Park Min Young Takes Over for Suzy in Upcoming Period C-drama Costarring Hans Zhang

With the way some K-drama castings have gone recently, and the general low pay long hours environment, it’s no wonder more and more actors and actresses are heading overseas to China to work. Last month there was quite the buzz over Suzy possibly being cast as the leading lady in an upcoming period C-drama. It would be her first overseas acting project and in a market that’s quite welcoming of popular K-stars. Ultimately it didn’t pan out but the production stuck with casting a K-star as Park Min Young has landed the role as the female lead of upcoming Braveness of the Ming (Chinese title 锦衣夜行 which means Imperial Guard Night Travels). The Ming dynasty had a specific name for imperial palace police called 锦衣卫 and this drama will be about that covert organization within a Ming dynasty intrigue and romance story. The leading man remains popular C-actor Hans Zhang, who looks equally fine in period or modern garb. Filming begins this summer for a year end premiere date.


Park Min Young Takes Over for Suzy in Upcoming Period C-drama Costarring Hans Zhang — 60 Comments

  1. I think she’s coming off from post healer popularity in China.
    I Like her enough, she’s not stellar acting material but any time better than the typical idol actress. Good chemistry with costars, cute but not annoyingly so. Her acting choices have also been wise recently, she could do with more acting range but well improved from the past. Good choice China

  2. Awesome!!!…. Park Min Young have always been a good actress♥I think she will be better to acting the drama than Suzy, Tho I do like Suzy but PYM is the best!! ♥♥

  3. She’ll look good in Chinese period costume. I loved Healer for mainly for Ji Chang Wook. Man, he’s grown to be fine.

  4. Well, that’s quite ironic. Suzy is Lee Min Ho’s current gf and Park Min Young is his ex. Glad that Min Young got the role. She looks pretty in traditional Korean clothing so I’m sure she’ll look beautiful in traditional Chinese clothing. 🙂

  5. I am a bit skeptical for this crossover project but nonetheless i will watch and hopefully i can get through all episodes. Suzy’s not a stellar acting material either and if I may say Minyoung acts better than Though Minyoung does have a way to be predictably ‘cute’ I wish that she ups her acting strategy a bit.

  6. The production already denied Suzy was approached for the role, it was false alarm.

    I`m glad PMY is getting the role, she is beautiful and great actress.

  7. no offense, but when it comes to acting i prefer PMY! hans zhang everywhere.. i watched his ancient drama (the four), not my fave. i prefer him in a modern suit! hans has good chemistry with his co-star.. i hope it will work too with pmy.

  8. Wow. The first thing that came to my mind on reading this was: Lee Mon Ho’s ex girlfriend and current girlfriend! Hahaha

    Park Min Young may not be supremely talented actress but she knows how to act and has done quite good work in SKKS, Healer, City Hunter. Whereas Suzy can’t act. Period.

  9. Thank goodness that it was not Suzy, no offense but that girl can’t act even if her life depended on it. I am glad no… I am elated that I can watch PMY on the screen again. She is very pretty and very pleasing to the eyes and she can act as well so I am looking forward to this drama.

    • Yoona was practically anticlimactic, she looked terrible.
      I think PMY will look infinitely better, especially thinking back to the robes she wore in Ja Myunggo (set in Goguryeo era).

  10. Park Min Young kinda like Ha Ji Won. They make their co-stars shine. From Jung Il Woo, Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ah In, YooChun. I find her beauty are standard. Not that goddess look but very sweet. The more important, she has good chemistry with every co-stars whether younger or older than her.

      • I think you misunderstood Michaelcorleon’s comment. How was it a disgrace to Ha Ji Won’s name? Michaelcorleone paid a COMPLIMENT to HJW by suggesting that she makes her co-stars shine. Nothing disgusting about that statement!

      • You could actually be right with all that rage of yours if poor Mike had mentioned Suzy’s name at his post. Unless you didn’t get that right. Check again, please.

    • I think its the opposite. Her co star makes her shines. PYC, JIL, LMH and JCW are so handsome and have their own charm. PMY just so lucky to act alongside them. Imho

  11. The production team says “We want Lee Minho’s girlfriend Suzy to take the role. But, she was hesitant and filming date is coming so we made a decision in a hurry”
    Such a disrespect to Pmy. The pay must be really good.

  12. PMY’s acting is getting better, especially after the Healer drama. Able to see her improvement & more natural in acting. Personally, feel that PMY’S acting is far superb than Suzy. Her popularity is also far higher than Suzy in China. Suzy is recently hot in gossip topic at all medias headlines due to her admitted in love relationship with Lee Min Ho.

  13. Park Min Young shi, we are looking forward! The story sounds interesting, especially you being trained well and taking control of the Royal Guard. Anticipating a lot

    • Sorry, got confused, it is ur co-star whose character going to be trained and take control of the guard, right? hope more news on ur character description will be revealed

  14. #fighting# PMY unnie, sure you can act way better than Suzy!!. . ofcos you are good at everything…. Love you always unnie PMY!!

  15. If you quit watching Healer on episode 2 you missed a truly wonderful drama. Okay you don’t like an actress but her acting was just fine. You will find in almost all dramas you have to watch 3 or 4 episodes before a drama hits it’s stride. I think Healer is a don’t miss drama. The OTP just got better and better, oh yay.

  16. lol.. The Lee Min Ho girls exchanging roles what the hell, but I believe its bittersweat for Suzy fans even thou they didn’t want her to take the role but it must feel sad that PMY got it of all people..

  17. Good move. Guess someone saw Suzy in Gu Family Book and say, hey, woah, wait a minute, let’s rethink this casting. She’s cute and all, but I’m sorry to all you Suzy lovers, she needs to stick with singing and CFs. She is just an abominable actress, and that goes doubly when she tries to do sageuk or anything serious.

  18. What with the comments? I still remember when PMY was younger, every comments contain hate. And now she’s older and you turn to like her? OMG, I just can’t believe you, girls!

    I wish PMY will back to Korea soon, I love her, but I can’t manage to watch her series with annoying hardsubs Chinese subtitle..

    • Um maybe because those people who commented on how they “hated” her aren’t the same as the ones who like her?

    • I don’t know that since I get all my info from drama blogs, but I know Answer 1988 has taken forever in casting, false alarms, etc. Same goes for Vampire Who Walks the Night, High Society, or maybe Han Groo will just never get cast. Even KMHM (I know, a while ago) apparently only put their cast together at the last minute with people backing out.

  19. I always liked PMY’s drama even she oftentimes got negative feedback about her acting. She’s definitely better than Suzy. No comparison. At least I found her sweet and cute with all her co-stars. Her dramas including SKKS, City Hunter, and Healer have been my all time favorite. So no matter what, she’s got good sense in choosing projects beneficial to her acting career. I hope this C drama is another success and breakthrough for her. I also like her counterpart Zhang Han. Hopefully this historical C drama doesn’t have too slow pace like many C dramas do.

  20. Love Park Min Young! Glad she’s getting the popularity she deserves (in China)! Honestly not so fond of recent Chinese dramas though, just tends to drag and tries too hard to be emo with ridiculous plot lines -_-… still prefer Korean dramas.
    p.s. still occasionally sad she and Lee Min Ho broke up :'(

  21. Yes! She is definitely a good choice than Suzy. Not only she is better acting wise she is also prettier than Suzy. That’s coming from a guys perspective and I would 1000% prefer PMY over her.

  22. She can play the part well, in these period c-dramas, which is not easy to do. I am so happy for her…her comment about feeling freer and not worrying not being self-conscious, in her last drama, was so refreshing to hear. I wish there was a sincere, healthy, group minded actress who could lead the way for the young women of Korea. Young girls need their self esteem and feelings of being OK pumped up, these actresses could be doing that.

  23. Good Choice! PMY, acting wise she is way better and have improved lately. I find her very pretty as well and has an ability on how to convey herself with ease in front of the camera. Love SSK and Healer!

  24. Love PMY ever since I saw her on TV. screen cap her picture and showed it to my friends and they unanimously say Woah! Very pretty who is she? I am glad that she got this project. She very well can act. I don’t care about the comments from the haters esp. from the fans of her ex. Haters just dont have nothing to do but spread hate to make theirselves feel better. In the end she came out the mature one and the better person. Keep it up PMY, you have a lot of fans and admirers that support you.

    • Agree with you, haters are just confused followers that they don’t know why that person is love very much.

  25. We’re happy for you Ms. Minyoung. You’ve always been an intellectual, so, we know that choosing this drama is a move to upgrade more your acting capability. We support you and we’ll continue cheering for you. Way to go, Minyoungshi!

  26. “STUCK” CAST??? SO SAD…!!!

    “Ultimately it didn’t pan out but the production stuck with casting a K-star as Park Min Young has landed the role as the female lead of upcoming Braveness of the Ming (Chinese title 锦衣夜行 which means Imperial Guard Night Travels).”

  27. Im so happy that they chose Park Min Young she is an exceptional human being.. her hard working acting abilities has improved tremendously and she deserves the opportunity to escalate and further her capabilities and this Project definately will see her professionalism, skills and attributes that will shine in her Acting Career..Blessings to you PMY and your fellow comrades Writer / Amazing/Versatile Zhang Han whom has abundance of talent, and the Leading / Supporting Fine Excellent Actors/Actresses & Production Crew.. Best wishes PMY.. lots of love & support & cant wait when the released 2016 Fighting :::)

  28. Park min young is a better actress than that so called Suzy because I started watching one of tv whatever dream she was so boring even though I loved the lead males I couldn’t finish. I don’t know about her siging, but she sucks at acting. I honestly believe pmy is more beautiful than her also. Sorry nothing personal but it is true.

  29. I agree Park min young is better than suzy !! hehe I Love You unnie Park .. More blessings to come , love youuu <3

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