Long Drama Preview and Happy Press Conference Pictures for Masked Prosecutor

I gotta give props when it’s due and Masked Prosecutor deserves kudos for doing the unthinkable from one week ago, namely making that flamboyant wrestling mask suddenly look narratively acceptable. Who woulda thunk it? The drama premieres on KBS this Wednesday night, with an eye towards keeping the ratings crown from predecessor Unkind Women using a combination of mature charm from leads Kim Sun Ah and Joo Sang Wook plus a righteous justice warrior story line.

Turns out the wrestling mask as a disguise for the prosecutor is rooted in his teen years training at a wrestling gym, so he actually uses wrestling as his attack moves and the colorful mask as his cover. I love it when seemingly silly stuff makes sense, now I can sit back to just enjoy the story and onscreen chemistry without being distracted by the mask because it’s organically built into the story line. The cast looked great at the press conference, with plenty of teasing and laughter to go around, always a good sign that there is a happy vibe filming this drama. Check out the press conference pics and long preview below.

Long preview for Masked Prosecutor:


Long Drama Preview and Happy Press Conference Pictures for Masked Prosecutor — 15 Comments

  1. I love how everyone is so game in posing 😀

    I bet this is a breeze to shoot, what with all the experienced actors on set.

  2. Kim Sun Ah’s legs are to die for! she looks gorgeous and happy. I guess you can pair her with a coconut tree and she’ll still have a crackling chemistry with it too.

  3. OMG. Kim sun ah is so gorgeous, confident and perfect. I just can’t take my eyes of her. Her aura really amazing. She never look better. They look like they have so much fun, not sure about the drama but i’ll try the first few eps coz i like the leads.

  4. Everyone is looking good.. I’m still iffy about the mask. I just don’t see it yet. But I’ll at least try the drama for the leads alone

  5. Kim Suh Ah is so beautiful although she has shown signs of aging.
    Please don’t drag any Hyun Bin’s co-stars here

  6. Loving the laughing pictures of my man. Joo Sang Wook why are you so gorgeous?! Don’t care how the series is going to turn up I’ll watch it just for you!

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