Lee Min Ho Confirms Next Project as Cross-border Action Comedy Movie Bounty Hunter

With one of the two most popular Hallyu male actors already on screen with his comeback project, that being Kim Soo Hyun charming audiences with his adorable and earnest performance in the currently airing KBS drama Producer, all eyes have been on when and what Lee Min Ho would do for his next gig. The wait is over as Lee Min Ho’s agency just announced that Min Ho-sshi will be doing a movie as his next project, and not just any one industry movie but one of those cross-border collaboration behemoths.

The movie is called Bounty Hunter (赏金猎人) and will be directed by Korean PD Shin Tae Ra who directed spy caper rom-com My Girlfriend is an Agent (7th Level Civil Servant). It will be co-produced by a HK company, a Shanghai production house, and Lee Min Ho’s own agency Starhaus Entertainment with an estimated budget of 2 billion RMB. The original script was penned by the HK screenwriter who did the movie Yip Man, the executive producer will be HK comedy production veteran Raymond Wong. The movie starts filming this August for a 2016 premiere.

Word on the street says one of China’s top movie actresses Yang Mi will be Lee Min Ho’s leading lady, which isn’t surprising at all since the choice is basically her or Crystal Liu or Fan Bing Bing. The production for Bounty Hunter is aiming for a Hollywood caliber production value, whatever that means, but with enough talent and money thrown at it nothing is impossible. I think this is a smart choice for Lee Min Ho to continue his popularity trajectory, this movie has box office appeal written all over it regardless of final quality or lack thereof.

Lee Min Ho will be the male lead, a smart and savvy bounty hunter who ends up crossing paths with four other bounty hunters all on the same catch. They get embroiled in a dark conspiracy and must work together not to catch their mark but to bring down the people who sent them on the same mission. The movie will be filmed on location in China, Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand and aims to deftly blend action and comedy. Casting will be finalized soon and will likely include both Chinese and Korean actors.


Lee Min Ho Confirms Next Project as Cross-border Action Comedy Movie Bounty Hunter — 13 Comments

  1. YAYY Lee Minho in an action comedy.
    Wallace Chung and Angelababy are also in talks for roles of other bounty hunters in this movie.

  2. Wise chose by LMH. I love this really much. Pegasus motion pictures just made a new statement saying this movie will have a global release on august 2016. Global? will likely be sold to the worldwide cinemas.

  3. Yayy I cant wait for this. Yangmi is one of my favorite Chinese actresses. Definitely will turn in for these eye candy.

  4. Agree that this is a smart choice. I read about the movie offer as early as Jan before Gangnam Blues opened in KR. Because it took so long to get confirmed, I thought this was off the table. Glad it isn’t because why would one turn down a movie by Raymond Wong.

    Side note: if Min Ho was only concerned about growing his popularity, he wouldn’t have done the R-rated Gangnam Blues. That was a huge risk for him & I am glad it paid off. I hope he continues to make smart choices for his long-term career.

    • I agree with you. he obviously saw that dramas weren’t safe anymore so he changed directions to something bigger and better.

      Lee Min ho is smarter then people give him credit for

    • Wow, congrats to LMH. Definitely a wise choice for a Hallyu star like him. I’m excited to see this. But I still want to see him in a kdrama. His agency reports that LMH is also considering his next TV project which will be after the shooting of this film. Hopefully, he can do this before he leaves for MS.

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