OTP Chemistry Galore in Old School Sexy for My Love Eun Dong and Modern Sexy for High Society

I am positive enamored of sexy in my dramas and movies. But real sexy is real hard to do right, especially nowadays with scantily clad or sexually suggestive tries to masquerade as sexy when the real deal is all about restraint and innuendo. Two upcoming dramas seems to have captured the perfect spirit of sexy, and in a nice twist delivers the aura and mood from very different eras. Cable drama My Love Eun Dong airing on jTBC went old school and mined In The Mood for Love for poster shoots featuring leads Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sarang. To say I love it is an understatement, these two radiate mature sex appeal without even needing to show any skin or tongue.

Over at SBS, poster shoots are also underway for upcoming Mon-Tues drama High Society (former drama titles include Chaebol’s Daughter or True Romance), which went through casting cycles until landing leads UEE and Sung Joon. The concept is sexy modern high society Romeo & Juliet, with the two leads sporting black tie attire while going from balcony distance to kissing proximity. UEE’s dress is insanely va-va-va-voom while Sung Joon wears that classic tux like form fitting second skin. The chemistry of both sets of OTPs are off the charts and suddenly my interest in both dramas zoomed way up so kudos to the productions for sexy done right.


OTP Chemistry Galore in Old School Sexy for My Love Eun Dong and Modern Sexy for High Society — 17 Comments

  1. Kim Sa-rang and Joo Jin-Mo are looking so good! Both storylines sound pretty uninventive to me, but I’m going to check them out anyway, because I happen to like all the actors in these two productions. Plus, “Falling for Innocence” has shown me that an awesome cast and a decent script really elevates a mediocre plot.

    • It’s always about execution. As master Scorsese used to point out, there’s always the same story as far as romance’s concerned:boy meets girl…The rest is the scriptwriter’s talent and the director’s vision. So, even if the cast is not always perfect for the project (I’m sorry, SG’s 2nd female lead!), nothing is determined yet. At least I hope so for my beloved JJM’s sake -and mine too, of course!

  2. No seriously, already casting Kim Sa Rang and Joo Jin mo together in a project already was a test for my ovaries but adding In The Mood For Love and Comrades as teasers. I’ll go in hell with it, more papi! I’m in!

  3. I know it is going to sound bad, but I can’t unsee the pantylines on UEE’s dress. Regardless, terrific couple!

    • That dress does nothing for her figure. It makes her look boxy. UEE is not the typical cute/pretty girl, but with the right styling she makes it work. This was not the right styling.

  4. From the pictures above, I prefer the ‘more classic’ looks of JJM-Sarang. This drama will go intense and dark it seems. JTBC always produce qualified dramas.

    I love Sung Joon but being honest I don’t like seeing him laughing. He looks ‘weird’ when laughing lol.

  5. Hot hot hot – Joo Jin mo and Kim sarang… Can’t wait. The plot isn’t terribly interesting but I am hopin g for the best. Love JJM oppa!

  6. UEE face is a bit too white and her dress doesn’t look flattering. Whereas, Kim Sarang looks stunning. My love Eun Dong photo gives me that scandal-ish look. I love it

    • Well, Kim Sarang isn’t Korea’s 3rd hottest woman for nothing. I’m not too fond of her as an actor, but damn! The woman’s hot, hot, HOT!!! Add in Jo Jin Mo and screens will be on fire for sure!

  7. i feel so dumb to asks this, but can anyone tell me what is va-va-va-voom means? is it negative or positive ?

    put that aside, i’m so excited to see Uee and Sung Joon together after seeing that photoshoot, they’re really defines what compatible and sexy are for me *swoons*

    • It’s positive! It means, super sexy. And yes she does look sexy in that dress. Also love the, In the Mood for Love, vibe with JJM and KS.

  8. I immediately thought of In the Mood for Love when I saw the posters for My Love Eundong. I still not completely sold on High Society but the photo shoot goes a long way toward convincing me to check it out. They seem like they have chemistry even in these stills.

  9. I didn’t like her expression when she was wearing the flower dress, the dress was pretty, he looked real fine, but she looks….?

  10. ‘Mature sex appeal’, couldn’t have said it better. Was still hesitating about this drama, although Joo Jin Mo is THE MAN and Kim Sarang has the potential to be on par with him both chemistry and acting wise, but the story sounded too banal to my taste. But now that I see the creative approach of this team, I think I’ll definitely watch it.

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