Taiwan Stars Gather to Bid Farewell at Shone An’s Touching Memorial Service

It’s hard to write about the sad events in entertainment, and nothing is as sad than the death of an entertainer. It’s so final, turning the reel enjoyment into a real sadness that seeps through the screen even if the viewer never knew the entertainer in real life. Taiwanese actor-singer Shone An (An Jun Can) passed away last week at the young age of 31 years old of fast onset liver cancer, which is itself not an indictment of his drinking or even non-drinking lifestyle since even non-smokers can get lung cancer and plenty of non-drinkers find the liver failing regardless.

Shone wasn’t an A-lister in the Taiwanese entertainment industry by any means, but he was very well-liked in general and specifically had a very tight knot group of girl friends who are all A-listers now. His best friends Ady An, Chen Qiao En, Bianca Bai, Esther Liu, and many more were at hand for his memorial service this past weekend in Tainan, Taiwan. Chen Qiao En basically held the hand of a barely hanging in there Ady An to get through the event, and even living abroad Da S and the recovering from illness Xiao S showed up with their respective husbands. As Shone’s family and friends bid farewell to this kind and talented young man, apparently his one wish before dying was not to be forgotten so hopefully his memory will be preserved.

Ady spoke on behalf of the seven best friends in the group known as An Corp, saying that they will always be a group of seven even with Shone gone. She sees it as him leaving for a forever trip somewhere, and that place happens to be called Heaven. Ady broke down talking about how Shone was younger than her but actually seemed more like her older brother the way he took care of her. She asked everyone to smile because Shone liked people around him to be happy.

Ady speaking about Shone:


Taiwan Stars Gather to Bid Farewell at Shone An’s Touching Memorial Service — 13 Comments

  1. R.I.P Mr. An Jun Can
    To be honest the only work of his that I have seen is the creepy psychopath in MARS. He was really outstanding in that drama.
    I think speak volumes of him as a human being that all this A-listers are taking time off of their busy schedules to said good bye and further more that many A listers are truly grieving for the loss of their dear friend.

  2. He made many friends in Mainland China as well. Stars like Huang Xiao-ming, Li Chen, He Jiong, Zheng Kai, Feng Shao-feng, Yang Mi etc. all left messages for him on Weibo.

  3. RIP Shone. Will always remember him missing from the group when his bestfriends gather together from now on. Still remember how they were so happy when they went for their Japan trip a few years ago where Feng Shao Feng joined them

  4. Wow, these reporters. Can’t she grief at ease?! She’s breaking down but they just kept asking and asking. Poor thing. And the song was great, perfect way to send off the much loved An Jun Can.
    Still in shock over this whole thing, tbh. Add oil, 安氏企業!

    • Exactly my thoughts too. Very insensitive. Complete interview has to be done, all questions asked regardless.

  5. oh.. shone had good friends around him. and they once had a really good friend,called shone. look at how sad ady was, i could imagine, how close their relationship. chen qiao en is such a good friend for her. bianca and others too. may i know, who are in their group?

    • The 7 people in the An Corp’s group are

      Ady An, Shone An, Chen Qiao En, Kimi Hsia, Bianca Bai, Esther Liu and Linda Liao. 
      All the girls were around Ady (in the above video) when she spoke on behalf of the group

      • thank you keke.. i watched it.. they had fun together, this kind of memories is unforgettable.. he was the only boy in the group, so cute.. i have groupmates also and only have one boy, lols.. huaaaa.. they would miss him super much! 🙁

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