Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora Confirmed as Leads of Hong Sisters Jejudo Drama

What is going on with drama casting news today? I’m exhausted already and am only halfway through the drama news that’s come out in the last few hours alone. All the Chilbongie fans from Answer Me 1994 can start preparing to rejoice soon – Yoo Yeon Seok has been confirmed as the male lead for the Hong sisters upcoming rom-com Feeling Good and Warm (formerly Jejudo Gatsby). What a sigh of relief for everyone involved in that production, with a happy male lead casting ending that isn’t settling in the least.

Kim Woo Bin was the first possible male lead but he turned it down due to purported scheduling conflicts. Next came Woo Bin’s hyung Rain, who apparently never seriously considered this offer as he’s mulling over pining 7000 days for Ha Ji Won in the K-remake of In Time With You. This entire time the female lead offer for this drama remained in Kang Sora‘s court, and it’s starting to make sense why she hasn’t confirmed yet so far. Hard to say yes when she has no clue who may be her leading man, witness Blood going through Yoo Yeon Seok and Jung Il Woo, before landing on Ahn Jae Hyun. Always a huge risk of downgrading, which luckily isn’t the case here, and now Kang Sora has just confirmed her participation.

Confession time  – I’m not a fan of Yoo Yeon Seok, but that’s only because I never watched Answer Me 1994 so am not a member of the crazy Chilbongie fan club. Plus I always got the sense that I would be a rabid Trash shipper if I watched that drama, Oppa just seems so much more my type. With that said, he is a good actor even in supporting roles in Gu Family Book, which I did watch.

His looks aren’t my thing but then again, neither are Kim Woo Bin’s very odd features which only look attractive to me after I fell for his massive onscreen charisma and acting talent. I’m actually relieved he landed this role even if he’s not one of my personal faves, a talented actor getting his prime time leading man gig is always a good thing and better than some untalented schmuck getting his undeserving limelight and making the audiences suffer for it. Now I can safely return to anticipating this drama.


Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora Confirmed as Leads of Hong Sisters Jejudo Drama — 36 Comments

  1. YES! I was iffy about Rain, but I looove that YYS got an offer! Hell yeah! Although now I’m a little sad, as I think YYS would have also made a fantastic Li Da Ren — right age group, puppy, and can play off platonic best friend and romantic love interest. But I’m in for this drama. I haven’t seen Kang Sora in anything, but I’ve heard good things.

  2. Chilbonggieeeee! I am forever and always a Chilbonggie shipper, and I have not gotten over my grudge against the AM1994 writer for stringing us along. Hhmmmppph! Anyways, this is one happy news for wuri Yoo Yeon Seok and with Kang Sora too! Finally our Chilbonggie will get the girl! Yey! Soo looking forward to this drama.

  3. Finally both second leads are in a hong sisters drama as leading actor & actress.

    Yoo Yeon Seok & Kang Sora fighting!!!

  4. wow..another surprise casting..I’m not his fan too but I’m happy that he keeps getting lead roles..I think he deserves it..

    On the other side,with so many casting news i hope i could hear one soon with Moon Chae Won..I miss her on dramaland and speaking of her I’m excited to see her romance with Yoo Yeon Suk but I wonder when their movie will be released..

  5. The hype of Hong sisters is dying out quickly not because of who they end up with but the rejections they are getting from ppl like woo bin and rain.. I also heard KSH and Min-shin-hye were the first to decline before the media play started. Which means there quality scripts might be the reason for this. I fear the same fate for KES and her next drama the descendants of the sun. putting everything on the line for a guy who is not even on the map anymore and gone for more then 2 years from Dramaland and ofcourse A-list actresses will reject acting oppsite SJK unless you bring him non-listers.

    But on the other hand what is wrong with KWB? If he was the one who took Pinocchio I believe he would have made it into ratings success and the shippers were warming to him and still has there eye on KWB but in the same time I feel sorry for jongsuk, cause it dosen’t seem like the shippers are into him or sees him as potential partner like example ji chang wook or hyun bin etc etc.

  6. I know I’m the minority when I say I can’t get into YYS. Idk if I’m still reeling from the whole AM1994 fan wars that caused me to have a knee jerk reaction now. It’s totally irrational, hopefully I’ll change after watching this.

    But objectively, I think this can potentially be huge. He is a good actor and this drama could be ‘the’ runway hit for him (besides AM1994).

  7. I was totally on Team Trash oppa but I adore Yoo Yeon Suk and am happy he took the role. If you are not a fan of him watch him in Youth over Flowers. He was so caring and warmhearted in real life to his travel mates you can’t help but adore him.

  8. im all about Trash Oppa when R94 aired but i’m super happy that he got to be the leading male in this drama. Him and Kang Sora would totally make a great couple, looking forward to this! and psssst, i seriously think you should give R94 a go since the drama had already ended and you already knew who she ended up with so all the confusion, frustation an whatnot wont get in the way :p it’s my fav of 2013 i must say!

    • oh, and bask on the glory that is Jung Woo as he did a remarkable job portraying the ever sweet and stupid Trash! JW was (and still IS) definitely my best discovery of Kdrama actor on my experience of Kdrama watching

      • Too bad though.. He got kind of lost due to the scandal after that drama. I totally expected more of him on screen…

  9. I’m so happy over this casting. I was also all Trash oppa but Chilbongie was a great guy and got a girl in the end. Plus in Flower boys he was so sweet and motherly that I went all awwww.
    But finally! Now Kang Sora can confirm.


    Two good actors that I love in the same show, yes, but mostly…
    Chilbongie gets the girl!!!!!!!!!!
    I was just thinking about how the Reply team cast him because he always played the bad guy and the wanted to shake things up.

    Who is his rival? HS usually kill us with their second leads, too.


    Super thrilled over this casting. All over the moon, in fact. Yayyyy! I have faith in this show :DD

  12. I like both so look forward to the drama if only it’s not another’Big’….
    YYS and KWB have great screen presence and good personalities. The more you hear them talk better they are……specially KWB…..such a soft spoken , humble and thorough gentleman. As actors both are great!

  13. Hong Sisters, why are you doing this to me? I really needed an excuse not to watch this, but Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok is like a dream pairing.

  14. So happy about him, not so much about her, but I’ll still watch it for, what I’m sure it would be, a wonderful performance from YYS.

  15. Now it would truly make my day if Rain rejects ITWY too. Is that too much to hope for? Man Kentertainment has been crazy in the past few days both on the Kpop and Kdramas ends.

  16. Love this piece of news! BTW, I think Kim Sora is going on her way to be a huge star. She’s got all things going for her..

  17. finally kang sora is comfirm to start in the drama. been waiting for her to return to drama land. now if that talentlss rain will just turn the offer down for ITWY.if he were to start in that drama i might have to give it up. even though i a huge HJW fan cuz i just know rain going to ruin the drama for e with his acting.

  18. Best.News.Ever…..
    Chilbongie is finally going to get the girl!!!!!Right?!?
    Also Kang Sora is one of my favorite actress and add to it my current idol crush from B1A4. Dead.

  19. You should watch Youth Over Flowers. Believe me, knowing you by reading your blog for the past few years, you will love Chilbongie and Trash Oppa. Both are incredibly awesome and amazing portrayal. I think Chilling won me over since YYS portrayal is definitely subtle and very intense but Trash Oppa definitely amazing too.

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