Li Yi Feng Leads a Band of Raiders in Adventure Web C-drama The Lost Tomb

There’s a new C-drama to check out this month, the production values look decent despite the drama being a web only affair aired on Chinese web portal iQiyi. The small screen adaptation of popular tomb raiding C-novel The Lost Tomb (盗墓笔记 The Grave Robber’s Chronicle) finally arrives, much to the excitement or dismay of the legions of loyal fans of the source novel. Starring Li Yi Feng, Tang Yan, and Yang Yang, the story follows a team of grave robbers seeking treasures untold hidden deep within China’s many ancient tombs spanning thousands of years of Chinese history. It’s a nice change from the typical period C-drama or fluffy romance stories, tossing in adventure and intrigue in a setting that is more typical of Hollywood movies. I’m in the mood for a nice break from too much romance dotting drama land, not to mention my adorable little Feng Feng is the leading man here. Check out the drama stills and teaser trailer below to see if it catches your eye.

Teaser for The Lost Tomb:


Li Yi Feng Leads a Band of Raiders in Adventure Web C-drama The Lost Tomb — 5 Comments

  1. Yang Yang is so hot in here, he reminds me of L in deathnote! Of course Li YiFeng is a cutie too. Tang Yan is in so many projects this year. She needs a break.

    • I agree with you about Tang Yan…..she really needs a break!!! Her everywhere has become too much sometimes. No offense to her fans but sometimes too much of everything isn’t good for digestion

  2. Ms. Ockoala, I’m usually less interested in C drama. But whenever I followed your recommendation to give it a shot, I found out the drama is worth watching. So I’ll follow up with this one. It looks refreshing from a typical C drama. Hopefully it’s fun to watch.

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