Park Min Young is Gorgeous in Period Costume for C-drama Braveness of the Ming

I’m tempted to ask for a re-do on the upcoming period C-drama God of War Zhao Zhi Long, or at least a re-do on Yoona‘s portion only so that she can get her drama look transformed into something suitable to highlight her lanky modern beauty. It’s distressing that the production turned her into a washed out servant girl look, a major misstep that really needn’t have happened, especially knowing that a K-actress can actually look perfect and fantastic as a Chinese period drama heroine thanks to three new pictures posted by Park Min Young on the set Braveness of the Ming.

The turnaround time appears really quick on this drama, from Park Min Young being confirmed as the leading lady for the role Suzy passed on to starting filming. I haven’t seen any SNS updates from male lead Hans Zhang on whether he’s on set as well but seeing Park Min Young is costume is enough to get me excited to check out the pretty. Whoever styled her did a fantabulous job, the pink color of her gown is exquisite on her complexion but what I love the most is her hair style. The half-up, half-down look is my favorite for period leading ladies and hers has cute braid and flower accessories accents that make the completed look just so cute.


Park Min Young is Gorgeous in Period Costume for C-drama Braveness of the Ming — 40 Comments

  1. Whoa…. she might even be prettier than some chinese leads. I don’t think there’s anything that could have saved yona though. She just doesn’t the role of an ancient chinese beauty.

    • honestly, Yoona’s hair in her drama is not a hairstyle anyone can pull off. try imagining center parting flat hair with 2 buns at each side, who can really look pretty with that hairstyle?

    • I disagree. Not a fan but I believe anyone can look good when they are done up right. yoona just needs a better stylist and make up artist.

      Park min young looks Devine…even if she is so photo shopped. They could have ease a bit on the masking effect.

      Makes me want to see what suzy would have looked like.

  2. Soooooo pretty. Super pretty. Lol at the Knetz commented that her face melted from the PS XD. IT’s just her character in Healer that are supposed to be tomboy and love how he reply those comment thatit doesn’t matter to her because she focus on portraying her character well instead only look pretty on camera. Also, I never think Yoona is pretty so I don’t think her makeup in the c-drama that much different than usual. She always a bit bland for me.

  3. Wow sucks for Yoona not everyone is suited for the ancient beauty look. PMY looks amazing but I can’t help and wonder if Suzy had taken the role would it be that hairstyle too?

  4. She looks absolutely stunning. I LOVED her after HEALER, so I also might want to watch that drama for her 🙂

  5. Go easy on that blur/glow filter.
    But yeah, much better hair style. Yoona’s hairstyle was so flat. This one has a little more volume at least.

  6. Absolutely Stunning, I was not surprise anyways since she has and always have been gorgeous. Here she looks like a porcelain doll. Can’t wAit to see more of her costumes.

  7. Her beauty is mesmerizing. The more you look upon her, the more you fall in love with her countenance that you want to come back from time to time to gaze upon her face. Her inner beauty makes her glow on the outside.

  8. Everybody can look the same flawless crystal clear skin using mobile beauty application. In real she’s not that glowing beauty, just cute.

  9. She is really beautiful in costume especially in dramas. I noticed her before she got famous in the k-saguek drama Ja Myung Go and she was totally gorgeous in period costume. Also in sungkyunkwang scandal, when she was in female period costume, she was really pretty.

  10. Yep, she looks stunning. The stylist for God of War Zhao Zhi Long should take note, this is how you do flowers well. I still don’t know wtf they were thinking with Yoona’s, along with her pale washed out yellow or pink clothes, compared to this vibrant pink. PMY really rocks this look.

  11. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous and stunning. The costumes, hairstyle is just perfect. She is I think one of the prettiest face in SK. And she has a beautiful skin too. Just love love this lady.

  12. She’s definitely use application to make the picture looks better. Still very pretty though. I like Chinese period costume than korean one, honestly. Even though it seems has so many layers of clothes but very beautiful.

    By the way, korean actors/ idols start to move to China’ market.

  13. omg!!! she is so pretty. Just like the picture from the ancient manga. Looking forward for this drama. The costume and the hair designer did a fabulous job.

  14. PMY does indeed looks pretty with this hairstyle. i didn’t think that she can pull off the ancient beauty look and this hairstyle indeed suit her a lot.

    I am also glad that you recognize the fact that the reason why Yoona did not really look very good in her ancient look is due to the hairstyle, unlike some of your readers here just hating on her without realizing Yoona’s hairstyle is the hairstyle that is most difficult to pull off regardless if its ancient look or modern look, like how many can pull off a center parting flat hairstyle with 2 buns at each side?

    Thank you koala for your unbiased view.

  15. The only person that i can recall w/ hair similar to Yoona’s is Princess Leia (sp?) from Star Wars. Maybe bc she was Caucasian but it didn’t look bad on her @ all.

      • Chun Li was my first thought too.

        And Sailor Moon. hahahaha But I can’t remember anyone in a live drama/movie with same hair.

  16. She looks really pretty but i think the styling isn’t very Chinese though. It has a tinge of Japanese-esque to it. The novel isn’t set any particular period I guess they don’t have to worry about the look.

  17. Park Min Young always looks stunning in period clothing. She was stunning in Ja Myung Go even if her character was a real pain in the butt. Can’t wait to check this out when it airs.

  18. **Park Min Young** you look SENSATIONAL..with your historical ming dynasty costumes – absolutely b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.. Best Wishes in your Venture Endeavours with this Amazing Project: Braveness of the Ming/Silk.. Leading Actor Zhang Han has an abundance of talent & very versatile with his roles.. With your exceptional unique aura/chemistry.. collaboration btw the TWO of you will be magic!! Blessings to the Writer /Excellent Leading / Supporting Actors/Actresses & Production Crew.. Cant wait to watch it once its released 2016 – it will be EPIC: Asia & Internationally… All the Best PMY Fighting:)

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