Ha Ji Won Confirmed as Leading Lady of K-version of In Time With You

This is as big a drama casting confirmation as it gets, but the news coming out on April 1st in Korea does lead one to worry a teensy bit that it’s just a joke. It isn’t a prank news nor is it all that surprising, this drama is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated upcoming K-dramas of 2015 no matter who is cast so of course SBS will want to get the biggest name it can to headline the production. A-list actress Ha Ji Won has now confirmed her return to dramas as the leading lady of the K-adaptation of the Taiwan drama In Time With You.

Titled The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days, the narrative will undergo some changes, the most notable being the ages of the two leads are moved up from just turning 30 to being in their late-30s. Age played a big part of the leading lady’s angst in the beginning of the drama, as well as the length of time the two leads have been friends since high school. In this case the two opposite sex best friends will have 7000 days worth of friendship under their belt before things start to change for the romantic between them.

There are conflicting reports today, along with Ha Ji Won’s confirmation as the leading lady, on whether reported male lead Lee Jin Wook is also confirmed. There is also the still open casting reports last week about Rain being offered the male lead of this drama. With almost every single romance based K-drama there is bound to be two male leads so I’m not surprised to hear both Rain and Lee Jin Wook’s names bandied about, and the ITWY story also has two male leads though the screen time and significance is skewed heavily towards the best friend character male lead versus the ex-boyfriend character male lead.

Star power would indicate that Rain is up for Bolin Chen‘s character while Lee Jin Wook tries on being a bad boy that Sunny Lin memorably played, but so far the role allocation is not yet known. SBS is wants to hand this drama to the PD of Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, Gapdong, and Cheongdamdong Alice so at least it’s guaranteed to be visually impressive if he does sign on. A little less reassuring is the script being written by the writer of oldie dramas Full House and Attic Cat, but it’s been so long since those old school works who knows what she’s capable of these days. The drama is slated to air on SBS weekends following Divorce Lawyer in Love. I’m super excited and wary at the same time.


Ha Ji Won Confirmed as Leading Lady of K-version of In Time With You — 68 Comments

  1. I’m really not a fan of the writer but because because there’s already a ready made reference, the chances of the drama being screwed up is lesser tha usual.

    I love HJW and Rain so hopefully that pairing would work out. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lee Jin Wook as the ex too, but I remember he didn’t come in until episode 4 or something and didn’t have too big a role. Maybe they’ll alter that in this version. For the lead though, I’m hoping its Rain because I loved HJW and his chemistry in the MV they did. We’ll see.

  2. Hmmm, I’d rather have Lee Jin Wook as the lead and Rain as the ex. I’m just not a fan of Rain, his acting or his looks but there’s little chance of that happening I guess as he’s the bigger name. I just hope he proves me wrong by being a good enough Li Da Ren.

  3. Sounds good! Too bad about Rain though he was not what I was expecting at all… Was hoping for someone with the same level of acting abilities as HJW!

  4. I’m glad she’s the lead, and I agree about the dissonance in casting Lee Jin Wook as LDR when he doesn’t have her star power while Rain does. However, I still hope it is LJW. I just feel that he fits the role more. I know Rain is talented enough to be able to mold to that character but his image just doesn’t let me see that yet.

  5. Why no one offer the lead role to JIS?? They had awesome chemistry in WHIB. Plus he won accolades recently for IOTL.

  6. Somehow I feel Lee Jin Wook will be more convincing in Bolin Chen’s role.There’s something in him that gives the Li Da Ren vibes. I don’t dislike Rain, but he suits the bad boy image better. However, if Rain were to accept this drama, he’ll take the lead role for sure.

  7. I don’t care for either of these potential male leads. I hope dramagods hear me out and lure Kang Dong Won back to dramaland for the Li Da Ren role, I think he’s just perfect for the doormat, silently-loving puppy guy role. And with the same intensity to match Bolin Chen’s acting. And he had a wonderful on-screen chemistry with HaJiWon in the movie Duelist, off-screen they seem to be very good friends too.

  8. Is the drama really that good? I watched some episodes and got boring in the earlier episodes and couldn’t finish it. since it just like a circle love story. Or maybe just not my taste.

    Honestly, I hope neither Lee Jin Wook or Rain will be the lead. I prefer Ha Ji Won with another actor. Since I never get the actings appealing from both of them.

    • The first couple of episodes might be a little boring, but then it takes off. It was reflected in the ratings too.

  9. Yay, glad HJW is now confirmed. Now, I just hope the male lead in Bolin Chen’s role will go to LJW. Please, let it be him! *fingers cross* He and HJW will definitely make a great OTP. So what if he’s not a big star as Rain? You only need HJW as a big star to drew viewers in. Besides, LJW’s handsome and has acting chops. Let Rain (since, he’s not confirmed yet…hoping someone else would be cast than him though…) be the other male lead, the ex-boyfriend…not the main lead. Rain’s neither handsome (nor a good actor, in my opinion) to tempt me, lol. I remember watching Full House and was rooting for the second and oh, so handsome male lead to end up with Song Hye Kyo than his character… 😀

    • She just doesn’t fit the part to me. I’ll pass.

      Only chance for this future mess to be watched by me is if they cast LJW and supporting cast that moves me a tiny bit. I’ve always felt cold for HJW who really only has a job because some writers still wish to pen badass heroines. This is making me sad for k-dramas because I wonder if clever and sensible casting will ever prevail over the supposed recognition of “a-listers”…Ariel is one of the best actress I ever came across, a real chameleon. This is a shame.

      Aw. Sorry for the rant.

      • Don’t apologise for expressing an opinion, I agree with every single word you’ve written.

      • I also agree with you on HJW. I personally do not understand her stardom either..

      • Oh really? LMFAO.. Doesn’t really matter if you watch or not since this drama like ALL of Ha Ji Won’s dramas will be a hit! You’re not really a lost. Ha Ji Won still remains one of the most sought after korean actress because of versatility, superior quality of acting and guarantee success of any project that she participates in. Yeah, sure it’s common knowledge that Ha Ji Won is THE Queen of action. No actress and i mean NO actress does action like Ha Ji Won but she’s not only known for that. What Happened In Bali, Hwang Ji Yi and her earlier acting projects just to name a few from her long list of hit dramas had ZERO action scenes from her. Just so you now, those dramas we’re ALL well-received, critically acclaimed and got her to win so many acting awards! Proof that whether it’s action, drama, comedy, horror or romance, Ha Ji Won excels in ALL genres of acting! Her last 3 dramas had her showcase her impressive action skills but let me remind that ALL those dramas we’re successful and got to her to win so many acting awards again (she even has a room made for her awards because it’s that many) I actually prefer strong, fearless, i can stand in my own feet, i don’t need a man female characters or bad ass heroine like you called it lol.. rather than typical damsel in distress, weak, whinny, eye bulging female characters. I do believe that majority of the people share the sentiments that i have, evident by the success of all of Ha Ji Won’s dramas. Ariel Who? It’s actually laughable and quite frankly stupid that your praising a mere tiny only recognized in taiwan actress. Girl, You are delusional! Go wait for a news article about her (that would take time since your fave is irrelevant) and post your ridiculous comments there! Ha Ji Won is a Top-notch A-list Incomparable Actress! DEAL WITH IT LIVE WITH IT!

  10. Rain for Li Da Ren. He was great in A Love to Kill and Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School. LJW was great in Nine but I can’t picture him as Li Da Ren at all.

  11. I seconded the pairing with Hyun Bin (couldn’t get enough of the explosive chemistry between both of them again), though the chances of that happening seems remote since there’s no news of him being considered for the drama, plus he’s known to pick challenging roles and I don’t see Li Da Ren’s character as challenging enough for him to say yes even if it came his way.

    Regardless of who ends up being paired as the main lead for HJW, I wished it wasn’t Rain. He just doesnt’t seem to fit the boy next door character.

  12. Even though i like Rain hope the lead is lee jin wook!! Poor guy rejected a leading
    role and then they offer this to Rain??

  13. I’m hoping that through this drama, Ha Ji Won can show yet another side of her acting profile. I hope the writer will not suddenly make the female lead role a kickass just because Ha Ji Won is starring. I want to see HJW’s purely non-action acting nowadays and reminisce her acting at its finest.

  14. Yahooo! So excited to see her in the small screen again. Such a versatile actress. I’m pretty sure she’ll show us what she’s made of, she’ll adapt to whatever character she’ll portray, may it be her bad-ass action, drama or historical. My only worry is her going to be onscreen partner, hoping it will be Gong Yoo, Go Soo, Kang Dong Won, and my favorite guy Jung Woo Sung.

      • I know 🙁 If I have to choose between Lee Jin Wook and Rain, I’d take LJW in a second.

      • Definitely, LJW! I’m just not feeling Rain both for his looks or acting.

      • I’ve read somewhere that it is confirmed, Lee Jin Wook is her on screen partner. Yehey! I can not wait for this one. It’s going to be awesome. I can just see they chemistry. 🙂

  15. Lee Jin Wook? Did he confirm? He’s kinda expressionless actor. LMAO…I hope they’ll get better actor for the sake of Ha Ji Won.

  16. Hmm… I also would have loved to see JIS paired up with her again. I think these two have grown a lot in their acting and to see a reunion would have be great.

  17. LJW is much better than Rain as Li da ren, Rain doesn’t fit the role. It could’ve been much better if it was Hyun Bin ^_^

  18. I can’t imagine Rain as Li DaRen! At lease Lee Jin Wok suits that role better…though I still feel like Gong Yoo might do the role more justice. Rain is too polished, like no. please no.

  19. LJW is better suited for the lead role, by look and talent. But Rain probably would get the lead due to jis bigger name.

  20. ha ji won is a good actress but this series would be better for kim hyun joo coz her acting style is the same with the ariel lin or get kim tae hee to get more realistic and sweet love story

  21. Ha Ji Won is a great actrees。 I love her most in SECRET GARDEN 。 Now in this remake of Taiwanese drama, I hope she is again making huge hit as usual, and to be paired up with the potential male lead, here is Lee Jin Wook and Rain, both of them are superb, but Lee Jin Wook is more suitable for the lead role of In Time With You, I think。 tks in advance。

  22. Omo,,^ ^ this gonna be my watch list soon, fighting to all the casts especially my Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won, love you both ^ ^

  23. I a thrill with this drama, CAN’T WAIT,AND IT HAS LEE JIN WOOK?!?!HA JI WON?!!RAIN?!WATCHING IT IS A MUST!

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