Ueno Juri Romances T.O.P. in Web Drama About Moving on From a First Love

This casting news is a bit random but also inconsequential enough to get up and arms about the acting talent disparity. Entertainment company CJ E&M is producing a web drama starring Big Bang‘s T.O.P. and Japanese actress Ueno Juri, with the two already gearing up for filming shortly. The drama doesn’t have a title yet but is billed as a cross-border healing love story. Both T.O.P. and Ueno Juri’s characters are dealing with the lingering pain of a first love gone awry and will gradually heal from the sadness after falling for each other. This is majorly dull and generic sounding, but I mostly wonder if the story is all just padding to show off the collective pretty of T.O.P. and Juri in various pretty locales in Korea and Japan.

It’s hard to argue against T.O.P having the visuals to be an actor, but he was wholly unimpressive in his drama turn in IRIS so he’s someone that visuals isn’t enough to hold down the fort onscreen. I know IRIS was a few years back whereas more recently he did the movie Tazza 2: The Hidden Card last year so it looks like he’s intentionally branching out into acting rather than dabbling in it as a side gig from being in Big Bang. If this web drama is just a light frothy thing then it doesn’t bother than that Juri can act circles around him. Visually I see them together as an alterna-universe pairing of Eric and Jung Yumi, yes?


Ueno Juri Romances T.O.P. in Web Drama About Moving on From a First Love — 16 Comments

  1. Is T.O.P good in actings? I really want to know not because of rudeness but because I never seen his dramas or movies before. Any recommendation? The girl, I know her when the buzz surround Nodame Cantabile and saying like she’s the best actress in Japan at this moment.

    T.O.P somehow reminds me of Eric. Their face isn’t similar. I even don’t know the reason LOL. Maybe Ms. Koala see the resembles of Ueno Juri and Yoo Mi because both is so good and natural actress?

    • While I believe TOP is one of the best rappers S Korea has, as an actor he’s pretty mediocre so I can’t recommend anything unfortunately. But I’m sure this project will garner plenty of attention. He’s a BB member after all.

  2. This will be interesting as he does not speak any Japanese, in all the promotion he’s done with his group there’s only 2 members that speak the language.
    He’s not a bad actor but I would have picked someone who at least has a conversational level of the language, of course Juri is a much stronger actor so we’ll see if she’ll outact him.
    Juri apparently speaks some Korean so I guess she’ll have to learn more.

    • Actually, it is better that he does not attempt Japanese – in fact, it is best that he just doesn’t speak at all because his acting just amounts to intense gazes, anyway.

      • Yes, pretty modeling poses and stares alone don’t translate over to live action, but if I see this around I’m willing to give him a chance… because of said pretty stare~

  3. I’m currently watching “Ouroboros” with Ueno Juri and thinks that she’s one of the best Japanese actresses right now because she doesn’t overact her scenes.
    Where do people watch web dramas? Why would established actors want to do them?

  4. I haven’t seen enough of her to say that she’s the best Japanese actress but really? Out of all the actors in Korea to pair her with? Not to mention he doesn’t seem like the best choice for hung-up-on-first-love-man-pain. At least its just a webdrama?

    • It’s probably just to add to the promotion of BigBang’s new album. It’s all a marketing ploy. Bring attention to its members before you bring them all together or something like that. Kdramas are rarely about talent or good stories nowadays anyway.

  5. As a fan of both BB and Ueno Juri, I’m surprised that I am far from excited for this. The storyline sounds boring if it exists at all, and TOP has done mostly action movies. Truly can’t imagine him being the romantic type. I guess it’s good that it’ll be a web drama, as it would probably only be fans who check them out. Hopefully this will force him to learn more japanese!

  6. Ms Koala, you’re not the only one think TOP reminds to Eric, since I heard some fans said when they looking at Eric, it’s kinda older version of TOP. But some of them said Chansung 2PM-Eric is pretty resembled each other.

    I’m a fan of Big Bang. All of them equally. No Bias. But, I watched only 2 acting projects of TOP (Iris and Tazza 2). In Tazza 2, he improved a lot. His actings is good but I don’t find anything special yet. But I believe he’ll improve more and more by geting more experiences. If only I could choose, I would say I prefer TOP in Big Bang rather than TOP the actor. But anyway, I am waiting this web drama. Not only because of TOP but I got curious how good this japanese actress since I heard so many positive comments about her. Even koreans seem love her. She must be so special.

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