Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki Make Rare Appearance at Wedding for Kwang Soo’s Sister

Being a variety regular on Running Man means Lee Kwang Soo meets a lot of famous Korean entertainers that come through the popular show. He’s famous in his own right now but over the years he has made some even more famous besties in the acting industry, two of whom made it out to attend the wedding of Kwang Soo’s non-entertainer sister. A picture of the bride and groom posing with Kwang Soo and his famous buddies is generating buzz, most notably for a sighting of effortlessly gorgeous Jo In Sung, followed by a low-key cap wearing Song Joong Ki who took a military service vacation day off for the celebration. Many of Kwang Soo’s RM costars also attended but I had only eyes for Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki since it’s been awhile since I’ve seen them out and about. Jo In Sung doesn’t have any acting products line up for this year yet but all eyes are trained on Song Joong Ki once he is discharged this May and heads straight to filming the Kim Eun Sook drama Descendants of the Sun.


Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki Make Rare Appearance at Wedding for Kwang Soo’s Sister — 20 Comments

  1. Kwangsoo is totally good looking when he’s not making weird faces. He definitely stood his ground, even when sandwiched between JIS and SJK. I hope he gets is own leading role in a drama soon, cuz he definitely has the talent and skills for it.

  2. RM’s family <3 Sorry but I have to spazz how freakin' amazing and heartwarming it is, haha. Not the first time but yeap 😛 Latest episode was so hilarious. Kang Ha Neuk is such a hoot. He was rather quiet in episode 190 when he guested with the cast of Angel Eyes but he really shone this time ^^

  3. Isn’t that Song Ji Hyo in the second picture sitting with Kwang Soo and the bride?

    Love the casual way everyone dresses. From the pics, it looks like a low-key wedding.

    • I’m of the opposite opinion.
      To me, a wedding is a very important and unique event in someone’s life and to honor that, people should dress up.
      If you don’t dress up at a wedding that only happens once (as it is supposed to be) in someone’s life, on which occasion is one supposed to dress up? In a graduation?
      I always see it as a sign of disrespect when people dress casually at a wedding.
      Jeans….that’s a no no for me for an occasion like this.

      • I’m iffy about the jeans too but as far as I know about Korean wedding culture, female guests are encouraged to dress down out of respect for the bride so she can shine even more on her wedding day. How dressed down is it appropriate I don’t know, but I seen far too many celeb wedding guests where they dress like they are going for a company meeting, not a wedding.

  4. Only Jo In Sung seems dressed up.. Or rather everyone else is very casual. I don’t remember JIS being Kwang Soo’s close friend but it’s nice to see celebrities make appearance on a friend’s function.

    • Well they were in a drama together I am sure that after a while of seeing the same person everyday you eventually develop a kind of friendship.

    • They have been friends for a few years now, even before It’s Okay It’s Love. I believe Kwang Soo and Jo In Sung met each other during a CF for Steak House back in 2011. Apparently, it was “love at first sight” because ever since, they have been spotted a lot of times together. Jo In Sung even said during That Winter, The Wind Blows that Kwang Soo was one of his closest friend and that he only needed them in his life (if it isn’t a love confession, haha) I believe they were super happy to star in the same drama. All those behind the scenes must be hilarious 🙂

  5. Wearing cap and/or jeans to a wedding is a no-no, idgaf who you are. His sister looks beautiful, congrats to her and her new husband.

  6. Well they are celebrities, so probably didn’t want to outshine the bride and groom. SJK seems like he didn’t want to be noticed at all.

  7. i think kwang soo is someone who can be your bestie once you know him. almost all of his co star in drama become his best friend. everybody just like him.
    JIS is gorgeous. Just like what koala said, effortlessly handsome <3

    • This is what I noticed too. Everytime some actors said that he is close to Kwang Soo, I am like “WHUT ?” My biggest surprise gotta be Son Hyun Joo though. When he appeared and said that he was really close to KS, I really couldn’t believe it lol.
      In RM, it seems that a lot of guests fangirl/fanboy to KS too, haha. Like Yeo Jin Goo in episode 182. He looked so fascinated XD.

  8. I think actually Jo In Sung and Kwang Soo met during their model days. Jong Ki and him became bff on Running Man but Jong Ki already knew JIS through Frozen Flowers so I guess that close friends circle formed naturally.

    But Kwang Soo really must be the nicest, friendliest guy. Basically everyone he meets comes to love him, be it male or female, older or younger, actor or singer… He’s friends with everybody he works with!

  9. Seems like you guys haven’t seen many pictures of K-celebs attending Korean weddings, they dress casually most of the time. Plus Song Joong Ki is still serving in the military so I guess he doesn’t want to be too noticeable. Jo In Sung is sooo beautiful, but please add some weights (also get a movie/drama please, your former co-stars are confirming roles here and there). Oh and a Jo In Sung – Song Ji Hyo reunion, must be awkward lol.

    • Agree even jy hyo said in rm that they don’t contract after the film. Probably the reason why they haven’t invit in sung to guest on running man

  10. Speaking of the wedding of Kwangsoo’s sister. I remember Kim Jong kook said that he can’t date Kwang soo’s sister because how the siblings look so alike. Ma was like “what’s wrong with my face?” Lolz idk hoe many sister he has but congrats to this one for her marriage.
    In sung is serious the man of vest, he is gorgeous and his personality on variety show is somewhat dorky, love it

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