KBS Friday Night Drama Producer Starts Filming and Schedules Premiere Date for May 8th

Upcoming KBS Friday night new drama Producer made the news with a literal bang by casting a foursome of big name buzzworthy leads. Starring Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, and IU, the drama is taking over a time slot currently airing a variety show and will be produced by the KBS variety department rather than the drama department. After the leaks on the characters came fast and furious, the production went into radio silence mode after the scriptwriter demanded that no further details about the drama be revealed for the time being.

Because Producer is taking over a current variety time slot, there isn’t a written in stone date for premiering like all other dramas take over when the predecessor drama finishes airing. Originally scheduled to premiere in April, the drama was moved back for better production planning and is now confirmed to air on May 8th. Also confirmed is the cast heading into filming this week after holding a secret hush hush script reading last week. I’m liking all this defcon secrecy, I hope it means lots of pleasant surprises ahead when the drama airs.

The drama doesn’t just have the four leads lined up, there are tons of new names revealed in the last few weeks joining the production. Actress Jo Yoon Hee will be making a cameo appearance after recently working with KBS on The King’s Face. Singer and variety show veteran Kim Jong Kook makes his acting debut as in a supporting role in this drama. And many familiar faces such as Na Young Hee, Ye Ji Won, Park Hyuk Kwon, Seo Ki Chul, and Park Hee Bon round out the highly anticipated experimental drama foray.


KBS Friday Night Drama Producer Starts Filming and Schedules Premiere Date for May 8th — 15 Comments

  1. the most anticipate drama of 2015. It just come out of nowhere then suddenly all A-list actors and actresses join this drama in just speed of light. People on this site peeping on descendant of the sun and keep suggesting their favorite bias..Then producer come and it buried other drama casting news..haha

  2. Mega hit writer with all A-list casts? So will this drama be hit or even mega hit? This drama has no chance to be miss. I thought the world is unfair. All ksh dramas were huge hit since dream high.

  3. Will it live up to the expectations like You From Another Star? Or crash and burn like many other dramas??
    I sincerely hope it become smash hit ratings for KBS. I like the four leads and supporting roles, no one sticks out like sore thumb…

    • I am praying it can bring back all the viewers. Dramas these days have very low rating. it hurt me when my bias drama (hyun bin) got low rating.

      • It happened because of the drama’s writer and bland as some stale soup Han Ji Min. Even Jesus couldn’t have resusticated it. Other dramas, like SoGC and Grapevine, are doing better, if not good.

  4. KBS rating has been shitty and I believe it will continue to be shitty for the rest of the year regardless of the big names attached.

    • Healer was good. Unkind Women is the #1 in Wed-Thurs slot. What’s With This Family and Bluebirds house are dominating the weekend so I dunno why so much hatered.

  5. SO EXCITED FOR THIS. 😀 Even if the show turns out to be sucky, I don’t think it will be a flop in ratings anyways, there’s just way too much star power/A-listers to handle in this one. Not one, but four (or maybe more?!) I really hope this show will turn out to be really good though. I cannot stomach another Heirs; good ratings, awesome cast but sucky plot.

  6. whats with drama these days? Recent dramas always have low ratings especially kbs dramas
    Hope this one becomes a rating hit.

    • The K-media will sure make this one a hit for KSH since they love more then there sons at home and that have been KSH hidden secret for a while now

    • I read thru couple KSH k-media articles and I haven’t seen them only praise and do some extra works for anybody else except for him. But sadly LMH has the opposite relationship with them. they don’t go bash him ofcourse since he dosen’t do many errors but they just don’t like him somehow. I get that vibe as LMH fan. and they passively chose bad pics of him on there articles.

      • lol..you get that vibe from bad pictures post by korean media? funny much. can we said lmh not good looking enough in real life or without full make up on like his pictures in cf and dramas?

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