Bu Bu Jing Xin the Movie Releases Love Triangle Trailer with a 14th Prince Twist

The movie adaption of the C-novel Bu Bu Jing Xin will hit the big screens this summer but hasn’t really picked up promotional steam yet. It’s been four years since the C-drama version became a hit and invigorated the careers of Nicky Wu, Liu Shi Shi, and Kevin Cheng, while also launching the careers of Yuan Hong, Lin Geng Xin, Ye Zhu Xin, and Han Dong. All in all, it was a bonanza success and one wonders if a movie is even needed especially after such a long break from the public pop culture awareness. That’s why it’s probably for the best that the movie starts off with a different English title called Time to Love.

Fom the previews the story also looks completely different beyond the central conceit of a modern girl falling back in time to the Qing dynasty – here she meets and falls into a love triangle with the 4th and 14th Prince sons of Emperor Kangxi, so there is no 8th Prince story line in the movie. Those who shipped Ruo Xi with 14th Prince in the drama should love this alternative take on the story. The movie stars Ivy Chen, Shawn Dou as 14, and Tony Yang as 4, a gorgeous trio to be sure but all three always give off a modern vibe so I don’t know if they will gel into the same intense soul-searing believable romance that the drama version conveyed. The visuals are stunning, though, so check out the latest movie stills and romance-centric second movie trailer.

Judging from the trailer, Ivy is engaged to Tony’s 4th Prince first before falling for Shawn’s 14th prince. That Ruo Xi is choosing between the two princes who are full brothers definitely complicates things a whole lot more. The cast chemistry looks off the charts, and in this version I’m already shipping her with 14, heh.

Second trailer for Time to Love (Bu Bu Jing Xin the Movie):


Bu Bu Jing Xin the Movie Releases Love Triangle Trailer with a 14th Prince Twist — 12 Comments

  1. I love Shawn Duo. He is a great actor, and I really like his movies. Hopefully, he gets the girl because their chemistry is shizzzzzzling

  2. I LOVE the chemistry sizzlin’ from all three leads, but it is the OST for this trailer that totally won me over! Just this trailer alone already give me so much feels~! I hope the movie won’t disappoint. Very excited!

  3. At first I was iffy about a BBJX movie, after the epic fail of the second season. But, by going in a new direction, they might have bred life into the premise again. BBJX was magic, it arguably brought C-dramas into the C-Hallyu wave so to speak; it made new, international fans take notice of C-dramas. And even more lovely, it brought love to the OTP in real life 🙂

  4. I love this!! I never liked Ruo Xi with the 8th prince I just find their storyline weird mostly because her “sister” is married to him. It’s also a fresh take!

  5. Watching at the preview, we assume this maybe a very good movie to watch for. It’s tragic events, love and betrayal in one package with great Actor, this is superb. Wait for it’s release. Thanks for posting!

  6. This looks GORGEOUS! I’m excited to see but I know I’ll have a hard time finding this with English subs so I shouldn’t get too excited. Still, this looks amazing and I’m aching to watch it.

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