C-ent to Produce C-drama Remake of Classic Hallyu Rom-com Hit My Name is Kim Sam Soom

On the scale of yay to oh hells no this is definitely on the terrible idea end of that spectrum. A top C-ent producer has purchased the official remake rights to MBC hit drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon, which actually got 50% ratings on its final episode which tells you that this one was among the biggest hits in K-drama land EVER. Sure it’s visually a bit dated now with the mid-aughts fashion as it aired in 2005 but the cohesiveness of the writing and directing paired with one of the best chemistry laden and stellar acting casting of Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin makes it one of many K-drama fans favorite dramas even now. Even C-netizens are wary of this remake, wondering which young male actor can pull off that Binnie’s asshole but endearing Jin Heon and an even bigger worry which C-actress is willing do gain some weight to believably play the normal sized Sam Soon. I think so much has to go right for a C-remake to succeed and honestly lightning in a bottle rarely strikes remakes.

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