Masked Prosecutor Drops First Peek at Leading Man Joo Sang Wook

Masked Prosecutor (The Man in the Mask) has hit the ground running by the looks of the first drama stills of leading man Joo Sang Wook as the titular prosecutor who resorts to masked vigilantism. There’s no mask in sight, and he doesn’t appear to be in the midst of doing his prosecutorial duties either, but neither matters in the eye candy department because Joo Sang Wook looks mighty damn fine just standing there in a suit. Mrawr. I always hold my breath until I see first drama stills because of K-dramas track record of hideous character hair for no apparent reason.

The production of Big Man is behind Masked Prosecutor and claimed the story was a modern revamp of the Legend of Zorro man in the mask folktale updated and moved to Korea. I actually think it sounds more like Marvel hero Daredevil, except the male lead isn’t blind like Matt Murdoch. Either way, I am curious how a supposedly derpy and righteous prosecutor by day has the ability to take justice into his own hands at night. How was he trained? Does he have superpowers, which wouldn’t be a stretch since KBS was the network that brought us Blade Man (aka Iron Man) last year.


Masked Prosecutor Drops First Peek at Leading Man Joo Sang Wook — 18 Comments

  1. He always look mighty fine especially in suits. I can’t reconcile his Screen and real life personality. Hope it’s good. Love the pairing. And Kim sun ah!!!

  2. The man is ageless!! I swear he looks the same as he did in Giant/Feast of the Gods/TEN/QSD. I absolutely love this man!! Love him!!! Cannot wait for the next drama! Back to doing what I love the most!

  3. Yeah, it reminds me of Daredevil too so I’m passing on this one. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio are amazing. NF’s Daredevil is like the a comic book come to life.

    • It was soo good, now I’m happy that I don’t have to wait 3 years for a season 2. Also hoping that AKA Jessica Jones will be as awesome.
      Curiously waiting for who is going to be Netflix’s Iron Fist.

      • I read that Ryan Phillippe is being added to a Marvel show and I thought it was Daredevil.? Just checked out info on AKA Jessica Jones and it is looking pretty badass with the cast.

    • Yeah, apparently Ryan has been in talks with Marvel and people are speculating that he’s going to be Iron Fist. He’s a bit older then the character is supposed to be but he has a background in martial arts with could be a big plus.
      I’m hoping Jessica Jones will be awesome, the cast is great and apparently the comic is very good. I admit I haven’t read it but planning so asap.

    • Daredevil didn’t get really engrossing for me until Wilson Fisk showed up. Not saying it would be bad without him but his appearance just accelerated everything and it got so damn good. He is hands down the best Marvel villian to date.

      I love Daredevil but I’ll definitely be checking this out. I don’t see the need to miss out on it just because it’s similar to DD.

  4. You like Daredevil!? Going to be annoying and point out that Matt Murdoch was not a prosecutor. I’m a huge comic book geek! Still mad that Fox is continuing to allow Singer to ruin X-Men (Vaughn’s first class was great though)
    I hope this is good and fun as well, Jo Sang Wook is really good at comedy which surprises me as he is very good at intense roles.

  5. He’s lookin’ mighty fine alright, but the premise of this show reminds me of Hyde Jekyl and Me and the disappointing Blade Man – I’m skeptical

  6. JSW looks fine but the same as always aka nothing special to be read from these still. Looking forward to KSA stills.

    • He’s literally just standing and looking, how much can you garner from it apart from him looking attractive. They obviously don’t want to reveal much right now.

  7. This will be his third drama in a row playing a derpy something or other, even if this one is just a persona to hide behind.

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