Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming Join Director Justin Lin in Hollywood Hand Print Ceremony

If real life best friends for over twenty years Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming won’t ever marry each other, then at least they’ll always have matching side-by-side hand prints encased in concrete forever. Zhao Wei has been married for 5 years while Huang Xiaoming recently got hitched to now wifey Angelababy, which makes their upcoming first acting project together seem even more like a special treat. Along with C-actor Tong Dawei, the two filmed a road trip movie last year called Hollywood Adventures which will be premiering in the big screens in China at the end of June.

The movie was executed produced by Taiwanese-American director Justin Lin, who is no longer even a rising star in Hollywood as he’s long cemented his box office creds with the hit Fast and Furious sequels. Justin flew to Hollywood to join Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming for the TCL Chinese Theaters 88th anniversary celebration and hand print ceremony. For those Trekkies in my readership, Justin flew in from Canada where he’s currently directing the rebooted Star Trek 3, taking over for J.J. Abrams. It’s always worth noting when Asian or Asian-American entertainers get recognized at a Hollywood level so congrats to these three talented stars.


Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming Join Director Justin Lin in Hollywood Hand Print Ceremony — 5 Comments

  1. I agree!!! Support!! I don’t really pay much attention to Hollywood, can’t even remember the last time I went to a movie theater. So it’s nice to see Asians and asian Americans being recognized.

  2. Do you know if the prints are going in the forecourt, because I’ve read that the TCL Chinese Theaters does mock ceremonies where the owners of the theaters are paid by corporate sponsors to hold these ceremonies for publicity. In cases where the prints are being funded, they would eventually be discarded to make way for more “mock ceremony” prints. It is good to see asian actors, but I want them to be actually recognized in Hollywood for their talents. Prints in the forefront are actually decided by the committee.

  3. Congrats to both of them. Obviously Hollywood has an eye on the china market which is now I believe their biggest overseas market. But it is worth to note they chose Huang and Zhao for their achievement and talent in China.

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