Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 19 Recap

In a drama where a rampaging gorilla makes an appearance in episode 1, which this drama will never be able to live down, it probably isn’t that much of a shocker to see a woman propose marriage to an alternate personality. Whether it’s legal, pretend, or just to assuage Robin’s departing woes, Hyde, Jekyll, Me manages to up the crazy antics with just one episode remaining. Gotta leave on a high low note, yes? As much as this drama continues to deliver unintentional laughs with the script, the acting of Hyun Bin keeps on selling the stupid so it kinda sorta works. I was sad for Robin even as my brain was sighing at his overstayed welcome.

This drama reversed the central romance and with that dug its own grave. Ha Na being in love with alternate personality Robin first before slowly coming to care for Seo Jin renders the romance devoid of a rootable future. To care about Ha Na and Robin is to board a sinking ship, while caring about Ha Na and Seo Jin leaves little to cling to when the writing refuses to give him more than cursory interactions. Setting aside the silliness of the events of this story, the bigger disappointment is that the emotions remain so misplaced and misguided to this point, leaving me wishing for everyone, and not just Robin, to be put out of their misery.

Episode 19 recap:

Ha Na is hanging out with her friends after the radio program birthday surprise and talk turns to what she and Robin have planned later. Woo Jung wonders why Robin left first and hears Ha Na sent him home to rest seeing as he looked tired.

Robin finishes watching video of the birthday surprise and calls out Young Chan to meet. Young Chan still thinks it’s Seo Jin pretending to be Robin and gushes about Seo Jin pulling off the ruse seamlessly. He wonders if Robin isn’t coming out now because of Seo Jin? Because Seo Jin is now enduring Robin and has chosen to coexist forever with Robin for Ha Na’s sake, perhaps that is why Robin is leaving. Robin is stunned to hear this and asks Young Chan what Seo Jin has decided.

After talking with Young Chan, Robin gets a text from Woo Jung asking why he didn’t give Ha Na her birthday present. Ha Na calls Robin to chastise him for acting upset to throw her off the birthday surprise celebration. She reminds him not to keep her out no matter what happens, they’ve come so far already so there is nothing they can’t weather.

Robin calls Ha Na to his officetel to gift her with a birthday present portrait. Ha Na loves it and wonders how he’s full of surprises lately. Ha Na wonders how he found a picture of a girl that looks so much like her? Robin asks Ha Na to remember that this picture is how Robin sees her. The two of them sit down on the sofa staring at the portrait, with Ha Na musing that Robin hasn’t shown all of himself to the world. Ha Na worries that she’s the only one who is happy lately and Robin confirms that Ha Na is genuinely happy as long as Robin doesn’t worry her.

Ha Na reminisces about their first meeting, with her finding Robin so weird, but Robin points out that her behavior isn’t all that normal either. Ha Na agrees since she went to a mansion with a stranger she just met. Robin flashes back to his slipping on the ice with Ha Na and the memory seems fragmented. Ha Na doesn’t notice Robin’s discomfort and jabbers on about going to the mansion with Robin for his birthday. She wants to turn the garden into a countryside farm with vegetables and farm animals. Robin just smiles and nods at her suggestion.

Robin watches the video Seo Jin left for him prior to going to the radio station. Seo Jin has been worried about Robin lately and can’t believe it’s come to this where Robin doesn’t show up. He asks if Robin feels upset that Seo Jin is going in his stead for the birthday celebration Robin planned for Ha Na? If Robin is upset then he needs to buck up and hold onto what he wants. Seo Jin believes that Ha Na needs Robin so he has to be strong.

Robin opens up a box with Seo Jin’s necklace inside that Seo Jin doesn’t wear anymore. He remembers telling Ha Na that if Seo Jin also likes Ha Na then Seo Jin can endure and be patient for the time being, but Robin doesn’t believe Seo Jin has the ability to do that. But now Robin knows Seo Jin is doing exactly that for Ha Na’s sake and he stares at Seo Jin’s face in the video. He doesn’t want Seo Jin to be that self-sacrificing because if it comes to that then where does that leave Robin?

Young Chan discusses with Seo Jin about the switchback last night but Seo Jin doesn’t need Young Chan to fill him in on what happened because he has all the memory and feelings that Robin experienced. Seo Jin worries about Ha Na, calling her Ha Na-shi now like Robin does instead of Jang Ha Na or Jang-shi. He hears that Ha Na doesn’t know about Robin losing memories to Seo Jin.

The Wonder Group holds a board meeting to discuss the future of Wonder Land. The plan is to turn Robin’s manhwa into an animated movie and promote it through the amusement park. Seung Yun can’t believe this is happening while Chairman Goo has come around and is ready to milk his new cash cow son. Seung Yun can’t hold himself in and interrupts the meeting to reveal that Robin isn’t Seo Jin’s pen name but his alter ego. He declares that Goo Seo Jin is mentally ill and suffering from DID. This turns out to be Seung Yun’s imagination and he doesn’t actually out Seo Jin’s condition to the board.

Seung Yun’s ladylove tries to get Seung Yun to let his obsession go before he creates a bigger mess. Seung Yun feels like he’s become a crazy expert and is the only one who can see the truth. If the board hands Wonder Group to Seo Jin then he’ll destroy it. Seung Yun’s ladylove doesn’t think so, pointing out that both Seo Jin and Robin are very talented. She walks away leaving Seung Yun feeling all alone fighting this battle.

Ha Na shows off her birthday present portrait to her friends and everyone admires Robin’s taste in art before delving into inane small talk. Robin wakes up with only fragmented memories of the night he attended the awards ceremony with Ha Na. Ha Na is hanging out with Woo Jung and going through her photo album, catching up on her shared experiences with Robin from years ago. Robin arrives to pick up Ha Na and remembers the night that Ha Na got drunk with Woo Jung, but once again that memory is fragmented.

Robin pays Professor Kang a visit and believes that he’s starting to disappear. The headaches and fragmented memory is becoming more frequent. Professor Kang initially thought there would be more time for Robin, another 6 months at least, but hearing this she admits that the healing process is speeding up. Soon Robin won’t even remember losing memories and will eventually not even recognize people. Robin doesn’t want that so asks Professor Kang to schedule a session next week to eliminate him. He asks her not to tell Seo Jin or anyone about his request.

Robin asks Ha Na to take a trip with him and apologizes for worrying her recently. Ha Na is happy to take a trip with Robin to wherever he wants to go. The two drive out of Seoul and Ha Na sits in the passenger seat rifling through the food and drinks she’s packed. Ha Na hears that Robin didn’t tell Seo Jin about this trip, with the reason being Robin intends to not sleep for the next few days while with Ha Na. Since this is his trip, he doesn’t want the time to be shared with Seo Jin.

Robin and Ha Na arrive in the countryside and he takes her to an old residence, explaining that this is where he grew up. This place is in Robin’s memory only as he lived here with his mom, hyung, and noona. His dad died when he was four years old and his mom was a school teacher. He didn’t want his mom to go to school to work so she would give him a coin. Robin would bury the coin under a tree and collect it all.

Robin was told by Professor Kang that all his memories of his childhood are false, all created by Seo Jin. Robin didn’t want to accept that so came here to dig under the tree but there were no coins buried. He went to the town registrar but there was no record of the names of his parents or siblings. Robin accepted that it was make up, his existence is an illusion. Robin asks how Ha Na can love someone like him who doesn’t exist?

Ha Na takes Robin’s hand and insists that her feelings are real so Robin is not an illusion to her. She loves Robin therefore Robin is real. *headdesk* She assures Robin that not everything is made up since she’s here right now with Robin. Ha Na suggests burying a time capsule under this tree and opening it up ten years later. Robin thinks ten years is too long so Ha Na cuts it down to three years.

Robin and Ha Na buy supplies and write down letters to put inside a plastic capsule ball from a vending machine. They dig a hole under the tree and bury the two time capsules.

Ha Na and Robin go on a street date, taking cute pictures in front of wall paintings and generally being a lovey dovey couple. Robin stops to read a sad poem before Ha Na drags him off to go make their own lollipops. Next comes cuddling on the street while admiring a street painting of an elderly couple staring out at the sea.

Robin and Ha Na pass by a wall filled with writing and doodles so Robin writes down “Ha Na and Robin was here” before Ha Na drags him off.

Ha Na and Robin check in at a bed-and-breakfast, with the ahjumma reminding the couple to join her for breakfast tomorrow. Robin heads out to buy some snacks while Ha Na settles in for the night after admiring her matching bags with Robin. He’s finally gotten his courage to tell Ha Na what he’s planning but finds her asleep already when he gets back to the room.

Robin softly asks if Ha Na is asleep and gets no response. He stares at her sleeping face and mumbles that she’ll be fine without him. Ha Na hears him mumbling and asks what he’s talking about but Robin immediately claims he said nothing important. He claims to be talking about how he and Ha Na doesn’t need to be stuck together 24/7 all the time. Ha Na warns Robin to stop thinking about disappearing or leaving her.

Robin and Ha Na get into the car the next morning, with Robin assuring Ha Na that he’s fine to drive despite not sleeping last night. He takes her to the house he grew up in, as if he didn’t just take Ha Na here yesterday. He goes through the exact same story he shared with Ha Na already and her face registers her growing alarm and shock.

Ha Na excuses herself and goes outside to quickly call Professor Kang and tell her that Robin doesn’t remember what they did yesterday. Professor Kang can’t believe how fast this is happening and tells Ha Na what is going on. Ha Na runs to the tree and unearths Robin’s time capsule to read the letter inside. Robin figures he’s gone by the time Ha Na reads this letter. He feels reassured that he’s left memories for Ha Na such as the radio programs and interviews he’s been doing lately. He’ll always remember the night Ha Na attended the awards with him. Ha Na sobs reading the letter.

Ha Na runs back to the house and finds Robin sitting there waiting for her. He sees her frantic state and asks what’s going in, and from his tone of voice this is now Seo Jin. She asks if it’s happened yet? He hasn’t left yet, right? Seo Jin stares at Ha Na and doesn’t believe Robin has left for good yet. Ha Na can’t believe both Robin and Seo Jin knows what is happening but is keeping it from her. Seo Jin admits they can’t tell her because they don’t know how to deal with it themselves. Ha Na cries and Seo Jin walks up to gently pat her on the shoulder.

Seo Jin reads Robin’s time capsule letter while Ha Na wonders if what she did is hastening Robin’s departure. Seo Jin believes Ha Na is to be thanked for allowing Robin to live his final days to the fullest. She’s done more for Robin that anyone else has or can do. Ha Na brings up Robin’s memories of this house as his childhood home and growing up here. Seo Jin silently looks around and takes in the surroundings.

Seo Jin takes a walk alone through the town and pauses to watch a video that Robin recorded for him on his cellphone. Robin wants to see Seo Jin again but doesn’t think that is possible. Just like Seo Jin unilaterally decided to carry Robin with him for the rest of his life, Robin is choosing to leave now when he still has memories of Ha Na. Robin wants to tell Seo Jin how to make Ha Na happy.

Ha Na likes guys who make her laugh so Seo Jin needs to start getting a sense of humor. Seo Jin needs to respect her job which is to bring joy to people even in the saddest times. He needs to look at Ha Na when speaking to her, hold her hand when walking, open the car door for her. Even if Seo Jin thinks this is embarrassing, he still needs to do it to assure her that he is considerate of her. The final thing Robin asks is that Seo Jin must comfort Ha Na. In one week Ha Na will be very sad so Seo Jin needs to be there for her.

Robin knows Seo Jin is sincere about Ha Na which is why Robin is fine with leaving. Robin won’t feel that pitiful leaving as long as he knows one day Ha Na will also love Seo Jin. Robin can barely contain his tears as he finishes recording the video. Seo Jin finishes watching the video and promptly records a reply to Robin. Seo Jin understands everything Robin asked of her and he knows how much Robin loves Ha Na.

Ha Na walks through all the places she went with Robin, pausing by the doodle wall to see Robin’s note that he was here with Ha Na. She gets a call from Robin’s cell phone and runs to the harbor where he is waiting. She finds Robin standing in front of fireworks going off. Ha Na back hugs Robin and cries that she hasn’t prepared herself yet.

Robin wipes Ha Na’s tears and explains that there is no preparing for such things. Ha Na can’t accept him leaving in a week so Robin explains that he’ll be disappearing soon. If he loses his limbs he can still be Robin but if he loses his memory then he’s no longer Robin. What he can’t deal with is asking Ha Na “who are you?” before disappearing at that time. Robin wants to treasure the memories and leave like this.

Robin has another memory loss moment right in front of Ha Na, losing the memory from the awards ceremony. Ha Na can only watch as Robin loses that precious memory and has a breakdown, crying like a child in her arms.

Ha Na interrupts Eun Chang and Woo Jung’s kissy time and shares what is happening with Woo Jung who is equally as devastated. Ha Na has come around to supporting Robin’s decision, explaining that it’s better to send him off when he still remembers them. But later she remembers Robin’s devastation in losing his most precious awards ceremony memory with her and decides to do something about it.

Ha Na gets all the friends to help out and stage the awards ceremony event again. Ha Na and Robin arrive at the reenactment of the awards ceremony and she tries to get Robin to do all the same things like taking her hand because she’s nervous. Ha Na and Robin arrive at the red carpet which is lined with banners but empty of fans and media this time around. They slowly walk the red carpet as Robin takes in the surroundings. Young Chan walks out and pins a boutonniere on Robin’s lapel before leading the couple inside.

Robin finds the room inside decorated for a wedding and their friends are standing by the altar. Robin stares at Ha Na while she explains that his most precious memory hasn’t disappeared because she’s going to make it for him. Ha Na asks Robin to marry her so they can make their mutual most precious memory together.

Ha Na reaches out her hand and Robin takes it with a smile before the couple walks down the aisle together.

Thoughts of Mine:

Once this drama ends, I would highly suggest Ha Na go see a psychiatrist because she clearly has mental problems. If she thinks that her feelings for Robin makes him real, then so many kids love for Santa Claus ought to make the man in red real, too. There is a reason that reality is not based on how we perceive it and Ha Na clearly failed to learn that cognitive ability. I understand that Ha Na, and to the same degree Seo Jin, care about Robin and feel sad and bad about what Robin is dealing with. Robin thinks he’s real because he has his own memories and emotions so right now Robin is sad. Ha Na should cry about it but she needs to accept the inevitability of Robin’s departure without making it seem like he is a real person dying. Marrying Robin, or even giving him a pretend wedding ceremony, is just bizarrely inane and pushing my patience for this protracted goodbye to the breaking point. Or maybe I’ve already gone past the breaking point and don’t even know it yet.

I really didn’t need to see so many scenes of Robin losing memory after memory. It’s odd how the scriptwriter seems to think the audience cares about Robin as much as she appears to like him. She’s given this alternate personality character so much more care and consideration than her male lead Seo Jin, who has been reduced to waiting around for Robin to bite the dust before he starts living his life. He’s also getting Ha Na after she’s done moping about Robin, which frankly isn’t worth it. New and improved Seo Jin can get any girl and should get one who loves him rather than in the future always looking for Robin’s shadow within Seo Jin. I still can’t stand Ha Na, whether she’s an emotionless tree or now a crying wreck for Robin, there is nothing remotely likeable about her personality or thought process. Her so-called kindness I can find in any nun who serves the poor, and her intelligence is at the level between a bright kindergartener and a psych ward patient. I wish she was the personality who was disappearing soon in this story.

The only redeeming part of this episode was yet again the scenes with Seo Jin. I loved the mutual video message scenes where Robin shares his Ha Na knowledge with Seo Jin and truly comes to terms with leaving for good. I never expected the writer to handle DID remotely plausibly but she really fails extra hard with how much Robin doesn’t appear to understand that he exists for Seo Jin’s mental and emotional survival. Now that Seo Jin is healing, Robin ought to have more to say to him aside from handing Ha Na off like passing the baton. Robin has helped Seo Jin do good when the real Seo Jin feels like a locked up coward, now Seo Jin has the courage to live normally so Robin should feel relieved and reassured about it. I wish I could see more of their interactions because Robin’s feelings for Ha Na, and vice-versa, don’t feel nearly as compelling as the merging of Robin back into Seo Jin. I get that Robin feels the process wipes out his existence, but shouldn’t he leave comforted that the reason for his existence is gone because Seo Jin is mentally healthy again? Romance seems so weak a reason for all the tears and woe at this point. Thank god it’s all over tomorrow.

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Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 19 Recap — 48 Comments

  1. Well to be honest, call me crazy, but I think I liked this episode as a story narrative (sadly the whole drama pack wasn’t good). Yes, liking a personality is beyond strange, but in retrospective she didn’t know he isn’t a real person until after she fell in love for him, peoples feelings are hard to change especially in such confusing situation, Robin and Seo Jin has complete opposite characters. I do like Seo Jin more than Robin so maybe because I can’t stand Ha Na (and the whole development) I kind of think Ha Na choosing Robin and of course sending him away is somehow more plausible option for me, and SJ moving on with his life and finding love with someone else.

    In the whole drama the one thing that I liked is the interactions between SJ and R. I also loved the mutual video messages exchanged between them. I completely agree with you on the matter that the drama should of focused on them rather than any romance.
    I like Hyun Bin so its sad that the drama could not deliver….

  2. Well said
    This writer is crazy
    And yes, the improved seojin WILL get any girl and seriously ANY girl I believe he picks on the streets will be way better than Hana, smarter at the very least
    She is beyond dim, how she feels for robin does not relate and is wrong. Robin can be like that because it’s him and how he feels. Even seojin can feel sad for robin But she should know that he is just seojin what the heck is so difficult abt dealing with that!

    • Agreeeee …I hate Ha Na ..her personality and the way she thinks and act .. she is really DULL !! The main reason that i want this drama to end is that i don’t have to see Ha Na any more.

  3. WEDDING? WHAT-IN-THE-WHAT is this? I can’t count the number of times i had a deep sigh all through this episode.

    I know they’ve been laying on the stupid for a while in this drama, but really? A wedding? I can’t even deal.

    And Ha Na is the sick one here.She’s in love with someone imaginary (a personalty). Still can’t deal

    I will find the Writer of this drama and I will slap him/her into oblivion.

    Or maybe I would have loved this drama if another set of actors did it. C’mon writer-nim, Why are you trying to take the love I have for Hyun-bin oppa away 🙁 🙁

    • please do knock some sense into the writer. and this drama would have sucked even if another set of actors did it. the writing is too crappy.

      • I beg to disagree. There are some really good actors out there who would actually dare stand up to his/her director and act like how he/she perceives the character should. I’m thinking of Gong Hyo Jin, i remember her saying in an inteview how she did just that for one of the scenes of Pasta. I think a really committed and talented actor would know how to spice up a character, irregardless of the writing. And, any sane director who has done all he could but still couldn’t get his crappy script to fly would more than appreciate good input from his/her actors.

      • @tati well then i wish han ji min had knocked some sense into the writer and pd so hana wouldn’t have come out to be so frustrating…if only….sigh

      • I do remember the actress-i forget her name-that use to be villain mom called a writer about the character background and give her idea about why she needs to act like that so they add some scene for her.

        I think part of it also in director since he also the one that decided what scene that need to keep

  4. nice recap. sums up how i feel. i still don’t get why the writer is so bent up about robin, who i like but in small doses. if the writer really liked robin then she should have developed him more in the beginning and made him more interesting…. not to mention using TERRY to create some conflict so we didn’t have to watch that long annoying arc dealing with tae joo’s revenge. also, am i missing something, are the viewers (who make up the 3-4% viewer ratings) are team robin so that’s why seojin is kicked to the side and hardly gets his feelings reciprocated by hana? and what’s hana’s deal? this show is about a girl falling for both sides of man, not just one! both love lines are messed up. with robin and hana, their romance happened too fast without much depth to their supposed “love.” then with seojin and hana, everything falls flat since hana keeps refusing to acknowledge seojin’s feelings and then seojin looks stupid for still going back to her. the writing is plain stupid. terry doesn’t do anything, the circus never performs, side characters keep coming and going without much meaning, the female lead is delusional and robin can’t just leave soon enough. so disappointed right now.

      • actually in ep 12 i think they explained what happened. both seojin and robin fell for the same woman and used the twin theory to hide the DID. but, then the girl finds out and runs away. robin tells dr. kang to put him to sleep but then terry appears so robin can’t disappear. it’s okay, the writer failed miserably by dragging the whole 5 years thing to just reveal it through the secretary while hana listens with zero expression lol. and not to mention the writer failed yet again by introducing terry for like few seconds and then doing nothing with him for the rest of the show. what a waste of a character.

      • actually they did talk about it. seo jin and robin fell in love with the same girl but the girl found about the DID situation and thought he was a freak show and left. robin tried to suicide after and thats when terry popped out.

      • For an event that had such a profound impact and causing Robin to disappear for 5 whole years, then I’m quite curious who this girl is exactly too. But just like Terry, that probably was just some convenient silly plot device (excuse) too.

      • yeah, i do recall that, but i feel it just wasn’t enough. that’s why i said ‘exactly’.

  5. The only way writer-nim can please me now is to make Ha Na go back to where she came from and NEVER return. Not just Ha Na, every other cast too.

    Okay fine, the gorilla can stay.

    I bet writer-nim was on crack when writing this script. Because, I am yet to pin-point what this drama is all about. Is it about D.I.D, or you that you can kidnapp people more than twice or what is it. #bleh.

  6. The only way writer-nim can please me now is to make Ha Na go back to where she came from and NEVER return. Not just Ha Na, every other cast too.

    Okay fine, the gorilla can stay.

    I bet writer-nim was on crack when writing this script. Because, I am yet to pin-point what this drama is all about. Is it about D.I.D, or that you can kidnapp people more than twice. what is it really? #bleh.

  7. This drama is one of the best K-drama EVER! Like It’s the bomb. It evokes anger, disappointment, and confusion all at the same time in every single damn episode (How Amazing is that?). I love it how we got to see a poorly CGI Gorilla in the first episode, a White Day event that was planned but never happened, a group of circus people who do nothing but talks and drinks, a second female lead who doesn’t add interests, a very long kidnapping case where the doctor got kidnapped twice (Wow. That is one amazing and smart kidnapper!), we got to see Terry in like 3 seconds (Dang. Who knew Terry can have a life of 3 seconds), and the main girl wedding an imaginary person. This writer has such an imaginative fantasy that she deserves a cookie after the finale. J/K. I f**king hate her. Hyun Bin, you deserves better for all of your hard work. I’m not even a fan of him but I truly feel sorry for him and at the fact that he got robbed of from his talent.

    On a serious note, if S. Korea ever has a Golden Raspberry Awards, the writer deserves it very badly. I’ll probably have to make one and personally ship it to her along with an envelope of glitters.

  8. This show is extremely disturbing. I can’t even at the ending. The one in need of treatment more than the one suffering of DID is definitely Hana. Goodness!

  9. Ok I watched ep 19 without subs. Because I’ve been allowed to bail by the other editors.

    So I need to get this off my chest. Did the writer just write a whole romance for a secondary fictional psychiatric condition- worthy character?

    The nicest thing and the kindest thing I have to say is this- I’ve just literally watched the female lead pander to a delusion.


    I now believe I have watched the most improbable plot on a Kdrama. Even the alien story in My love from the star at least grounded in science fiction.

    I seriously, seriously have done patient assessment stories from psychotic, acutely delusional, paranoid ” patients” who make up more credible stories than this writer. In real life.

    * shudder *

    I cannot believe what I just watched. And no, Hana meeting Seo Jin after a time jump in ep 20 is not going to cut in. I am still waiting for my circus performance here. Every time I see the bunting ” Wonder Circus ” I just want to laugh at the joke of the circus that never was.

    • Seriously, You have to laugh at Robin’s advice: Respect Hana’s job. What job? What work? They could easily have made her a carousel operator for the level of importance her supposed career has been given.

      There is sadly almost nothing I respect about Hana nor anything I respect in Seojin’s continuing attraction to her.

      • This. As much as I like SJ, his falling in love with Hana just makes me lose respect for him, so I’m left caring only about Sec. Kwon.

  10. i still seriously don’t know if hana is going to fall in love with seojin at all. with only 1 more episode to go and she wants to marry robin. they should have made this episode during episode 16 and made the rest of the episodes fall in love with seo jin or something. but no, they wasted 8 episodes on the tj’s revenge plot. and the first 8 on nonsense. but hyun bin :[ sad to see you go. hope you come back with a much better project.

  11. After the craziness Wednesday casting I just hope that ms koala can enjoy her two last ep of HJM. Hummmmffff….hope the drama lord will give ms K and the loyal fan of HJM best final episode. Finger cross

  12. It is the mooost bad ending story of k-drama I ever saw. I like sad ending as long as thats beautifull and warmheart, not to make our actor/actress like a dumb. Come on, this is the last episode but our lead Seo Jin couldn’t even make one step closer to Hana.
    I think I want to disappear too. But the handsome and sweetest Hyun Bin that holds me not leaving his drama until the ends T_T

  13. Maybe it isn’t so odd that your thoughts are exactly what ran through my head while watching. She’s crazeeeee. Ok, I get that she will miss this fictional character, kinda like how we miss our favorite drama men… but…no, Hana, no.
    When I call you up and invite you to my wedding with Kim Boong-do or Chilbongie, by all means, call a doctor quick. Better make it a not easily kidnappable one.

    That phone scene was lovely. It makes watching all of the other crud easier when there are quality moments of Hyun Bin to savor.

  14. I have long given up on the writer to write anything that makes sense as it refers to Hana. I want SJ to get in on some of the actions!!! And for him to be healed. I believe that he loves Hana so I want it to happen for him. SJ is also an accomplice in all of this by allowing Robin to have this extra time with Hana. He thinks he is doing this for the good of Hana.

    Aiya… I just want a happy ending somewhere in all of this mess. I will deeply miss seeing Binnie onscreen. I like him in dramas because he gets a lot of time to pull him into his characters. So I hope he will still consider doing another drama in the future.

  15. I’m so sick of this drama! Ha na marring a fictional personality and everyone going along for the ride is beyond stupid. Seriously Ha na needs to be locked up in a psych ward!

    • Hahaha….so agree.

      According to wikipedia:
      Schizophrenia (/ˌskɪtsɵˈfrɛniə/ or /ˌskɪtsɵˈfriːniə/) is a mental disorder often characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to recognize what is real.
      Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, auditory hallucinations, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and inactivity. Diagnosis is based on observed behavior and the person’s reported experiences.

      Sounds like HaNa to me…

      • Auditory hallucinations…. ah, that KMHM feels…
        Anyway, I’ve never enjoyed reading a recap this much. I don’t watch this since I don’t want to spoil HB’s image in my head post-SeGa, so I just tune in when there are ‘funny’ scenes like gorilla, bubbles, or cops scenes. Reading the recaps seem more entertaining!

  16. agreement all around. But holy hell can Hyun Bin act. I mean he has me crying for Robin like he’s a real person. And he keeps me emotionally connected enough to care even when this is so insane it feels like a crazy long dream sequence. Really amazing performance.

  17. Hyun bin has done a fantastic job of making both robin and seo jin separate entities but he must have felt like he was slogging thru waist deep mud dealing with this script.From the first moment of this gorilla war,I knew we were in for it but I have stayed thru it all-no matter how inane, unbelievable, or just plain painfully ridiculous the plot became. I must admit that the escape from cops by hypnotic suggestion had me throwing popcorn at my screen tho. I am quietly accepting the final act of marriage as a parting gift to robin (will sj remember this?) But I swear that if we get a “one year later”scene tomorrow I’m going to wish that the gorilla would reappear and carry off the writer!

  18. After watching it full with subs, it took me hours because I l stopped numerous times to do other things and even had a nap. This is the worst episode ever, the ridiculous level is beyond redemption and What a great quality drop from last week.
    Good riddance
    robin is not real. If u choose to say goodbye to him
    It’s fine but to marry him? At ep19 she can’t even come to a conclusion that they are ONE
    That’s all I can say is I am glad HB gets out of jail by tonight.

  19. Okay so I haven’t watched the latest episode yet but after reading that Ha Na is marrying Robin, I just cannot help to withhold my opinion of this anymore. Firstly, yes Koala, Ha Na herself needs to admit herself to a ward. She is clearly insane. Equally insane are these people around her that plays along with it. I don’t know if the writer is just woefully clueless or that she’s thinking that there is too little people watching anyway, and might as well half-ass it all the way to the end. This is not much of a resolution to come from this, instead it’s a regression of conflicts. In fact, it’s 10 steps back as far as finishing this drama goes. Not only did they made zero headway of trying to cure Seo Jin’s DID, they are actively trying to UNcure him. (Luckily, Seo Jin is treating himself regardless). The message it clearly sends is that we foster insanity because some person cannot reconicle her own feelings (and sanity).That’s selfish. You’re very selfish Ha Na.

    At this point, clearly, Ha Na should already be able to accept that Robin is Seo Jin. She doesn’t even have to deny Robin’s existence to do that. Accepting Robin and Seo Jin is one and the same does not deny Robin’s existence, it’s an acknowledgement that even if Robin disappears, Ha Na can ultimately love Robin through Seo Jin. Technically, the fact that Ha Na loves Robin, means that she loves Seo Jin–even if only a part of him. The whole is still Seo Jin. You could make a case that Ha Na only loves half of Seo Jin, but that is still Seo Jin. Robin is Seo Jin. Let that marinate and simmer to your being Ha Na, dammit.

    But no, our respected writer insists that two personalities are separate and therefore we treat them dividedly. This is a conflict of logic if you guys haven’t noticed it yet. At one hand, writer is insisting that Robin is SO real that Ha Na is willing to marry HIM (not Seo Jin), but at the same time, writer is pushing for a resolution in which Robin BECOMES Seo Jin. No, Seo Jin IS Robin in the first place. But if at this point Ha Na and everybody else is still willing to accept Robin as Robin and Seo Jin as Seo Jin, then how in the world does a resolution in which both becomes one in any form the conclusion? So Ha Na will only love Seo Jin only half-heartedly? Please tell me that this writer is not suffering DID and writes one part of the story then later changes it when she wakes up the next morning.

    Unless she comes up with a plot twist and Seo Jin disappears and Robin becomes the dominant personality then these actions would make more sense. At one hand that is tragic, but at the same time it’s consistent. And I would probably even applaud the writer for one, being a pioneer. Who said that the lead character (Seo Jin) have to have the “good ending?” But clearly, this writer is not being revolutionary at all. She is just otherworldly confused.

  20. Watching this show and worrying that HB will never do another drama go hand-in-hand. It must be so much easier to do movies in Korea: full script in advance, no live shoot pressure and being up for days at a time, promise of solid editing at the back end. And if a movie bombs, it’s snarked about for a few weeks and then gets lost in hubbub over what’s new. How awful to commit to a drama and have it be bad. You have to endure the extremely negative comments, be subject to netizen-inspired script changes daily, go without sleep and still show up for work for, in this case, every day for more than ten weeks. Agony. Just thinking about it sucks all my energy away. When it’s done it will still be snarked about for a loooong time as well. Oh, man. I hope HB will be inspired by a great writer to get back on the drama horse soon, after this painful ride.

  21. I’ve watched every episode of this drama and I am still so confused. I can’t wait to see if the finale finally makes some sense.

  22. “I still can’t stand Ha Na, whether she’s an emotionless tree or now a crying wreck for Robin, there is nothing remotely likeable about her personality or thought process. Her so-called kindness I can find in any nun who serves the poor, and her intelligence is at the level between a bright kindergartener and a psych ward patient. I wish she was the personality who was disappearing soon in this story.”

    OMG YES! You stole my words (and then re-worded them into something funnier) but this is so what I was thinking throughout the whole episode! Why is everyone in the drama making it seem like it’s ok to enable and indeed FURTHER mental illness. Robin is an alternate personality! You don’t date (much less MARRY) alternate personalities, people! (It’s just so stupid it hurts.)

    If not for Binnie I would have stopped watching weeks ago, but the man will make me put up with almost anything. He better pick a better project next time to wash away the stink of this one.

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