Han Groo Reveals Her Own Dating Relationship with Cute Non-celebrity Boyfriend

Han Groo has had her name associated with a number of K-drama castings already this year, from Scholar Who Walks the Night to High Society to Answer Me 1988, but she still doesn’t have a drama comeback lined up as those all fell through for whatever reason. She could have avoided the bullet if all those dramas turn out to be stinkers, but I don’t think she’s all that sad about passing on those roles because her personal life appears happy and fulfilling if the recent picture she posted on her SNS is any indication.

Han Groo just did the coolest thing ever by outing her own dating relationship without any media play or responding to being outed by a tabloid. She posted a pic collage showing her making funny faces with her boyfriend who is a non-celebrity young man. Maybe she can go public this way since she’s not yet in the top echelon of K-stars hence less scrutiny and possible fan freakouts, but whatever prompted her to just drop the boyfriend news is fine by me. She looks content and chill with her man by her side, drama casting or no drama casting, Han Groo’s life appears just fine by her.


Han Groo Reveals Her Own Dating Relationship with Cute Non-celebrity Boyfriend — 29 Comments

    • indeed! not even a fan, but i adore her! she’s one of those who are brave to be happy without thinking about crazy fans scream out loud! she’s the best!

      ps : her bf.. emm.. so adorable together..

      • Showbiz is not her bread and butter anyway since she comes from a filthy rich family, so I don’t think that matters to her. She just love acting.

  1. Good to see her so happy in her personal life since her job as actress in SK is pretty hectic and usually they cant have good relationships that they can have because of how much they work.

    She is one of the best actress of her age group along with Ko Ah-Sung and i hope her next drama or film is a very good one. We need talent like her to reac the top actress level and not talent lacking idols….

    • So you better make a bunch of money, and take her, and your lovely GAS too, out from SK, make film, drama, or anything in your country, I’m sure ugly people in SK really meet the criteria in your country O:D

      • Sorry, not sure I understand what you are trying to say? Can you elaborate? Are your comments meant to be ugly? No Haters please! Han Groo is awesome…!!

  2. This makes me love her even more. She gives no shits about revealing her relationship to the public, just as it should be.

  3. Can she be any cooler? Already she’s one of the most talented rising actresses of her generation and now she proved you don’t need to sell the image of yourself as being some kind of hermit or nun who has never had any relationships with the opposite sex, to succeed (and she has good company, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Min Hee and even Song Hye Kyo have been public about their relationships and still very successful and acclaimed actresses especially GHJ/KMH).

    I guess netizens agree with us, since the response is so positive from Korea.

  4. This is old news. I mean, it’s more than 48 hours ago in other sites. I was wondering why Koala’s too late to write about this foreigner darling. So, I guess, it’s not really a good news for you, Koala?

      • I know right? Koala has a real life and family. Why would she feel the need to be the 1st to report any Korean or Japanese or whatever entertainment news.

        Some people are weird. Like her whole life consists of this blog.

      • lololol, I can´t even begin to guess what this person is trying to say.

    • You are just not making any sense, not sure if you are trying to be funny, sarcastic or what. What is your point??

  5. I always had the impression that actors never had much trouble with dating as much as their idol counterparts anyway. In fact, most celebrity couples that marry end up being actors with actors. I think actors do have more leeway with dating and have generally nothing to worry about because they’re not selling any kind of image apart from the characters that they portray. Idols sell themselves however, so that also pervades the sphere of personal relationships and are assumed to be part of the entire ‘idol’ package. With that said, it’s kind of uncommon for younger stars to do reveal their relationship in public so easily. But since Han Groo is a rising star (and relatively) ‘unknown’, there is less risk with this move probably, if not a good PR for her.

    Good for her. It’s better to wean the public now than drop the bomb later on when she’s more popular. At least she could enjoy a relatively more ‘normal’ relationship right now.

    • That’s what I think too. Idols have an image they have to protect, while actors’ only image is the one of the characters they portray and if they only play villains, there’s not much for them to protect anyway since the audience already thinks they’re the worst. lol

    • Actors don’t have hide this relationship as much as idol who sell sexy image but they have similar problem specially Alist stars whose scandal sell papers and flower boys, leading ladies in romantic dramas don’t often say much about their love life because they are selling the fiction of loving the other lead. Shipping fantasy and once the ladies are married there is the rumors of retirement.

      Biggest problems for actors with making any relationship work longtime is their sick working hours, new drama every month. I have read many stars breaking because they didn’t have time to see their love one.

      Hwang Jung eum was one of good examples. I find it fascinating how unusual it to last to marriage. The longtime like is very rare for many stars.

  6. That’s awesome! He’s cute and it looks like he has a great personality. I’m happy she found someone she can have a lot of fun with.

  7. I rather she has a happy personal life that many celebrities are so deprived of. Go girl be happy, drama can wait.

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