Hot Property Rain Offered Ha Ji Won’s Leading Man in K-version of In Time With You

When this casting news broke to kick start Monday, I did a double then a triple take to make sure I wasn’t misreading the title and it wasn’t an early jump start on April Fool’s Day. Nope, this isn’t a drama title mix-up or a joke, it appears something went down between MBC and SBS this weekend all for Rain. Looks like Rain will not be doing the Hong sisters Jeju Island drama Feeling Good and Warm and instead in talks with SBS for the upcoming K-adaptation of the Taiwanese hit drama In Time With You. Talk about a huge huge casting turnaround in the span of a day.

The K-version of ITWY is titled The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days and is now slated for a June airing on SBS weekends. That brings purported 7000 Days leading lady Ha Ji Won back to the same SBS weekend time slot that spawned her hit drama Secret Garden four years ago. If Rain accepts then he’ll be sticking with SBS despite the network saddling him with totally miscast costars and a dud script in last year’s failed My Lovely Girl. Rain’s agency confirmed that he received both offers for the Hong sisters drama and 7000 Days and is favorably considering 7000 Days.

This has been a crazy K-drama casting week, with Rain alone taking the casting carousal spin based on the news of him doing the Hong sisters drama followed less than a day later by contrary news that he’s really going to do the Korean In Time With You opposite Ha Ji Won. If Rain is in talks as the leading man for K-ITWY, that means the earlier casting news that Lee Jin Wook might do the drama sounds like he has been offered the role as the ex-boyfriend of the female lead. The news just said Lee Jin Wook is considering 7000 Days acting with Ha Ji Won, it never specified that he was playing the male lead, so I guess we all jumped to conclusions.

I do like Lee Jin Wook very much and don’t have a problem with him being the male lead of K-ITWY, but there is a legit popularity gap where I wasn’t sure how he got vaulted up to being Ha Ji Won’s leading man. If the K-version ends up being Rain-Ha Ji Won-Lee Jin Wook, I’m expecting insane chemistry fursplosion everywhere, kinda like a non-makjang, non-toxic version of What Happened in Bali where Ha Ji Won basically makes both men crazy in love with her. Rain with Ha Ji Won has been something I’ve always wanted and think would absolutely work. It’s also a more suitable casting on the surface than thinking of Rain with Kang Sora in the Hong sisters drama. I hope Rain decides soon and ends the pissing contest between MBC and SBS for his acting services.


Hot Property Rain Offered Ha Ji Won’s Leading Man in K-version of In Time With You — 68 Comments

  1. Lol Ha Ji Won would be the only good casting in this drama if he confirms…

    I’m not particularly fond of Lee Jin Wook hes not a bad actor or not good looking but he’s not that interesting for me to watch on screen. Of course this is just my opinion..Rain is also just blaaaah for me!

    I wonder if they will be playing their own teenage counterpart or will they cast someone else? Also with the “I may not love you” song would it be the same but translated in Korean or would it be a totally different songs? Just random questions popping up to me..

  2. Iffy on rain….can’t imagine him as a couple with ha ji won for some reason…I really want so ji sub or gong yoo or cha seung won.

    • Actually this is going to be their second project together. They played in a Love story mini film a few years ago and the chamistry was GREAT!

    • Rain adn HJW already worked together… and they are great together, don’t worry~~ they’re such a stunning couple~

  3. Pah, I almost see Lee Jin-wook is perfect as Li Daren. It’s not like I dislike Rain but the character suits Lee Jin-wook more or it is just my imagination 😀

    • I cant see Li Da Ren in Rain at all, when i saw the news that Rain is considering this drama, i need to read twice to see if i m reading it correctly. I thought Rain is considering Hong’s Sister drama but he got a casting offer for In Time With U remake too.

      I am disappointed if Rain ended up being Li Da Ren. I wanted So ji sub or someone who can act better. I feel like Rain doesn’t huv much to deliver on screen.

      • So Ji Sub is such a bad actor and really boring! He was never the best, but he was good before army enlistment. Damn, he was so bad in Ghost and Master sun that even a child can recognize just how awful his acting is. I don’t know what happened to him, but his acting became worse. If you want other actor, at least choose someone better, even Rain is better by miles than that guy.

      • @simone123 – nice try, but pretty much all the dramawatching world disagrees with you about So Ji Sub in Master’s Sun so troll harder next time.

    • Yup, i remember seeing Ha Ji Won in one of Rain’s MV’s (just searched it up, it was called ‘Love Story’). The chemistry was great there.
      i can’t really imagine Rain as Li Da Ren though (too muscly and slick-looking maybe?). Lee Jin Wook reminds me more of the lead and Rain looks more like Sunny Wang too (the ex)!
      Waiting for confirmation…

  4. I was wondering how LJW got the role as well. But now… What an interesting turn of events. I’m not sure what he’s thinking, rejecting a leading role for this.

    • @kitai, the similar thing happened during Empress Ki’s casting-drama, where JGS chose to play the leading role in Pretty Boy and left his emperor seat taken by Ji Chang Wook later. We know the result…

  5. I think it’s probably better if I forget that this drama exists for now. Thus far nothing has been right except the casting offer to Ha Ji Won. Don’t think I would want to attempt this unless the team is anything less than stellar, as ITWY remains one of my all time favorites. I need real actors, not idols.

  6. Ha Ji Won will make Rain shine in this drama. I like Rain and am excited about the possibility of him working with a great actress.

  7. How can you mention “DramaWithTheMostShockingEndingEver” aka What Happened in Bali? Has Ha Ji WOn confirmed this though? I hope they both take this role. I agree that this couple look more compatible than Kang Sora-Rain. Rain really need a good drama to make people forget the last flop one and maybe netz will less hate him.

    • lol that drama got so uninteresting especially towards the end… ughh it brings back painful memories just thinking about it!!! i like rain so hope this drama is at least better than the last one!

    • me too, i thought lee jin wook is much better actor eventhought he’s not as popular as rain or ha ji won, i think li da ren is too simple charracter for him but many comment the don’t like him being cast because he’s not as popular as ha ji won make me want him as lida ren but now this news get me sad

  8. Omg, this is getting crazier and crazier and I just love it! Rain is absolutely hot commodity, isn’t he? I love this pairing so much more than Rain-KSR. I really am not too fond of Sora plus I think Rain and HJW will just lit my screen on fi-yah. They did an MV together years ago and looked stunning. I wanted two taken guys for ITWY’s remake in Hyun Bin and Jang Hyuk. But Rain will be just perfect.

    I know we shouldn’t count our eggs before they hatch but I can’t even blame myself for getting too excited!

  9. You know… I am kinda getting deja vu and it’s making me nervous. The whole Binnie thing with turning down mbc project in favor of SBS project. That whole thing just gives me the heeby jeevies. Then there will be a big deal made about why Rain would turn down one in favor of the other, etc etc. I can’t take a repeat of what happened again.

    I am indifferent towards Rain. The only thing I have seen him in is FH and that was ages ago when I saw it. I have not a clue of whether or not he could pull it off. Whomever ends up being the otp. I hope they can pull it off and do it even better.

  10. Rain has a bad image in Korea right now so it would make more sense for LJW to take the role… he’s a better actor than rain as well..

  11. I prefer Lee Jin Wook especially for the character of the drama. Rain is too bland for me especially after My Lovable Girl he was shocking in that.

    • Definitely LJW is better by miles. Hope LJW turns down this role and accepts the lead role with Kang Sora and does a Kill Me Heal Me.

      HJW can’t unbland bland. Remember Empress Ki and the lead that became a support character.

      • at this rate, i hope HJW turned down the role and does Hong sister drama instead. But she wasn’t even offered to be a lead in hong sister drama yet. I really think HJW is perfect as Cheng You Qing, i can see HJW playing CYQ but not sure with Rain, he’s just too bland like other commenters been saying abt him.

    • Nah, if whatever he picks fails, he’ll be just fine. Like he has for years without an actual big hit. He’s Rain; star power alone can prop get him offers after successive flops.

      Case in point: this post. The crap that was MLG didn’t stop 2 of the big 3 from trying to woo him.

  12. This will an interesting pair, they looked good together in rain music video so I would love to see they would look pairing up for a full drama…

  13. Haha…better wait the confirmation before getting to excited. Personally, I don’t find the drama itself looks so unique. That’s why the great actors must needed to have more deep emotional feelings. If I’m not wrong, the writer of In Time With You prefer Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub, Jung Yoo Mi and Jun Ji Hyun for the korean remake.

  14. I don’t know, I like Rain, but he seems way too cool to be the best-friend-for-life-turned-lover, I think Lee Jin-wook would fit into those shoes more naturally, although there definitely is a huge popularity gap between him and HJW. But who knows, I have been surprised before. As long as HJW accepts, I’ll be happy.

  15. Perhaps it is also a matter of the pay being offered by the networks. Actor’s lifespan in the industry in short, I think they will grab big pay packets while they can. The project’s viability/popularity may take second place. Actors are human too and need to make a living and everyone has different financial burdens to bear.

    • Actors’ lifespan is not short. They can act until they die if they want too. Lead parts may stop at one point, but they can act as long as they want. Idols on the other hand…

  16. Yay! I was hoping for this even when the Hong sister drama news broke. I think he will be great in this.
    Now let me see if I can magic up Sung Joon and Kang Sora for the Hong sister drama. 🙂

  17. Wow.. Never expected rain.. But,no thanks. I am not hating rain. I find rain quite unfitted for the role of li da ren. I think lee jin wook suit the role better. I love ha ji won. Hope she’ll has a good drama comeback.

  18. Wow….I saw the ” the love story” mv and love it! Rain and Hajiwon will do great..IMHO..I hope Rain will be the leading man..Is it June yet???

  19. I am torn. I wasn’t going to watch this. I am not LJW fan, never really liked him, but now that Rain is considering, I like this pair a lot more. BUT I was hoping to watch Rain in the Hong Sister drama! That’s more my type of drama…

  20. Sorry for being OOT. Not a fan of Rain but I hope he chooses this over HS drama. Now can we get Park Seo Joon to Hong Sisters? He’s crazy talented and I can definitely see him and Kang Sora together. They’re both young and if PSJ is offered and become a success, it will be a good buildup of career for him this year after doing KMHM

  21. What in the world? I was already accustomed to the idea of seeing Rain with sora in the Hong sisters drama…what changed? Is it possible that MBC kinda “allowed” and left room for SBS to make him an offer as well after the backlash from the netizens? I mean no-one was happy about Rain being in jeju Gatsby! Except from me though! And what about lee jin wook? Rejecting a lead role for a second lead? Did he realise that he is being offered a second lead role at that time? I liked him with HJW! And jeju Gatsby is turning into the new KMHM with all the rejections, and it’s a Hong Sisters drama, who would have thought???

  22. Wth is going on with the casting in SK? At this rate they’ll cast an actress disguised as a guy for the main male of that Jejudo drama. No one wants to take it. Is it that awful? I can’t help but laugh at all the mess.

  23. Another offer!! hope he will choose wisely, but I think this drama is better than that other with kang sora. It’s Ha ji Won! and Full House’s director! Go Rain, it’s your turn! My lovely Girl was just bad.. nobody.. not even the best actor could have saved that bad scripted drama @@.

  24. Dear God. Please let this news come true since I totally love ITWY! Pleaseeeee. They would look totally awesome! ^^

  25. Is there absolutely zero chances of getting Gong Yoo to star opposite Ha Ji Won in this one? That would be a perfect, perfect pair! Please drama gods, grant me this one wish. I loved ITWY to bits that I’d hate to see it get butchered.

  26. Another surprise for all of us.I still want HB since his drama is finishing this week. So far anybody paired with HJW always end up doing well or always surprise us.

  27. I don’t know…rain as Li da ren, maybe I’ll get used to the idea. But I do think he can do the love sick puppy thing well
    And thank the drama gods that he decide to smartly do another drama after the soulless and boring previous one/instead of waiting x years..
    Why didn’t hyun bin wait for this? Would have been fun, although I hardly think he looked like a Li da ren but I feel his acting chops are so legit now the reversal of him on ha Ji won would have been fun and explosive

  28. Ugh, I can’t see Rain as a Li Da Ren type at all. I think the image of him as a sexy singer conflicts waaay too much with shy, awkward Li Da Ren. Still hoping this role goes to my crack pick, Jung Woo, who’d be stellar. Rain is of course tons more popular, though

  29. I NEED her to work with Hyun Bin. They had such amazing chemistry together… Does anyone know if there is even a slight possibility of this coming true since Hyun Bin is wrapping up a drama right now?? Should I cast away all hope???…:(

  30. I NEED her to work with Hyun Bin. They had such amazing chemistry together… Does anyone know if there is even a slight possibility of this coming true since Hyun Bin is wrapping up a drama right now?? Should I cast away all hope???…:(

  31. Anyone who thinks Rain can act or is less good that Lee Jin Wook hasn’t seen “A Love To Kill”, one of the best dramas I’ve seen to date. This drama is what shows his real skills, Ask Shin Min Ah.

  32. Rain cannot act, I prefer Lee Jin Wook much better, so sad if this drama male lead would be Rain:( never like him!

  33. Make the male lead for Lee Jin Wook . I can see he is the right one for this adaptation Taiwan drama . Ley us give him a chance pairing with Ha Ji Won. Besides, Lee Jin Wook ia a good talented actor , he deserves it much more than any other actors !thanks.


  35. Rain with Ha Ji Won? I dun think they are perfect couple! and never like Rain’s acting, and now he is with short hair, really do not like to see him, so disappinted if he will be the lead male in this drama, i would prefer Lee Jin wook to Rain!

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