First Look at Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sarang in My Love Eun Dong

Filming has begun on upcoming jTBC drama My Love Eun Dong, a drama that I’m intrigued about but not quite certain what to expect. Starring Joo Jin Mo, Kim Sarang, Kim Yoo Ri, and Kim Tae Hoon, the drama is about a long lasting love of the type that sounds like a return to the Hallyu dramas of yore. The leads Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sarang met as kids and will reportedly be each other’s true love through the years. Playing younger versions of Joo Jin Mo will be Baek Sung Hyun as the character in his 20s and Jr. (of group Got7) as the same character in his teens. The first drama stills are out, showing Joo Jin Mo in the present as a popular famous actor, Jr. as his rebellious teen version, and script reading stills with the main cast looking focused and ready to rock.

First teaser for My Love Eun Dong:


First Look at Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sarang in My Love Eun Dong — 11 Comments

    • I think it’s more suzy looks like her since Kim sae rang is older than suzy.
      But yes I agree. She’s the bomb. And very well endowed haha

  1. Dang, I miss Joo Jin Mo in big screen but his last projects weren’t that good, what a waste of a talent. He’s such a gem but he rarely has the chance to show all his talent. Anyway, hope that drama will be well-written. I deserve JJM in a good project!

    • What’s happening in this industry? He is such a brilliant actor and a handsome man( universally, if I may add!) who shines given half a chance. Oh, for crying out loud, what more do they need from an actor! This is getting absurd! Unless one’s a(as little as possible)twenty-something idol, has almost zero opportunities for promising projects. We are running out of professional actors here, people.

  2. I wouldn’t say Jr (Park Jinyoung Junior) looks alike a young Joo Jinmoo, but I love them both so bring it on!

    (Baek Seunghyun has less similarities with JJM though)

  3. [SPOILERS!!] Chona! i miss this guy. Hated how he was killed off at the end of Empress Ki…he most certainly didn’t have to go the way he did along with his companions.

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