Bae Yong Joon Makes Rare Public Appearance for Kim Hyun Joong’s Military Service Enlistment

It’s rather ironic that one elusive K-ent star who is rarely photographed in recent years showed up to send off an embittered K-ent star who is in the news way too often lately in a negative light. Singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong, who so happens to be Hallyu superstar Bae Yong Joon‘s protege after signing with his agency KeyEast a few years ago, enlisted in the army for his mandatory military service on May 12th. Accompanying him was his agency president Bae Yong Joon, along with Kim Hyun Joong’s devoted fans from around Asia who came just to bid their idol a supportive farewell.

Kim Hyun Joong’s baby drama with his ex-girlfriend continued to spiral this past week rather than dying down, with new back-and-forth between the two sides – the ex claims she actually miscarried Kim Hyun Joong’s child last year during the period around the assault allegations, while Kim Hyun Joong’s side claims she was actually paid off a considerable amount of compensation last year already (rather than accepting nothing but a sincere apology) and is asserting her lawsuit now against him for emotional distress is nothing but a shakedown. At this point there is nothing worth adding as commentary to this mess other than hoping it’s resolved out of the news cycle now that Kim Hyun Joong has shipped off to the army. I’ve never been this relievedĀ to see someone enlist.


Bae Yong Joon Makes Rare Public Appearance for Kim Hyun Joong’s Military Service Enlistment — 48 Comments

    • With the big difference that the physical abuse was not staged by her. She was really beaten by him. At least twice so severe that she had to be taken to hospital.

      BTW “Gone Girl” is brilliant, but only as a movie!!!

  1. OMG why?? Is it normal for CEO to send off their artist for Army? Now I wonder if his BYJ secret son or something.

    • You know something? once i thought they really have some similiarities between’s now funny to read this article saying he came to his enlistment lol

      • Actually I’ve always thought they look like a father and son before I knew KHJ has a real family.
        But then with CSW child who did look exactly like his adopted father you can’t tell with these things!

    • Umm KHJ is too old to be his son and they’re just really close. BYJ took him on as his protege and goes to a lot of places with KHJ.

  2. And I thought KeyEast was going to dump this abuser’s ass as soon as their contract was done. The show of loyalty is amusing, but I’m really just glad he’s out of sight for 2 years. Or so I hope.

  3. Money talks. He can still make money in Japanese market for Keyeast when he comes out. He has huge fandome there.

  4. On a tangent– it seems that the Korean language doesn’t distinguish btwn miscarriage and abortion? In this case and in another celebrity miscarriage, both were reported as abortions at first in English, then corrected to read miscarriage.

      • Pretty sure they are “ashamed” to have their full faces caught in public as a supporter of KHJ. Majority of the public really doesn’t like him right now, so it’ll bring bad luck to the girls who are shown to be supporting him.

      • This took place at a military enlistment camp — all military sites are on careful watch for virus/contamination etc — so I’m sure it’s just a health precaution and not to hide faces.

    • Masks are common in East Asia. You see them year round on people, not just celebrities. Right now is yellow dust season as well as allergy season. If you go to Japan you’ll see that a lot of people wear them. It’s normal.

    • Because fans want sent him quietly and not causes any trouble of other soldiers, they not shame of support KHJ at all. People don’t know the truth and respond with evil mind.

  5. Bae Yong Joon! I’m kind of disappointed that one of his rare public appearances gets linked with this messy scandal.

    I wonder if he’ll ever act in a drama again. It’s been so many years!

  6. Bae Yong Joon oppa is still as handsome as ever. KHJ may be a a**hole but I think they really do bonded well and may be in some way, BYJ has a strong affinity and affection towards him that he was willing to take him as his protege in the first place and just side look on his wrongdoings.

  7. BYJ, creepy as ever. I have no clue why Keyeast hasn’t dropped KHJ yet.

    They both look like serial killers. Especially KHJ – that look in his eyes gives me chills. I hope he gets his just desserts from his sunbaes in the military. Maybe they’ll give him a demonstration of their “martial arts skills”.

    How does this psycho still have fans coming out to support him, even after the recent report of him having punched his girlfriend in the stomach until she miscarried? I feel nauseous just thinking about it.

    • Well that bit about the miscarriage is all hearsay right now. His lawyers released a statement stating that the hospital records never showed she was pregnant.

      • But he paid her $600, 000 back then, that doesn’t exactly scream innocent to me. And the fact that the lawyers aren’t even bothering to deny the abuse at this point and only the pregnancy speaks volumes.

      • Not a comment on his personality, just the way he’s dressed. And honestly, I’ve always found him kind of creepy. Just my opinion. Also slightly joking, but I guess that doesn’t come across in text. Chill. šŸ™‚

  8. I’m confused. She miscarried last year? So she’s not pregnant now with his child?
    I think I missed something along the way…

    • so she claimed that she miscarried last year when he assaulted her, and then later they got back together and. So this pregnancy is the result of that.

  9. I’m all for victims of assault speaking out, but something about the way his ex keeps bringing out new information and going to the press, just doesn’t seem right. Especially every time she says something new Knetz are all over her, calling her a psycho for getting back him with. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people don;t know much about the cycle of abuse. I feel sorry for her because of him but I wish she would seek some actual help to heal from all this, not just monetary help from him and his agency.
    I’m sure BYJ is regretting the day he ever thought of signing him on.

  10. I am pretty sure that BYJ talked KHJ into enlisting. I am also quite certain that BYJ saw his company’s investment in KHJ going bye-bye with all of his recent “media/ex-girlfriend troubles”. Korean military enlistment is like rehab for K-celebs, provided KHJ has no further problems after he has served, he could have a part 2 for his career.

  11. Ok I am going to say what will piss everybody off. This “woman/child/money-grubber” pisses me off and I understand why she got hit. She needs to shut the f… up. He probably loves her if he went to bed with her again after the whole assault. He deserves what he gets for trusting said money-hungry b….

    • LOL We’ll never know the real story but she’s making herself look bad. If she can prove that he’s the daddy, good for her. But she didn’t have to go public. Seriously, I don’t think people care to know about their wacked up relationship. If she knew he was an abuser, why go back in the first place? People say, it’s hard, cycle continues in that kind of relationship but I don’t think so. Keep far away if you know how they are. Hate to say it, but she’s either (slow)have no common sense or got used again and now trying to get back at him.

    • What a nasty comment! Let’s not get carried away since none of us are friends nor family to either one of these people. Although, I’m quite sure that these harsh words would have beenunacceptable if the girl were indeed your friend or family member. This is such a horrible mess;I only hope the rest of us can keep a cool head…

    • i don’t thinks she should get hit nobody should.but i also don’t think KHJ DESERVES WITH HE GOT BECAUSE THIS COULD MESS WITH SOME OF HIS FANS HEART OR EVEN HIS whole life can get mess up.

  12. No offense to BYJ, but is he a straight guy? I mean they must have a really close relationship for BYJ to come out on public after all these years.. Also he kinda reminds me of Bruce Jenner..

    • He he… funny you should say that but I used to think they were lovers… but that was before I knew he had a girlfriend.

  13. I don’t know but both has same aura, something like cold and mysterious person. I saw many of celebs give certain natural aura in a good way everytime they appear such as Gong Yoo is cool, So Ji Sub is gentle, Eric Mun is bad boy vibe, Jo In Sung is cute. But Seeing them just a bit…I don’t know how to explain but it’s not a good aura.

  14. Kim Hyun Joong looked pathetic. I did not expect him to enlist under such circumstances. I will not be missing him.

    • I agree with the above comments. I have always thought the same thing about both of them aND their looks, aura, especially the look on their eyes.
      Unfortunately this sad true story should end with him losing unless he can stop trying to hide the person he really is (which he’s been trying to do desperately) and get professional help. I’m glad she released the text messages as it gave real onsight to the who he really is and it’s not pretty.

  15. Sei nenhuma mulher merece apanhar.. coreto
    A pergunta e se ela sofreu tanto por que ainda tava com ele..porq nn deixou ele e pior engravidou dele?? pr que???

  16. That’s what a true friend who knows all the true facts would do. Let those without sin cast the first stone. Let all parties involved move on we are all human.

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