Yoo Seung Ho’s Tasty CF Sends Cake Sales Soaring

Yes, I want my Yoo Seung Ho and eat my cake, too. Since being released from military service, Yoo Seung Ho has dived back into his entertainment career full force, including resuming his sought after CF activities. He filmed a CF last month for Korean conglomerate CF‘s dessert brand Petitzel on a new individual-sized cake called the Sweet Roll. It’s a simple fresh milk and cream swiss cake roll, being sold in mass market locations but boasting a gourmet bakery quality.

Since the premiere of the CF with the launch of the product, in a short month Petitzel has sold over 400,000 units and with 12 billion won gross sales. Not bad for a cake made out of cream, sugar, and flour. The media is calling it the Yoo Seung Ho effect, which has some basis since he really made that sucker look tasty when he was nom-nom-noming on it in the CF (below). Something so sweet and rich probably appeals more to the female sweet tooth so having Yoo Seung Ho as the face of the product is a masterstroke of good advertising. All the noonas can imagine feeding cake to him LOL.

Sweet Roll CF:

Sweet Roll Making Of Video:


Yoo Seung Ho’s Tasty CF Sends Cake Sales Soaring — 13 Comments

  1. Oh phew I thought he made a CF and the sales dropped or something…

    I’m glad it’s the opposite! But koala, your title is misleading, you gave me a scare. Hahaha

  2. 70% of the cake is made of cream. Usually roll cake only has cream along side. Unless the cream is made real tasty, i will get sick of eating. I can’t buy it here anyway. ^^ But Yoo Seung Ho sure made is more yummy.

  3. I don’t know what you guys saw but my feelings from the pictures with the cake in his mouth is that he hated the cream, not the opposite! Even from the video, I got the same feeling.

  4. Yoo Seung Ho take over the moments Kim Soo Hyun goes to army and than there won`t be stopping him.Perks of doing army early on.

  5. Gosh, I just made a note in my phone to buy that when I’m in Seoul in 3 weeks time. Hahaha! I can’t believe I’m actually doing this..the YSH magic!!!!

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