Romance C-movie The Beloved with Joe Cheng, Kim Bum, and Wang Li Kun Premieres at BJIFF

It’s nearly premiere time for romance C-movie The Beloved (Chinese title 重生爱人 means Reborn Lover). Starring C-actress Wang Li Kun, K-actor Kim Bum, and TW-actor Joe Cheng, this movie collected main leads with different ethnicity while sharing the same incredible good looks. The movie premieres on May 15th but the cast descended on last week’s BJIFF (Beijing International Film Festival) to kickoff promotional festivities. The movie is billed as a mystery romance and based on trailer, I’m still scratching my head trying to suss out what love triangle twist is. Wang Li Kun and Kim Bum play high school sweethearts, something happens to him and she ends up alone as an adult, and then Joe Cheng descends to win her heart but brings along remembrances of her first love. I’m watching for the pretty, obviously, so as long as the film sells the central romance then the little twists and turns will be easier to swallow however far-fetched. Check out the leads at BJIFF, the movie poster and stills, and the full movie trailer.

Movie trailer for The Beloved:


Romance C-movie The Beloved with Joe Cheng, Kim Bum, and Wang Li Kun Premieres at BJIFF — 10 Comments

  1. Why, oh, why are the dubbing voices so awful?? Can’t they find a normal sounding Chinese voice actor for the dubbing? It’s the same with the girls. 🙁

  2. Wang Li Qun is such an amazing actress, who’s done a variety of roles from historical to modern and from political thrillers to slice of life. Most of her projects had very high quality scripts, actors, directors, and producers. I first saw her in Mei Ren Xin Ji with Ruby Lin where she played at least 3 characters, then Beijing Youth where she shot to fame playing a psychiatric angel, and a couple of historical/political thrillers with the actor of Liu Bei from Three Kingdoms. I don’t care much for the male leads here, but she’s definitely a must watch for me!!

  3. surprisingly the movie has very good twist. It will leave you angst but in a good way. It is a very beautiful story.

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