Rumored C-ent Star Couple of Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen May Be Tying the Knot

First off, I could find a non-shirtless picture of C-actor Li Chen for this post…..but why should I LOL? C’mon, we need to see for ourselves exactly what the glorious Ms. Fan Bing Bing is all gaga over, right? The period C-drama Empress of China made waves late last year thanks to boob-gate, but it also spawned what has become the C-media and netizens favorite online past time for the last five months – following along with the flirtation, innuendo, and are they-aren’t they still unconfirmed but almost certainly the real deal dating relationship between China’s top actress Fan Bing Bing and her Empress of China guest-starring actor Li Chen.

I actually glossed over the dating bombshell news when it first broke months ago, most because Li Chen isn’t one of the male actors I follow in C-ent. Things changed since I started watching the C-version of Running Man (called Hurry Up, Brother) where Li Chen is a cast member nicknamed Big Black Bull. He’s basically the equivalent of Kim Jong Kook‘s role and one of my favorite cast members, along with captain Deng Cao. Fan Bing Bing has extremely good taste in men is all I have to say. This week C-ent is reporting rumors that the two have secretly registered their wedding and will be announcing it shortly. Oh goody if that’s true, I can’t wait to see C-ent explode like crazy since these two would automatically rocket to the top of the celebrity couple totem pole.


Rumored C-ent Star Couple of Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen May Be Tying the Knot — 9 Comments

  1. I always think that Fan Bing Bing is a beautiful girl but sometimes, I just wish she would tone down the make up. She looks like a doll all the time

    • may i ask one or two questions? did she ever go under the knife? or, is it just the power of makeup? she looks pretty and somewhat unnatural.. no offense 🙂

      • May I ask you a question also? Did I ever question that her beauty is artificial and a result of plastic surgery? I was just saying that IN MY OPINION…she needs to tone down on the make up. She is a pretty lady but at times, the make up looks too excessive. Please read carefully next time.

      • @Yui As far as I know she never went under the knife. She looks the same as when she first started but really, I find that she looks like a porcelain doll all the time. Excessive make up is so not chic but no one can argue that she is indeed very beautiful.

    • I agree with you on the makeup. Her toned down makeup for her Louis Vuitton and adidas ads made her look so cool. If she is getting married, I can’t wait to see her wedding dress.


    Would totally explain why Li Chen didn’t go to the press conference for it too because I was anticipating Fan Siblings (Fan Bing Bing and Wu Yifan) and Brother in Law interaction…though who knew that the nickname would be literal

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