Lee Seung Gi Dines with Lee Seo Jin and Na PD at Park Shin Hye’s Family Restaurant, More Three Meals a Day?

One of the positives in this age of social media connection is the chance to see the personal side of favorite stars from their own hands. The stars upload pictures and status updates as they see fit, sometimes to disastrous results, but mostly harmless on dits that provide fans a constant stream of details. It’s also give fans a closer look at celebrity friends, which has always been there but now is much more accessible. Case in point, Lee Seung Gi posted two pictures taken with hyung Lee Seo Jin as well as Na PD when they all dined at Park Shin Hye‘s family owned restaurant.

It’s so personal and meta and rife with unsaid curiosity, namely whether Seung Gi may be making a return visit, this time during the summer, to Lee Seo Jin’s variety show Three Meals a Day. Of course the dinner could be just old friends catching up, but there is fun in speculating away. I vote for Lee Seo Jin to get Seung Gi on this season, and then at the end of the show host a farewell episode day where all the guests from this season comeback. It’ll end up being Park Jang Geum (nickname for Park Shin Hye after she wowed everyone with her easy practical cooking prowess) feeding everyone and wouldn’t that be a hoot to watch again, this time with more mouths to feed.


Lee Seung Gi Dines with Lee Seo Jin and Na PD at Park Shin Hye’s Family Restaurant, More Three Meals a Day? — 8 Comments

  1. I hope so! I really want LSG and PSH to work together too. She talked about in the past. They’d MC’d together and did variety and performances, but never acted yet.

    I’m still kind of in shock that LSG made a IG, but I see it as a gift to fans before he leaves for MS this year.

  2. Someone on twitter said SeungGi joined 3M cast for dinner, Shin Hye’s parents cooked and she helped out. He posted earlier today a selca with Seojinnie.
    Btw, those two have been friends since they’re in the same agency, despite the huge age gap.
    Seung Gi is looking younger *_* so excited for his album, but sad he’s bidding us farwell with it. At least he offered it to us T_T

  3. Not gonna lie I always thought that if Lee Seung Gi ever announced that he’s in a relationship it would be Park Shin Hye! Since they’re SOOO close since she appeared as a guest at his concert and appeared in another variety show together.

    In glad that they are good friends. PSH has so many celebrity friends I’m jealous!

  4. Airens doubted that Lee Seung Gi personally managed the instagram. His agency is the one who created it. Same goes with Hook official twitter. But maybe sometimes he did posted it by himself Lol I love his bromance with LSJ and Na PD. I really hope he did appear as a guest just like he did in three meals Season 1 😀

  5. And PSH actually secretly invited Lee Seung Gi to the party for 3MAD (his selca with LSJ and Na PD) hah. The staffs surprised with his appearance lol

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