Happy Ending in Sight as a Sweet Proposal Teases the Final Episodes of The Girl Who Sees Smells

If there are Yoochun fans with a long memory, they might still remember the contentious commentary I had on his drama Missing You during its airing and how much I hated his character. I still hate that one-track minded doofus Han Jung Woo but it was never an opinion that extended to Yoochun as an actor. I liked him a lot in Rooftop Prince but now it’s just pure unadulterated love I have for this boy. Love, love, love him to pieces as Choi Moo Gak in The Girl Who Sees Smells. He’s exactly what I want from my leading man, interesting without being unnecessarily irritating.

Half of it is his engaging adorable performance, the other half is his warm and sparkling chemistry with leading lady Shin Se Kyung. The police investigation story line may be dank and depressingly stupid, but the character interactions and romance have kept this drama afloat and my love along with it. It’s with a sigh of relief that the just released stills for the upcoming final two episodes shows the screenwriter knowing her strengths and doubling down on it, with Moo Gak proposing to his lady love Cho Rim with all sorts of Moo Gaky levels of dorky cuteness. I can’t get enough of these two, check out all the adorable pics below!


Happy Ending in Sight as a Sweet Proposal Teases the Final Episodes of The Girl Who Sees Smells — 25 Comments

  1. I hope the writer won’t trolled us by made this lovey dovey cute dorky scene as Mugak’s/Chorim’s dream. I really want this one as real scene and continue with a private romantic kiss.

  2. Yes, I still remember it very clearly n its sound U don’t like him as an actor too. But yeah later I saw that U change ur mind for his character in RTP. So, it’s basically only for the character itself. Thanks for loving MooGakkie n (probably)also for ChunNi.

  3. I think the best chemistry he had is with Park Min Young tough they are still mediocre at best during that moment. His character as Moo Gak doesn’t attract me and I can’t buy their romance no matter how much cuteness they showed.

  4. It’s too sad that we won’t see his epic chunface again for the upcoming 2 years… *sigh* whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???? :'(

  5. THANK YOU! After the super-depressing news about the awful K-Drama remake of ITWY compounding its sins by forcing an extension on to Divorce Lawyer in Love, all this happy cute is balm to my soul. Bring it on!

    • Really? DLIL got extended? that’s not good. it’s already too long and i have a feeling 2 more episodes will ruin it. that’s a shame cause it started to be interesting.

  6. I pray this is not their day dreaming too hahaha..dont ruin our sweet dream dear writernim! If the ending will be this sweet, I think I will cry to say goodbye to our sweet Murim

  7. Just watched the latest preview. Aww That “Would u marry me” from Moogak/yoochun was just so sexy! Cant wait for the finale ep! Ms Koala, i’m glad u are loving yoochun now! I really love him as a person i would say, not just actor or singer. Reading his interviews when he did Haemoo, his thoughts and attitude for not just acting career but family/life/future impressed me a lot. Love his matured, hardworking and carefree personality a lot! He deserves success:)

  8. If in june yoochun will turn to 29 or 30 he deserve married not only in drama but in his real life…, go have a life yoochun.. get married, have baby.. make a gamily… you deserve better life after all you’ve done!.Want me to fine the right girl?? I think you look great with sekyung

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