TW-ent Hit with Shocking Sadness at the Passing of Singer-Actor Shone An

Taiwan entertainment was unexpectedly rocked with sad news this week with the passing of 31 year old singer-actor Shone An. I’ve been familiar with Shone for over a decade since he broke into the industry as part of the Taiwanese boy band Comic Boys (which also included now serious actor Kingone Wang). The group disbanded years ago and Shone transitioned into acting and variety, showing up as a supporting actor in various dramas I’ve watched over the years from Mars to the most recent Go, Single Lady. Shone is probably best known for being TW-actress Ady An‘s best friend in real life, being in the same agency as her and sharing the uncommon Chinese last name of An.

Rumors abounded that they dated but both laughed it off and confessed to being too good of friends to even consider dating. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a pact to marry to each other if both were 35 and still single, that’s how close they were. Sadly Shone succumbed to fast onset liver cancer at such a young age, and his passing has condolences pouring in from all his friends in the industry. He was apparently a genuinely great guy and the sadness is palpable as many bigger stars than him have publicly expressed their grief at his passing and hoping that he’s not in pain anymore. Best friend Ady hopped on a plane from China, where she’s filming, to rush to the hospital to see Shone once she heard he had taken a turn for the worse. She arrived in time to hold his hand and say goodbye as he passed mere hours later.

So many of Shone’s pictures have Ady in it as the two often hung out and posted selfies on their SNS accounts. When Ahn Jae Hyun debuted I actually thought he looked like a more waifish incarnation of Shone. Even though Shone never hit it big, nor was he one of my personal TW-actor loves, I’m genuinely sad to hear of his passing at such a young age and with so much still ahead of him.


TW-ent Hit with Shocking Sadness at the Passing of Singer-Actor Shone An — 13 Comments

  1. Including An Jun-Can (Shone), Comic boyz have lost 2 members, it must be pretty hard for Kingone Wang to see past groupmates leaving him so suddenly. He’s still so young, his psychotic performance in Mars was extremely memorable and I always think that he had the potential to make it bigger than that. Sad case, RIP.

  2. I surprisingly cried over this news. He was one of my favorite guests on kangxi, a rare one that wittily talked back to Xiao S. I enjoyed his episodes.
    I also really adore his friendship with the 安氏企業 girls. I read from Da S’ post that he hid his sickness. Guhhhhh. ='[
    He was so young! May he rest in peace! Must be really hard for An Yi Xuan especially.

  3. Super shocked when I read about this news! His performance in MARS was so memorable! Always wished he could become a bigger star, sad to hear that he passed away at such a young age! May he rest in peace.

  4. When I read the news yesterday, I couldn’t believe what I read. Feels extremely sad as he is such a familiar person as I am following their news around his circle of friends. There is no An Corp any longer 🙁

  5. RIP I didn’t really know him, but it was definitely a devastating disease to battle. Hopefully he will be in peace and pain free.
    (Note: Ady An’s last name is actually Wu. She chose the stage name in hopes to stay safe in this very complicated industry. Sadly, the wish couldn’t carry over to her friend. Hopefully she’ll find peace again.)

    • You can get liver cancer from a variety of sources such as when someone eats raw fish that has been infected with parasitic worms. The worms can stay in the liver for 10-20 years. This is a public health concern in SE Asia such as Laos and Thailand. So sad for the young actor. Ady An and he look like siblings especially their eyes.

    • Whoa, let’s not assume Shone enjoyed his booze way too much without all the facts here. You aren’t doing anyone a favor by making him a cautionary tale if it isn’t warranted.

      Excessive alcohol consumption is not the only cause of liver cancer. I should know since my father and two of my uncles passed away from the disease. Their illness had way more to do with what my grandparents passed down to them than with any sort of drinking. My only surviving paternal uncle is cancer free despite never meeting a glass of booze he didn’t like.

  6. I’m shocked and sad. Comic Boyz was my teen years. I can still sing the lyrics of “The Heart of Superman.” First Arroy and now Shone. May he rest in peace.

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