Kim Eun Sook on Hand to Welcome Her Next Leading Man Song Joong Ki Out of the Army

This could either be taken as super cute or super nervewracking for Song Joong Ki. The young man (not a boy any longer even if he still looks like one) was released from the army this past Monday morning and on hand was not just his devoted fans and the excited K-media. Hidden in the throngs of welcomers was none other than famed drama screenwriter Kim Eun Sook. The fans and media recognized Kim Eun Sook despite her wearing sunglasses and trying to look as inconspicuous as possible, which was probably due to her bringing a big poster of Song Joong Ki as The Werewolf Boy with her LOL.

Her showing up does lend credence to the industry chatter that she actually wrote Descendants of the Sun‘s male lead with Song Joong Ki in mind, and was dead set on him from the beginning so much so that the production was pushed back so he could be discharged from the military and do it. I don’t know how much of that is true but Kim Eun Sook is certainly very happy to have Song Joong Ki out of the army now that he is confirmed to be the male lead of DotS. So are we, Kim Eun Sook, so are we all. Check out a few screencaps below from Song Joong Ki looking totally shocked to hear Kim Eun Sook was on hand to her trying to blend into the greenery.


Kim Eun Sook on Hand to Welcome Her Next Leading Man Song Joong Ki Out of the Army — 27 Comments

  1. And this same writer penned secret garden, gentleman dignity,lovers in paris, lee min ho’s the heirs.
    Our werewolf boy is in good hands. Love love love

    • You don’t say! there is no way the person who wrote City hall is the same one who did Heirs! that’s a hell of a downgrade! City hall is one of my favorite Korean drama ever. Well this is interesting, I’m anticipating this drama more than before now that I know who is the writer.

      • If someone would tell me that she gave up on Heirs after the first two episodes and her little minions did the wrap-up, I would have believed them. No way the same person wrote both City Hall and that weird thing. Perhaps that’s why she left SBS after all those years!

      • You and me both about City Hall, my favorite k-drama, which led me to start watching Kim Eun Sook’s previous works, such as the Lovers series and On air (ack goodness, Park Yong Hwa was so moving, I miss him so much). I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt with Secret garden and its crappy lead characters (not actors) and loose ends (no explanation on the forest inn), as well as A gentleman’s dignity (blame it on my fondness of Kim Soo-ro) but Heirs was a big NO. The heck with violence and creepiness being confused with love and respect, to say the least?! So there is no way whatsoever that I’ll watch any of her coming dramas.

      • @Aja & Aleeis: thanks, folks, for the shout-out to my deadpan sense of humor.
        More seriously making dramas is just business, and the point is to sell. Big [no pun intended with another horrific work by the Hong sis]. So who cares whether the storyline, characters, scenes, editing, make sense, as long as a somewhat loveline goes on and on with some pretty and popular face, so fans can swoon and squee and demand for more, willing to purchase all kinds of goodies and attend fan-meetings, with expensive tickets ? This recipe has proved to be quite efficient and successful in the past, so why should writers/producers/directors/networks favor quality instead? Example in mind – the Lord of the drama. A commercial failure (save for the few such as myself having purchased the official subbed DVDs) but a very interesting watch on the BTS drama world.

  2. I like it when they write a drama with the main lead actor already set in their mind! It’s usually end up beautifully. Hope this one will do. Didn’t know the writer also wrote secret garden and gentlemen dignity, well I loved the second one so much and hated the first with passion. Maybe because I don’t like Hyun bin and HaJiWon acting!

  3. her males usually terrifying creepy jerks, but i hope for better this time if she really wrote role for sjk.

    • I’m with you. If she had SJK in mind, surely she didn’t write him as the same jerk she normally does for her male leads? Hopefully back to a more nuanced and mature male lead like in City Hall. I can handle some coldness, but I just cannot see SJK as a grabby-obsessed-jerkwad. Fingers crossed.

      • I wouldn’t mind joong ki being a jerk. Shout, pouty joong ki will be so cute.

  4. Technically it’s a fan-made (her own) poster for DotS. Says “입대소년 (Enlistment Boy)” and you can tell “DotS” upper left corner and “SJK & Song Hye-Gyo, coming this fall 2015” at the bottom. Her way of fangirling and I think apologizing for SJK having to re-enlist for the role.

      • That too, but I do think she feels bad he has to “stay in the military,” so to speak, for the part when most of them shudder at the mere reminder once discharged.

  5. OMG I’m dying already just to think about the chemistry of the Song couple.. not that I ship them but SJK and SHK are my God and Goddess in Kdrama world.. they are mesmerisingly gorgeous….

  6. She will likely never make a show as successful as Heirs commercially, and this will flop mark my words? when you see trend shows like warm and cozy fail then it means there has gone inflation in kdramaland.

    • Apart from the word “commercially”, I can’t find a slight hint of accuracy in your post. “Never”, “as successful”, “will flop”, “mark my words” (I AM marking them, by the way!)…and the Hong Sisters are also part of this delirium! You should check your whole data again…No rush! Take your time for a couple of years and get back to us!

    • What’s wrong with you? How do you know it will be warm and cozy? Even if it’s warm and cozy why do you really think it will flop? I hate the heirs with a passion, i hate that joong ki chose this project as his comeback drama, but i really hope it will do well.

      • just don’t reply to this M13. he/she is a troll.. all her posts was dissing other dramas and other actors except lmh’s drama

  7. I used to be a fan of LMH for years (mainly because he is my first kdrama crush). That was until The Heirs. Then my affection for him disappeared completely. I don’t want this to happen again with SJK. But i read somewhere that in SKKS he practically jack-sparrowed his role, that goo yong ha was not exactly written like that. This gives me hope. The story may be crappy (praying it’s not) but he better not surrender to crappy character. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  8. I’ve heard that Kim Eun-sook sometimes write for the male leads that she wants, I dunno how true this is, but I heard she insisted on Lee Min-ho for Heirs even though he was too old for the role because she believed he was the one best able to portray the emotions she pictured Kim Tan having. If that’s true of her then I suddenly like her more because it means she knows what she wants. I wonder though, does Song Joong-ki have dimples? All of her previous male leads have dimples bar none, I wonder if she writes it as a character trait or she just has a thing for dimples.

    • Yap, she wrote HEiRs with Lee Min Ho in her mind and I think she was right. I can see no one can play kim tan as good as LMH

  9. Ok for my boy SJK’s sake, I’ll forgive the writer for ruining Heirs and give her another chance. SJK looks so handsome and manly in military suit.

  10. I love all KES’ dramas since City Hall to Heirs. I am always looking forward for her coming project whoever the stars are, but knowing that SJK and SGY confirm to be the lead actor and actress, I m getting more exiting.

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