2015 Forbes China Celebrity Power Ranking: Fan Bing Bing Followed by Many Idol Flower Boys Making the List

C-actress Fan Bing Bing starred in the boobtastic mega hit period C-drama in 2015 called The Empress of China, which makes it even more fitting that she tops the just released 2015 Forbes China Celebrity Power List. Even more impressive is this being her second year in a row at the number one spot, bringing the girl power to the yard and schooling all the men. Right behind her in the power play is singer/actor Jay Chou, who got the most news in the past year for marrying his much younger model girlfriend, followed by actor/chef/entrepreneur Nicholas Tse, who also got the most publicity for getting back together with his much older first love Faye Wong (she also made the Forbes list a bit further down than Nic). Other than the usual suspects on this year’s list, the media is buzzing over all the fresh meat, i.e. young Chinese flower boy singers and actors, that made the list starting with Li Yi Feng through Luhan and Kris and rounded out with William Chan and Lin Geng Xin. Check out the full 1-100 rankings below to see who is a mover-and-shaker in the C-entertainment industry in 2015.

2015 Ranking Name/ Profession:

(bolded names are just the folks I personally found interesting to make the list)

1 范冰冰 Fan Bing Bing Actor 
2 周杰伦 Jay Chou Singer、Actor
3 谢霆锋 Nicholas Tse Actor、Singer
4 成龙 Jackie Chan Actor, Director
5 黄晓明 Huang Xiaoming Actor 
6 孙俪 Sun Li Actor
7 赵薇 Zhao Wei Actor、Director 
8 刘德华 Andy Lau Actor、Singer
9 李易峰 Li Yi Feng Actor、Singer 
10 陈奕迅 Eason Chan Singer、Actor
11 邓紫棋 G.E.M. Singer
12 杨颖 Angelababy Actor 
13 李冰冰 Li Bing Bing Actor
14 汪峰 Wang Feng Singer
15 李娜 Li Na Sports
16 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai Singer
17 周迅 Zhou Xun Actor 
18 刘嘉玲 Carina Lau Actor
19 李晨 Li Chen Actor
20 唐嫣 Tang Yan Actor
21 章子怡 Zhang Ziyi Actor
22 黄渤 Huang Bo Actor
23 郭富城 Aaron Kwok Actor、Singer
24 王力宏 Leehom Wang Singer、Actor
25 古天乐 Louis Koo Actor
26 吴奇隆 Nicky Wu Actor
27 邓超 Deng Chao Actor
28 林志玲 Lin Zhi Ling Model, Actor
29 周润发 Chow Yun-Fat Actor
30 刘诗诗 Liu Shi Shi Actor 
31 杨幂 Yang Mi Actor
32 舒淇 Shu Qi Actor
37 鹿晗 Luhan Actor、Singer
39 罗志祥 Show Luo Singer、Actor

2015 Ranking Name/Profession:

41 姚晨 Yao Chen Actor
42 吴亦凡 Wu Yi Fan/Kris Actor、Singer
43 赵丽颖 Zhao Li Ying Actor
44 五月天 Mayday Music group
45 钟汉良 Wallace Chung Actor、Singer
48 霍建华 Wallace Huo Actor 
51 佟大为 Tong Dawei Actor
55 汤唯 Tang Wei Actor 
59 那英 Na Ying Singer
60. Lee Zhong Sheng Singer
61 陈乔恩 Chen Qiao En Actor 
62 李宇春 Li Yu Chun Singer
63 胡歌 Hu Ge Actor 
64 郎朗 Lang Lang Pianist
65 唐家三少 Tang Jia San Shao Writer
66 佟丽娅 Tong Li Ya Actor
67 刘涛 Liu Tao Actor
68 徐峥 Xu Zheng Actor、Director
69 陈赫 Chen He Actor
70 陈伟霆 William Chan Actor、Singer
71 王宝强 Wang Bao Qiang Actor
72 林丹 Lin Dan Sports
73 王菲 Faye Wong Singer
74 陈晓 Chen Xiao Actor 
75 徐熙娣 Xiao S Host
76 高圆圆 Gao Yuan Yuan Actor
77 林更新 Lin Geng Xin Actor 
78 郭敬明 Guo Jing Ming Writer、Director
79 苏打绿 Sodagreen Music group
80 张歆艺 Zhang Xin Yi Actor
81 郭采洁 Amber Kuo Actor、Singer
82 林心如 Ruby Lin Actor
84 马苏 Ma Su Actor
85 陈妍希 Michelle Chen Actor
86 郑恺 Zheng Kai Actor
87 彭于晏 Eddie Peng Actor
88 何炅 He Jiong Host
90 田馥甄 Hebe Tian Singer、Actor
91 华晨宇 Hua Zhen Yu Singer
92 TFBOYS Music group
93 Lee Yun Di Pianist
94 Yu Quan Music group
95 Charlene Choi Singer, Actor
96 张杰 Zhang Jie Singer
97 Stephen Chow Actor, Director
98 Feng Shao Feng Actor
99 Liu De Wan Variety, Singer
100 Wang Han Host


2015 Forbes China Celebrity Power Ranking: Fan Bing Bing Followed by Many Idol Flower Boys Making the List — 37 Comments

  1. Not too far fetched, though I’d expect Jay to drop after his most recent lackluster album and marriage. I would have placed Ruby Lin much higher on the list though.

  2. You see a lot of established figure at the bottom (Tang Wei, Ruby Lin, Faye Wong). Even though they haven’t has as much exposure, is it normal for them to drop that much? It’s a little weird to see established people so far down the list.

  3. Jolin should have been higher after that fabulous album. I still have Play on rotation and watched her reality show even though my Mandarin is basically terrible

    Did Show do something? Aside from his entertainment show? Has he had an album since Lion Roar? I hated the dance in that MV so much but him and Ga In were interesting

    Kris has like 6 movies this year so I did think he’d be higher but nice top 50 entry for him.

    • Yea he does have six movies but only one movie is out so far. The rest is still in post production or haven’t been film yet.

  4. Can someone explain William Chan for me? He’s been active in HK for so long but is derogatorily known as “Taxi Chan” (which I am guilty of still calling him) and Sa’s bf, then out of nowhere he’s become a 男神 in Mainland? Where, how, and why? I am very curious.

    • 3 very popular C-dramas in 2014 & 2015, including Sword of Legends and Legend of Fragrance. The male lead in these 2 dramas, despite his youth and short drama/film history, zoomed all the way up into the top 10!

    • yeah, he played many popular dramas in mainland, and i watched some of his HK movies and dramas, but they didnt really work for his career, i mean, he’s big in mainland..

      it’s the same with wallace and hawick.. they started their career in HK but popular in mainnland 🙂

      • I liked Hawick in all the HK Dramas I’ve seen him in (which isn’t a lot tbh).

        I feel like the situation is a TAD different. I feel like when the HK media talked about Taxi Chan, there was this mocking tone. I don’t think was the case with Wallace and Hawick when they were active in HK. I THINK.

  5. It’s interesting to see Jackie Chan ranked lower than Fan Bing Bing and Nic Tse – makes me feel old since I always think he’s unbeatable.

    • Most of the list are new names who are hot, popular just the current trend like the flower boys, the pretty leading ladies or the alist female actresses like Fan Bing Bing. Im more surprised at Jackie Chans power,popularity as 60+ year old that he is every year in top 3-5. Since he has dominated C-entertainment since the 80s.

      Its only Jackie, Michelle Yeoh, Chow Yun Fat, Stephen Chow who are the old legendary names in the list.

      Other than i dont even know what Fan Bing Bing is famous for films wise when she is huge in China. Boob empress you read about online? Can that compare Jackie Chan who is loved all over the world, conquered the world popularity wise? The rest of 99 together isnt enough world wide fame compared to Jackie Chan. Only bigger chinese,HK name is Bruce Lee who died decades ago.

  6. Wow x3 for Li Yi Feng. He’s the only 20+ actor in the top 10. Have to admit that I watched the long and draggy Sword of Legends for him, followed by marathoning Legend of Fragrance. Waiting impatiently for Lost Tomb.

    Would have expected the 2 Wallaces and William Feng to be slightly higher up in the list though.

  7. oh my Wallace Chung.. omo, no wonder Tang yan is on the list, with her crazy schedule for dramas, no doubt. but, where’s hawick lau?? am i missing his name on the list??

    no F4? i mean, one of those members..
    and HAN ZHANG?? he’s like everywhere..

    and happy to see my faves on the list.. keep it up guys!

    ps : fan bing bing gets beautiful and younger than her debut days.. wow.. the power of makeup 🙂

  8. Hawick and wu xiu bo and tony leung is on the list

    its just theres some numbers missing on the above list

    33. wu xiu bo
    34. feng xiao gang
    35. hawick lau
    36. jiang wen
    38. lu yi
    40. zhang jia yi
    46. donnie yen
    47. francis ng
    49. tony leung
    50. jia nai liang
    52. han han
    53. jam hsiao
    54. yan ni
    56. ning hao
    57. hai qing
    58. huang lei
    83. julian cheung
    89. liu ye

    • interesting to see han han in the list. i was expecting both wallaces to be in the top 30 judging from their drama last year and their commercial advertisement.

  9. wow, huang xiao ming in 5th place? very nice for him! still need to catch up with cruel romance tho, still waiting to the eng subs to complete and it takes foreverrr..
    also i gave up on starting lady & liar since it appears all the translators stopped subbing this drama from ep. 13 onward 🙁
    i guess will have to wait a year till it’ll complete..

  10. Fan Bing Bing at the top sounds about right, haha. No wonder she showed up to the Met Ball in basically a modern version of her Empress of China costume, it probably felt fitting.

  11. First Photo, from left to right,

    Jay Chou ( Taiwanese singer/songwriter/producer etc. )
    Fan Bing Bing ( Chinese actress , constantly over the last 3+years one of the main 6 female actors in China
    Nicholas Tse ( Hong Kong Actor, singer, CEO )

    Interesting that the Tennis Star Li Na is only Chinese entertainer on Forbes International Celebrity power ranking list. She comes in at 80+ or so.

    Also is there a link to the actual article? Tks

  12. Dear Koala Playground,
    A good day to you! I chance to see your blog today and I decided to write in behalf of my associates, too. My friends and I here in Canada are recently fascinated and became an avid fans for Chinese movies and TV series, of course with English sub-titles. For us, we find Ruby Lin as worthy of our attention and interests. There are so many Canadians here, who knew Ruby Lin for her excellent role in Schemes of Beauty as it was translated to different languages, especially in English, Spanish, Russian and even in Arabic. So, looking at the list for the 2015 Ranking and basing on the numbers of followers of Ruby Lin on the Facebook, we could say that her name should be in the Top 10 of the List . . . For us, she is one of the best! Muchas gracias. Todo lo mejor. Thank you so much for your time in bringing us an updates on our favourite Chinese stars.

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