Hello Monster Adds Lee Chun Hee, Park Bo Geum, D.O., and Choi Won Young

There are worst places to be in the casting process than where upcoming KBS drama Hello Monster is right now. The drama is in a weird spot of having filled out the cast except for the leading man role. Luckily the drama still has plenty of time to find a strapping fellow to play the criminal profiler expert since Hello Monster won’t air until June after Who Are You: School 2015 wraps up its run first. That does worry me a bit since the lag time could end up with discussed cast members bailing before then.

Currently the cast stands as Jang Nara as the cop stalker leading lady, and joining her in supporting roles are Lee Chun Hee (Chunderella is back!), up-and-comer Park Bo Geum whom I’ve been eyeing since his memorable child actor role in Wonderful Days, EXO‘s D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) in a special two-episode guest turn, and awesome smexy Choi Won Young who was recently the very capable secretary in Kill Me Heal Me. Reported male lead Lee Jin Wook has sadly turned down the drama. 

If this is the final main cast then I’m already super stoked for the drama, unless the network casts a totally blergh male lead. But even then it’ll take a lot for me to skip this one since it’s from the screenwriter of Protect the Boss and All About My Romance, a writer that that makes offbeat topics work.


Hello Monster Adds Lee Chun Hee, Park Bo Geum, D.O., and Choi Won Young — 17 Comments

  1. I like all the casts except D.O. He doesn’t know how to act. He was bad in It’s okay that’s love. SM keep doing their idols in dramas. I don’t mind Lee yeon hee and Go Ara. Yoona and sooyoung are okay. Krystal, minho, yunho and Sulli are annoying. Even changmin in vampire scholar? Anyway, I wonder who will be the leading man.

    • You’re probably the first one I know of that thinks D.O. is a bad actor. I’m so not a fan of EXO but I think he’s such a good up and coming actor. But each of their own.

      • Honestly, he is neither extremely good nor bad. He’s simply okay. Definitely far far better than all the other SM idol actors though.

  2. Jang Nara hasn’t confirmed, so this is missing both leads. It’s actually very possible that JNR rejects this if they don’t find a more than decent male lead.

  3. So, what about In Time With You? Did they get the first male lead?

    Nowadays, we couldn’t predict the drama will get hit just because of the casts, script writers and so on. Seeing how the non anticipated drama like Unkind Woman almost get 15% ratings and it’s in KBS!!!

    • Unkind Women is like a makjang/weekend drama type. You know the dramas for grandmas. That’s why the rating is good.

      • Really? I don’t watch that drama. But I heard the storyline is good. that’s why I have plan to watch it But, If it’s for grandma then I don’t wanna watch it.

      • @Michaelcorleone

        Well, I’m in my 20s and I enjoy watching Unkind Women. Maybe you can try it first before writing it off 🙂

  4. I finally got to see Park Bo Geum. I really love his performance in Naeil’s cantabile and I’m so excited for him to be back in dramaland! 😀

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