Shin Se Kyung Trades Her Smell Seeing Eye for Sleek Liner and Locks in Marie Claire Korea

I actually quite enjoy when an actor or actress I previously dismissed end up winning my affection through improving their craft. It was Kim Tae Hee in 2013 with Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love, followed by Lee Yeon Hee in 2014 for Miss Korea. This year it’s Shin Se Kyung‘s turn to take a bow and join my happy harem of actresses I now like. These actresses didn’t magically transform overnight, and I can’t say they are now thespian level good, but each showed marked improvement when required to rise to the challenge in headlining a drama. Shin Se Kyung’s casting as Oh Cho Rim in The Girl Who Sees Smells is like slipping into the perfect outfit customized just for her.

She’s cute without being dim, funny without trying too hard, and endearing without being too perfect, and best of all she exudes mountains of chemistry with leading man Yoochun. Aside from thinking she was bland actress, I also thought she rarely had any chemistry onscreen with her male leads. I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong here because it allowed me to enjoy the Smelly Couple every week. She’s in last month’s Marie Claire Korea showcasing a sleek and chic side of her that isn’t my favorite look but is worth checking out as a sampling of something different from her other than as earnest spirited Cho Rim.


Shin Se Kyung Trades Her Smell Seeing Eye for Sleek Liner and Locks in Marie Claire Korea — 14 Comments

    • Yes indeed ! She was one of the korean actresses who actually had been the same since childhood.
      I mean, she debuted on such early age (8 years old) .
      I just cant understand some people who harshly critized her for her looks even saying she got botox and stony expressions.
      SsK is indeed natural beauty.

  1. She had great chemistry with Lee Dong Wook in “Blade Man”. Actually she was one of the best things in that drama, which I couldn’t finish because I really couldn’t stand the way they were describing a abusive relationship.

  2. So glad to see they did her lipstick properly and not in that consumptive-looking style where they put colour on the centre of the lips only. She looks absolutely gorgeous here, her face suits all kinds of makeup.

    @Ehh – she was always pretty, but she had her jaw slimmed down a little while ago. It’s subtle but well done, and she wisely resisted doing anything else to her face.

    • I think the gradient lip (or popsicle lip) is still such a popular trend in Asia. I don’t personally like it, but it does work on some stars. I just wish we didn’t have to see it all the time in pictures.

  3. I’ve never hated Shin Se Kyung’s acting, but I don’t think melodramas allowed her to shine. She needs to do more rom-coms and play plucky, sweet, charming characters in the future before considering doing more melodramas.

    We also can’t forget Yoona’s turning performance in Prime Minister and I, she was perfect in that drama or Kim Tae Hee’s fun role in My Princess. Both these actresses faired way better in rom-coms than in emotional, soapy melodramas.

    • I am not a massive fan but did you just describe someone with a oval shaped face, flawless complexion, double eyelids, high bridged nose and full lips as unattractive?

      Hou do realize you just insulted quite a few people with those features or people who aspire to have those features. Since I know that quite a few people think that’s a classic beauty feature.

      I jolly well hope you can talk to others or dare tell others in real life such statements. Or are you braver behind a moniker?

    • I liked her there also. I didn’t watch all of Fashion King, but I liked what she did with certain emotional scenes.

      I look forward to her playing quiet and serious roles when she has some more experience under her belt. For now, romcom is the way to go for her.

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