Surplus Princess Leads Jo Boa and Oh Joo Wan Take Their Romance From Reel to Real

Love (or lust, or a combination of both) is in the waters of K-ent and I’m just waiting to see which other star couples get outed this week alone. So far the confirmed Korean celebrity couples since the week started include globetrotting young Hallyu superstar lovebirds Lee Min Ho with Suzy along with actress Park Ha Sun and Ryu Soo Young putting a real life happy ending to their thwarted onscreen romance in Two Weeks.

Now we can add the newly minted acting couple of Oh Joo Wan and Jo Boa to the list as the two were outed by a tabloid newspaper today as dating in real life and subsequently confirmed the purported relationship. They met on the set of kooky cable drama Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) and became good friends, with the friendship turning into romance only recently a month ago. There is an 8-year age difference between them but love that goes from friendship to romance is usually less impetuous and hopefully these two will enjoy the relationship whether it lasts or not. Congrats!

Surplus Princess was pretty adorable when it started but never hooked me that much. Then I heard it sorta went off the rails, not to mention more viewers seemed to ship Jo Boa’s mermaid with Song Jae Rim‘s chef second male lead. In the end her character hastily got together with Oh Joo Wan’s male lead but that happy ending didn’t seem to come with the requisite audience satisfaction. Maybe this will assuage the SP disappointed crowd and add one notch to something good coming out of that drama.


Surplus Princess Leads Jo Boa and Oh Joo Wan Take Their Romance From Reel to Real — 9 Comments

  1. owh congrats!! i was one of those few who shipped them hard in SP and was so disappointed that their story felt so rushed :/ but this news pays it off LOL

    once again, congrats for both of them 🙂

  2. I loved Surplus princess, too bad the network cut back on episodes otherwise I think everything would have gone more smoothly.
    The friendship between the girls was one of my favorite things.
    Aww,they’re cute, she seems very mature and grown up and is getting steady work which is nice.

  3. Awwwww… they’re so cute. I didn’t notice the age difference. OJW felt young and cute for his age while Jo Boa a bit more mature.

    Hope they have a happy relationship. Gratz to them!

    (I feel sad for Song Jae Rim though. Good thing he has two cats. And me. Huhuhahaha)

    • I skipped your name and only read your comment and at the end, I was like “wait is that Mar-of course it is!” The one and only haha.

  4. I started shipping these two so much when I first started watching the drama but at some point I was shipping her with SJR’s character and the ending was rushed so it didn’t allow for the ship to develop.

  5. What got me was not this onscreen OTP turning real off screen, but the breakout news for me – Lee Min Ho dating Suzy! What the????? LOL…..This latter pair sounds a bit odd. But they do make an eye-catching visual pair on street. I don’t really care much because Lee Min Ho has been off my top faves since I’ve spotted Jang Hyuk and Ji Chang Wook.. I still like several of Min Ho’s dramas but I’m done obsession with him….SO congratulations to MinZy couple! I bet many Minho and Suzy fans must be heart broken moaning for their daydream loss now. Aw never mind! I’m off topic.

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