S-pop Magazine Drops More Pretty Stills of Someone Like You Leads Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen

Just because I like an actor and actress individually never guarantees they would make a stellar onscreen coupling. Even if they do generate chemistry onscreen, it can be wasted in a terrible story and lead to even more teeth gnashing for me than if they just failed to ignite on contact. That’s why I always remember to say a word for thanks for Someone Like You, putting Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen together in a story that is actually watchable and pretty darn cute to boot. It’s the first Sunday night SETTV drama I’ve liked since King Flower, and narratively way more sane than KF.

The SLY leads are on the cover and pages of this month’s S-pop magazine, which I posted about two weeks ago but now the remainder of the stills have been released and are too pretty not to share. I love the colorful patterned threads both are modeling, eye-catching without tipping into gauche. I’m fairly certain SLY will have a happy ending for the leads, and along the way the generous production will keep doling out the skinship goodies even if a few roadblock annoyances pop up here and there. It’s nothing that more kissing can’t drown out.


S-pop Magazine Drops More Pretty Stills of Someone Like You Leads Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen — 21 Comments

    • She is!!!!!!! Even back in her previous drama (In A Good Way), I already found her to be pretty. But here in SLY, she’s beautiful with such an innocent aura (her big eyes), add in her flawless skin, as shown by all those close-up shots of her. But the most important part, I think she has come into her own through this drama, acting-wise. That is leaps and bounds improvement from 1 project to the next.

      And those red shoes, <3 <3 <3. They seemed to came Valentino's Rockstud collection.

  1. Totally hooked with this drama! Kingone is fantastic as a beta male lead, with his sexy voice. Arrrgh! And their chemistry really surpases the screen of my PC. I’m somewhat worried after watching today’s episode, but I’m sure after a few episodes of noble idiocy, the ending will be satisfactory. This drama, along with Murphy’s law of love, are the best taiwanese dramas I’ve seen in a lot of time.

  2. Just started watching it this week and I’m LOVING it! Does anyone know if there’s an OST out? I mainly want the song Kristen’s character sings. It’s lovely!

  3. I really like Kingone and Rong Rong as a couple. They look good together and have nice chemistry and sparks. After SLY I’m also starting to like them as individuals (Rong Rong has improved a lot). I like the story and the love and trust that the male and female lead share. I just hope that the upcoming episodes won’t ruin what they have built up so far. I must admit that I’m afraid I won’t be liking what seem to happen soon from what I saw from the preview of episode 17.

  4. I love them; they are really gorgeous in these pics. (I love those red shoes, too). But I really like how their characters talk everything out in this drama. I would be really worried if this were another drama, but the cliff hangers they had had so far have been resolved pretty quickly in the past episodes to the point that I wonder where the drama is going to go. What? Leads who actually talk to each other when they have a problem? Who decide to not keep secrets? Who respect each other as people? AND only ONE crazy parent (mall heiress’s mother is a fright, but ALL the other parents are wonderful)? I sometimes wonder if I am actually watching a real drama. I do want the heart transplant girl to go away, but it’s not because she is bad. She is kind and sweet and bakes great cookies. Even the dastardly ex-boyfriend is taking care of his baby’s mom–though I really want her to get away from him and raise the kids alone instead. Sigh. I frequently rewatch episodes immediately after finishing one because it’s so refreshing. I suppose we are due for some angst, but this show has built up a lot of goodwill from me.

  5. They are gorgeous in these new stills. I love seeing SLY related post here. It reminds me that there’s another new episode to watch this week. Loved the last few episodes and can’t wait to see the new episode! 🙂

  6. I absolutely adore this drama…I was effy about kingone as the lead but man I am totally a fan of his now n want him to be the main lead in future dramas…anyways, is rong rong’s official english name lorene or kristen bc I always see ppl use one or the other n its always confusing

    • I really love Kingone’s voice, so dreamy and manly. As for Rong Rong’s english name, I think she now uses Lorene but most English speaking sites (Dramafever, etc) it’s still Kirsten, hence a lot of us still uses Kirsten. But I personally, just use Rong Rong.

    • Rong Rong’s official English name is Lorene Ren (that’s what it says on her personal account on instagram) but as akikisetsu I prefer calling her Rong Rong.

  7. i got hook only just recently watching it ….. SLY is honestly burning my screen raw lols…they had in turn revive my attention towards drama land again….. 🙂 totally in love with how RongRong and Kingone burn my screen with their chemistry…..not to mention that i’m glad finally Kingone is a lead in a good drama and finally getting the girl instead of always taking the sidelines 🙂 not to mention that in this drama he seems to have girls falling for him left and right lols..did u guys catch the BTs too? lols it was definitely worth watching too lols…..as you can see how the group of them actually grew closer with each other…..and seeing how the director pushes for the scene to happen and all the staff works kinda make me appreciate the drama the ever more 🙂

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