their breakup.

  29. Guess whos back koala in your blog and btw long time no see.. Congrats to my boy Minho he sure do have taste in women.. Suzy is awesome

  30. I don’t understand some fans worrying about the hotel incident.. He should really sex her as much as possible good for his healty and hers.

  31. welp 3 days in a hotel? No way that isn’t going to follow them around, or tarnish Suzy’s ‘first love’ image (no matter what noises she made about wanting to be perceived as otherwise, that was how she was marketed and the basis of all her CFs and popularity).

  32. They for sure are not going to get married. But I truly think LMH like her a lot.

    This relationship iss not going to last.

    He wants for sure someone with a higher social status.

    Innocent too. Maybe a chaebol’s daughter.

  33. well this is a shocker. guess by now suzy korean uncle fan are bruning her poster,picture,shirt,anything relate to her. i just hope those LHM korean fangirl dont go all crazy like the last time. if i were suzy i would stop going to any korean site for a while. i wonder how miss A will do on the chart now that all suzy uncle fan left the fan club. she is the only reason miss A is making money. guess most cf company will be pulling suzy off their cf too. also hear suzy company take a big hit after new of her dating come out.

    wonder what they doing in a hotal for three day without coming out? my guess is they both must be busy doing the wild thing.

    • There are pictures of them driving around London with Min Ho on the wheel. So contrary to some people’s conclusion, they were trying to see the sights too. Now I am far more interested to know whether he introduced her to his Mom since she came with him & a few other family members to London too (even Big Nana was there). Now that is a bigger thing if that happened already.

  34. It was really unexpected ! Have a beautiful love, enjoy,
    Nowadays who care if they have had sex as it’s consensual!

  35. all i can say: gorgeous couple!

    there goes the nation’s first love. all the ahjussi fans is going to curse lee min ho wherever he go. lol

    also, the sinking of the lee min ho – park shin hye ship, and lee min ho – gu hye sun ship. haha

    but oh well, hope they will love happily and stay strong. their love is still too young, and now that it’s out in the open, everyone is going to stick their busy nose in their relationship, especially those crazy sasaeng fans who don’t have a life. hope they will go through all that and stay together for a long long time, hopefully until marriage and until they’re old. ^^

  36. Suzy is an absolute airhead. No way she’s going to survive this in Korea considering she has zero talent to back her up.

    • guess suzy was thinking why go for the small fish. when i can catch a bigger fish that make lot of money ^^. am more worry about what LMH fan fangirl will say/do. hope if they attack suzy he will have the ball to defend her. unlike last time were he leave his gf high and dry.

  37. Totally unexpected… Oh my hope for MinShin is vanishing to thin air.

    I still think ShinHye is better than Suzy in both look and talent.

    Now I’m looking forward to see who will be ShinHye’s man. And please not Lee Joeng Suk.

    • Lmao Yes for talent but Suzy is more beautiful than PSH

      Anyway Coincidence two best friends LMH and Kim Bum are dating with the girls of the nation (Suzy and Moon Geun Young) These guys are so so lucky !!

    • have to agreed PSH look way better then suzy. she can look sexy/pretty.
      while in suzy case she can only look cute. guess LMH didnt get any from PSH. so he go to a easy woman like suzy. i mean who sleep with a guy for only dating for a month? only easy woman would sleep with a guy for dating that short.unless their company lie about when LMH/SUZY start to date.

      • Maybe “PSH” is not the type of girl also for LMH
        What do you know if they have had sex and how it concerns you ??
        Suzy as an easy girl or not,this is the girl that LMH has chosen and nobody else HuHU get a life .

      • Damn you need to check your sight Suzy way better than ugly psh, psh only famous because of hot oppas she work with other wise her looks and her acting sucks.

  38. This is the girl Lee minho has chosen, got to love her just because she is his girl. Hope they can enjoy private time together. Go Lee minho.

  39. Literally blurted out WHAT when I saw the news. So unexpected. And… let me be the immature netizen here: DISLIKEEEE!!!!!!
    Anyhow, only in K-ent will you hear companies say “seeing each other with good feelings” LOLOL. I always laugh at the companies’ statements on their artists’ dating, especially those that have only been dating a short time.
    Anyhow, still dislike. Still like LMH and PMY more T___T but if PMY wants to go ahead and date Ji Chang Wook, I’m good with that too :DDDD

  40. Well I lobe both if them very much but i seriously have noooo idea why I dont like their pairing ..I think he is more mature ..or that she’s too baby faced …well I was shooooocked

  41. Hi Koala haven’t been here for quite sometime ..By the way I followed your recap for The Inheritors…Hahaha happy for both of them ..Why MinShin is mentioned??? The ladies there are all matured fans even they seems giddy to the outsiders…
    As for Park Shin Hye she never says anything neither Lee Min Ho..but There are lots of shippers.I know for one Park Shin Hye has the most shippers with different co stars.
    Reading the comments about my ship..Ya ya I am a MinShinners…its only in the dramafor the fun of it,otherwise I am happy for Lee Min Ho & Suzy…as I quote Park Shin Hye latest interview in ShangHai when asked about *god* with someone now.What will she do, her answers was “Everyone has someone to match..they are compatible that is why they are together…”
    All the best for MinZy…nice couple name..

  42. i wish the best for them….but m still heartbroken…..min ho is no longer single!!!….i was just dreaming……lol

  43. OH my goshhss yyyy i’m in love with LMH. suzzy is one very lucky babe! f it was me, i would be holed up for the next 3 weeks with him.

  44. in since last 3 days i m madly watching “the heir”
    my frst korean series…or i can say last..bcz aftr watching such a lovely story i dont want any other..
    lv u Lee Min Ho..
    i wish at least fr once i can meet yoy
    and yuppp..dnt damage ur face so bad..it hurts

  45. This news really hurts. I always rooted for LMH & PSH. And some months bak I read LMH making a statement that he was mesmerized by a hotel employee in Philippines & travelled bak to that hotel again to just meet her. So this news was a surprise. I think Suzy is too young for him. I think whoever LMH dates I have a MIL attitude towards that girl unless it’s PSH or PMY… Lol..

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