The Teflon Star Power of Lee Min Ho and Suzy, Dating with No Negative Impact on CFs

Being a celebrity means personal relationships can and usually do impact the professional side of life. The K-pundits have been keeping a close eye on the star power of recently confirmed K-ent celebrity couple Lee Min Ho and Suzy to see what happens in the wake of a bombshell new relationship. With it being nearly two months since the public learned about their budding new love, the stats are out and it’s all looking roses for the pretty young lovers. Neither Lee Min Ho nor Suzy’s CF rates have gone down, and their bookings remain steady if not increasingly slightly.

Suzy is one of the top CF stars in Korea while Lee Min Ho’s foothold as a CF king is over in China moreso than domestically. The media is labeling this a sure sign of the Korean netizens growing acceptance of stars dating, but I actually think it might be limited to Suzy and Lee Min Ho dating each other and not the K-netz being cool with any stars dating. A way to test the correlation out would be if Kim Soo Hyun went public with a star relationship and see if that has any impact on his popularity widespread CF portfolio. Who knows, maybe K-netz really are lightening up these days.

At this rate, advertisers would be stupid not to shell out whatever money is needed to film a CF with Lee Min Ho and Suzy. Whatever they are shilling together would sell like hotcakes.


The Teflon Star Power of Lee Min Ho and Suzy, Dating with No Negative Impact on CFs — 16 Comments

  1. I noticed that if it was a female idol with a male actor, the repercussions isnt that big: case in point Yoona with Lee Seung Gi or Sooyoung with Jung Kyung Ho but god help you if it was with a male idol from one of those infamous fandom like EXO.

  2. It didn’t affect Lee Seunggi and Yoona either so i guess it has to do with status actors have in the industry. If both parts are already established stars with clean image , they won’t loos any popularity and people will except it.

    • I agree with you. i think two well-loved and popular star dating each other has actually a synergistic effect towards a positive response, such is in the case of Lee Min Ho and Suzy. I think that people see them as equals therefore people think they are a great fit. i think it will be a different response if the popular actor/idol is dating a much less perceived in caliber actor/ idol in terms of popularity or personality.Much more if the other party is an ordinary non-celebrity. That is when the discord happens when fans think “my oppa or unni deserves someone better”

  3. It’s really too early to tell if they did take a hit or not, unless either one of them renewed or got new contracts in the last month. They didn’t do anything bad enough to get dropped, but CFs might go in a different direction after the news. This is true probably more with her than him, but who knows… this could open up more mature options for her like home appliances or other things. I think most of the time with “scandals” like this by the time the CF renewals come up most people don’t give a crap anymore so things continue like normal.

    • It’s not too early to tell. Lee Minho renewed with LG two weeks ago and with Lotte one week ago. These two are biggest ones.

      • Well, there you go. For him I never thought it would be an issue though. Grown man dating isn’t exactly shocking. But people do have sexist standards they place on women, especially young idols. But Suzy hasn’t really ever been marketed that way and netizens seriously have no room for complaint with LMH lol

    • Well, Suzy had a new CF deal after the ‘dating news’! A big one! LOTTE HI-MART(Korea’s biggest electrical mall)…

  4. is that true that they actually have been meet up since sept. read it somewhere about insider rumour of them but forgot to save the link.. if that really true i guess they really intended to go public cause i don’t know why i feel that their dating news are planed out and come out of the blue… maybe just my feeling cause they never have project together like kth-rain atleast had cf tgher be4 or lsg-yoona atleast ever had interaction on show n kwb-lny who are on the same agency.. but so far minho fans now are more supportive with this recent dating news than be4 maybe because suzy is still so young.. tho i’m happy for them^^

  5. After dating news LMH renewed his contract with LG and Lotte.
    While suzy got new CF from Lotte hi-mart electronic CF.
    Even suzy’s Dating Rumour with Lee Jong Suk made a benefit. Both sign new CF BBQ chicken.
    Well it is Suzy, Korea Beloved girl.

  6. It’s all about money . LmH going his own merry way . Not mentioning Suzy even once and yet she gushed about him – shouldn’t it be the other way around ? Heresay or coming from a second or third party is different than coming from his own lips. It’s public knowledge now unless it’s all fake and to increase production for the two . In my opinion if my boyfriend won’t acknowledge me publicly – he is not really interested . Embarrassing Suzy !

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