C-actor Yuan Hong Confirms Relationship with Period Drama Costar Zhang Xin Yi

With summer right around the corner, I like to believe love is in the air again whether for stars or regular folks alike. Hopefully there will be more good dating news to come starting with one new confirmed case involving one of my favorite actors which makes me so thrilled to hear. C-actor Yuan Hong confirmed on a variety show this past weekend that he’s dating his drama costar C-actress Zhang Xin Yi, which some might think is a publicity stunt since their new drama is scheduled to air this August but is totally not the case since Yuan Hong is as sincere as it gets in the industry.

They met on the set of upcoming period C-drama Princess Jie You where they play the OTP. This marks Yuan Hong’s first publicly acknowledged romance while Zhang Xin Yi was previously married to another C-actor but the union lasted only a little over a year. Yuan Hong’s calm confirmation of the relationship is a wonderful way to put it out in the open without any fanfare, telling the public that they are very happy together and thanking folks for their consideration of the relationship. Even though I totally shipped Yuan Hong and Liu Shi Shi for many years, with Shi Shi now married to Nicky Wu I’ve been waiting for Yuan Hong to find someone to make him happy and now it’s arrived I couldn’t be happier.


C-actor Yuan Hong Confirms Relationship with Period Drama Costar Zhang Xin Yi — 6 Comments

  1. awww my other half-ship has now found his happiness, so happy to hear it, congrats my Loverboy… i’m a long time HongShi shippers (and still !!!) who now turns to whatever-makes-them-happy-ship (esp. for my Loverboy xD) 🙂
    *congrats to the happy couple*

    wonders if mookie has writes anything about it kkk

  2. Aaaawww…. Loverboy has found someone. I’m just a little disappointed its not me, hehehe, I’m a delusional fan girl,lol. Anyway I’m thrilled he is happy and he has someone special in his life.

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