Jeon Ji Hyun Wows the Cannes Red Carpet in a Glorious Couture Gucci Gown

I would take one Jeon Ji Hyun over a hundred wannabe actresses any day. She’s old school glitz and glamour, talent and charisma, the collective bundle of everything dazzling onscreen. The screen goddess that is Ms. Jeon was in Cannes this past weekend walking the red carpet during the Classics screening alongside the president of fashion house Gucci. She is the Asian model for the brand’s accessories line, but at this particular red carpet she wore a Gucci dress with Chiodo brand jewelry.

I love her dress to pieces even if I can’t properly describe it, a combination of fresh and modern with sleek and subtly sexy. The color is glorious, a brown and black shimmery palate that ought to look dense but radiates look at me appeal when she’s wearing it. The one drawback of her crazy successful drama comeback last year with You From Another Star is making me miss her on the small screen when really she’s been a movie star for over a decade already and looks to remain there for the foreseeable future.


Jeon Ji Hyun Wows the Cannes Red Carpet in a Glorious Couture Gucci Gown — 19 Comments

  1. I agree with @ocKoala on this one, and this dress is also stunning without “trying too hard” her hair just down and natural looks beautiful, too~

  2. She’s so classy. The gawn is simple but looks elegant on her. She’s one of the lady that looks good in anything.

  3. I don’t like the print on the dress; reminds me of the curtain suits Kim Tan wore in The Heirs. The style/cut I love. Jeon Ji Hyun looks great in pretty much anything; so the dress still looks good on her.

  4. Well jun ji hyun can do no wrong she can wear a plastic bag and still looks good, a timeless beauty i so love her aura very charming a goddess forever

  5. Years ago, one of influence magazine (People Asia) put her in the first place of korean most beautiful celebs based on expertises’s opinion not by voting. That time so many debate from fans why this actress or that actress, why her, and bla..bla..bla…. (including me, since I was a big fan of another actress). However, now I realized those experts’s eyes are no joke. She still as beautiful as ever.

  6. Talk about classy. Jeon Ji-hyun just looks amazing in anything tbh. She’s just effortlessly gorgeous.

  7. I’m not too keen on the lamé gown, but I think she managed to carry it off well. She looked classy and elegant, and I love her hair. Overall, a win!

  8. compare to other asian actresses dress at cannes, her dress is pale in comparison. the color doesn’t match her…….

  9. missing her so much. she really a ninja.. her real life looks so private and exclusive. she also claimed as the most beautiful korean actress with classic beauty without surgery. wonder what will happen if i got a face like her. hehe

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