Moon Geun Young and Park Bo Young Among Female Star Guests for Upcoming Episode of 1N2D

This news makes me so giddy with glee I can’t even. Two of my favorite young actresses will be guesting on the same episode of variety show 1N2D airing June 14th, doubling up the reason for me to check out a show I haven’t watched an episode of since former cast member Lee Seung Gi left years ago. I didn’t even know the current cast consisted of established veteran actors Kim Joo Hyuk and Cha Tae Hyun, the two being the reason for the arrival of said fave actresses of mine. Kim Joo Hyun invited his Love Me Not costar Moon Geun Young while Cha Tae Hyun invited his Speedy Scandal costar Park Bo Young.

Both guys are friends with the respective ladies in real life so their presence is a perfect fit for the 1N2D episode revolving around the male cast members and their real life female friends. Geun Ypung and Bo Young in the same episode variety show? I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Rounding out the star guest appearances: Kim Jong Min inviting fellow Koyote member Shinji, Kim Joon Ho brings comedian Kim SookDefconn wows with Girl’s Day‘s Minah, and Jung Joon Young is accompanied by singer-actress Lee Jung Hyun. Check out the cute teaser below for the episode airing June 14th.

Teaser of Upcoming Female Friends episode:


Moon Geun Young and Park Bo Young Among Female Star Guests for Upcoming Episode of 1N2D — 12 Comments

  1. I really really recommend you Koala to watch 1N2D Season 3. The chemistry between the members are top notch. The main PD is also from 1N2D season 1 (Yoo Ho Jin, if you remember the episode were the S1 members prank a maknae PD. That’s him!). You don’t know who will win each games because all the members are equal. They are all babo lol. Rating wise they are doing very well.

    Well. They got and make Jo In Sung drink fish sauce last time. So now MGY!!! Can’t wait for these episode 🙂

    • I seconded. Every season is special, in their own way but season 3 made me cry the most. Now I’m not easy to cry and i detest a crying fest but season 3 whoa…
      The grandma episode, the Busan comedy festival, the no smoking episode, the seollal in Seoul, and the one that had Jo In sung guesting are easily my favourites.
      The latest one where they entered SNU was awe inspiring. I follow only 2 variety show,2D1N and RM but I look forward for 2D1N the most!

      Oh, Kim Joo Hyuk’s agency sure has a lot of famous actresses. The other day it was Shin Se Kyung, and now Moon Geung Young? Fantastic!

      And CTH with LBY and watching her call him ‘Appa’ all day would be so sweet…

      • the epi ‘seollal in seoul’ makes me attached and being an avid fan for season 3. the episode was very warmth and makes me cry, the crews are very creative coming out with that kind of idea….

        I’m looking forward for 2d1n for their brilliant idea..honestly this show makes me feel close to korean culture, food, places and people

      • Oh yes, the seollal episode did make me tear up and also the grandmas ep too, and when kim jun ho was hypnotized I think some of the members did tear up with us.
        After they have buried the time capsules before and marked them, Cha tae hyun said ‘It’s like cemetery, but I’m happy that I’m buried next to you guys’. Aww.
        They are like a bunch of good friends and I wish these casts stay for many many seasons. They’re funny yet touching at times and also inspiring.
        How cute and supportive Yoo pd is for using Jung joon young’s new song as background music in the last ep and also for this teaser. This is a variety I can’t live without.

  2. I am so excited to watch this episode, can’t wait to see Moon Geun Young with Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Joo Hyuk 🙂

  3. I love the female guests EXCEPT for Minah….. to be honest I’m not a fan of when Idols appear on 1n2d.
    Ms Koala Season 3 of the show is pretty good!! You’ll definitely recognise the new PD for the show (he was the rookie PD from S1 the cast did a hidden camera prank on, who left the show to go to Music Bank). Don’t bother with S2 as that was pretty pants only good think was Cha Tae Hyun as a member. I did like Joo Won but he was dubbed as the new Lee Seung Gi and tbh no one can be the new LSG.

  4. Feels like I haven’t seen her in 1 million years!! Miss Moonie so much on my screen! Please have a drama comeback too!!

  5. Vampire Geun Young , so happy and excited to see her , competition with SBS Running Man guest Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki .Very happy to see comeback of my favorite !

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