Lee Seung Gi to Cameo in Producer Opposite IU and Gong Hyo Jin

It’s so nice of KBS drama Producer to give me a two-fer this week – I’ve fallen for the charms of the drama in the second week and in the third week comes a cameo by a K-star whom I love to pieces. Lee Seung Gi will be showing up in the 6th episode of the variety show drama and will have scenes with Gong Hyo Jin and IU. It’s unclear if he’ll be playing himself but so far all the celebrity cameos have been folks playing themselves, and all seamlessly and hilariously integrated into the story line. I’m loving Producer now that the story has gotten started in earnest and the flow has improved, even the variety show inside jokes work on the top layer for a newbie like me even if the deeper jokes fail to register. The four leads are wonderful to watch and the drama is much better than the initial two episodes would suggest. With Seung Gi showing up in the 6th episode it just means even more stuff to look forward to.

Lee Seung Gi famously cameo’d in the Hong sisters drama Best Love as himself opposite male lead Cha Seung Won. It was so adorable and popular the two men landed a joint fridge CF together afterwards. Hopefully Seung Gi’s Producers cameo will be as entertaining.

Lee Seung Gi cameo in Best Love with Cha Seung Won:


Lee Seung Gi to Cameo in Producer Opposite IU and Gong Hyo Jin — 18 Comments

  1. I actually stopped watching after episode 2, but now I feel I need to catch up. Anyway, this should be cute! Curious what he’s playing, himself or someone else.

  2. I love this drama too! Its hilarious and different. Some characters drive me nuts and others are so earnest and loveable it tugs right at my heartstrings. Kim Soo Hyun in particular if mindblowingly great ~ he’s killing it as Baek Seung Chan. The kiddo is the heart of this drama, and the nuances and little gestures KSH brings onto his character defines how good of an actor he is. Something I admit to have forgotten because of how insanely popular he got in the past few years.

    On a related topic, I’m excited for Seung Gi’s cameos as well as the long list of cameos we are yet to be given news on, hehe. I’m really hoping for JJH at some point. She’s very close to KSH, I hope he can persuade her. Maybe in the last quarter or so. *prays*

    • Totally agree with you on KSH part. I wasn’t really impressed while everyone’s crazy about him in MLFTS. But he’s been one of my faves since The Moon Embracing the Sun. I never watched Dream High. So Idk how similar his role in Producer is to Dream High. To me, he totally lives out the character of a dorky nerd in Producer. This drama sorta refreshes my love for KSH.

  3. Man, I was waiting to be over with exams to start this drama. Now, I have to catch SeungGi’s ep before!
    All signs show he’ll cameo as a singer. All hopes are for a 1n2d cameo. Anthing will do it for me, but I’m missing singer LSG more 😛
    Hope he plays his adorable self ..and sings a part of his new song to us.

  4. I love the Lee Seung Gi and Dok Go Jin scene! I never get tired of re-watching that scene. “I’m Lee Seung Gi.”

  5. I really love this drama, finally a different story ! It’s original. And the 4 leads are great. I didn’t think that the episode 1 and 2 were boring.

  6. well for me ep. 1-2 were boring and ep. 3 didn’t wow me (although i did like the last scene ;)) but i think i’ll watch ep. 4 too and see how it goes for me. i guess it’s not my taste but i do agree that KSH is great in his role and i dare say i love him here more than MLFTS . GHJ is the bomb as usual but i want more scenes of her. IU is cute and unfortunately CTH scenes bored me to hell but his scenes with GHJ are nice (why do i have the feeling from the drama they secretly like each other but acting like roommates friends). that and KSH character still keep me from dropping this drama.

    LSG cameo in best love was great and thanks for putting it. i loved to watch it again they were so hilarious and too bad they didn’t have much of that bromance in YAAS. even if i drop producers i will definitely watch his cameo there.

  7. I love this Producer drama to pieces since ep 1. It has brought me all kinda fun memories watching K variety shows. In particular, the acting of all the celebrity cameos on the show is spot on and cracked me up so much. My favorite cameos including JYP freezing moment on telecon whenever Suzy was mentioned and also YG idols Winner leader as well as 2NE1 Dara. They’re so hilarious. Of course, my favorite character is still dorky Kim Soo Hyun. His moments together with IU are so sweet. I always regard IU as a talented actress who can nail each role she plays and bring just-right aroma. What else can I rave about Producer? Not to mention the veteran actor/actress Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin. This drama is a TV drama ace and so refreshing to watch. It deserves the daesang from Baeksang Art Awards.

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